T J's Burger House

1003 W Douglas Ave, Wichita
(316) 269-3770

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Ted C.

Tj's isn't going to win any awards for health food anytime soon, nor would they really get one for originality. it's an old-school burger joint where most everything is going to revolve around a deep fryer and a griddle. They have 3 salads on the menu but I assume that's just a test to see if you'd really like to eat there, if you pick that I assume they'll kindly tell you to leave. Here's another thing they have daily specials where I got their chili cheese burger and fries for literally 5.99 on a Saturday. It was ridiculously cheap but also pretty doggone good. Again, they're not trying to reinvent the wheel here but their house chili was a decent add and served generously on top of a not quite steak/not quite smash burger patty but with a very large portion of crisp, well cooked fries. Add a glass of coke with free refills and it was cheaper and better quality than the Mickey D's across the street. Our server, Ashley was friendly and when my friend requested the chili for his chili burger come on the side she unperturbedly fulfilled the request. I want to note that because: 1) if I were in her shoes I would have been a bit bewildered; it would be like asking for a cheeseburger but just asking for a slice of it on the side 2) pretty certain she could have charged as a side of chili but she didn't.


My burger was not good...bread was hard and the fries was not cooked until done..I have never have a 1star in my life..but this place is very overrated ?

J.D. Wilson

An interesting and well decorated burger house. TJ's was incredibly busy when we stopped by for lunch, but they were very good about remembering our place in line, and getting us set up as soon as possible, so the customer service was great! The food was pretty good too. The burgers were HUGE! I got the mushroom Swiss burger, and it wasn't the best burger I've ever had, but it also wasn't bad. The BBQ burger was amazing though. Overall, I would like to visit again, to try the other burgers and food items.

Mark Kirkendall

My neighbor/friend took me to lunch here. He is a long-time resident of the area and said "if you like burgers, this is the best place around here to get one because they taste amazing." Local family owned and the local regulars have been frequenting this place for years and...well...that in itself tells you it must be good. I wasn't disappointed. Daily specials are not burgers but local favorites. It's all very good home style homemade food. Nice friendly waitresses, too. You should eat at TJ"s at least once.

Diana Owen

Was delicious ? Hope to stop in again when we head back out there. We were too hungry to capture any pics and we were on the road but I will say that the atmosphere was very esthetically pleasing ?

Jenna Schroeder

The food is delicious and you get plenty. The only thing I wish was a little different is that you order things separate, meaning I ordered a chicken sandwich and an order of fries. I did appreciate that the waitress let us know that fries did not come with the sandwich so we could order them. Making a combo option would allow the customer to not only get the fries and drink but to be aware that you would only get a sandwich. Just my two cents. ?‍♀️

Aaron Mackey

The food is excellent, fresh and will make you full. I had the jumbo potato with the cheese sticks. The staff there are really friendly and will make sure your drink is full. They also have a military discount with proof of ID.

Victor Ikou

Awesome shakes and burgers. A classic burger joint that has been consistent throughout the years.

Wanda Kitterman Kennedy

The best bacon cheeseburger ever!!

Howard D

A great burger joint! They came recommended from the mechanic shop across the street! Very filling and even though it was lunch time, I didn't have to wait long at all and my server was quick with the refills!

Thomas Kos

Fast service, in a neighborhood cafe. Burger was great.

Phil Heasley

Nice little restaurant with one of the biggest burgers I have had. Very good food...the service was a little slow but it was lunchtime and I understand that. Overall somewhere I will definetly be going back to.

Howard J. Drakeford

great burger joint! would definitely go there again!

Rex Repass

Great food very slow service. Only because it ballgame day loads of people not enough help.

Crystal Drake

Great service, burger was a little dry but had LOTS of flavor, fries were hand cut (which are my favorite if they're not soggy) and very crispy. Not soggy.like most places. My husband loves mushroom Swiss, but its hard to find a good place for those. If you're like him id suggest TJ'S for mushroom Swiss. He said its the best hands down.

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