T J's Burger House

1003 W Douglas Ave, Wichita
(316) 269-3770

Recent Reviews

Heath A.

Quick take - You do not want to eat here and risk getting sick. Burgers may be decent but sanitation in the kitchen is awful. This place is a ticking time bomb. I don't want to gross anybody out so go here, health inspection reports are available to the public:

Danesha Williams

Let's try to stay updated on hours of operation! Seen plenty of people turned away including myself an those with me because of hours not being current. #disappointed

Mel Manning

Mozz sticks were perfectly made and the burger and fries were equally on point. It is a lot of food that comes with each portion, and we will 100% be back!

Emily Talbert

This place is so good! I had the biggest baked potato I have ever seen piled high with hamburger, bacon and mushrooms? My husband had a burger with fries and said it was the best burger he had ever had. My 4 year old devoured an order of cheesesticks! We will be back 10/10 recommend.

Matthew Farley

Get ready for some big portions when you visit TJ's... You won't leave hungry. Service was a bit slow, but they were very busy, so that is to be expected. The baked potatoes are HUGE. I have no idea where they get them, the grocery store doesn't have any near that size. Food was excellent, service friendly. Seat yourself (sometimes the tables in the back hallway are not in use, keep an eye out for that), and your waitperson brings you a check that you take to the cashier to pay. I highly recommend TJ's if you want a good old fashioned diner meal and are not in a hurry. Great old building as well, featuring the original stamped tin ceiling.

Vicki Minor

Great place for hamburger, fries, rings etc. One of my favorite burger joints in Wichita.

Jane Rickenbrode

The food was excellent, the quantity almost too much to eat! LOL The service friendly and quick. Definitely going again.

Robert B

Very good burger and nice amount if fries. Been 10 times and always good. Good service to.

Plaguedr Bunny

I did not believe my friends that the burgers where big. They where good. Worth going back I will tell my family about this place.

Charmaine Collins

Customer service was horrible. I stood in front of the cash register for 10mins before any of the 3 waitresses acknowledged my presence. Being that it was my first time and all but still a simple greeting would have suffice.

Bruce Winegar

Good 50's style burger joint. Burgers and shakes are very good.

Raquel Logan

Was excited to check this place out with my family. The place wasn't busy but some of the tables were dirty limiting the seating even more.We weren't sure whether to seat ourselves or to wait....so after walking around we decided to sit in the back area. After a bit of no service my husband went to ask for service. The lady rudely told him that the area we sat in was closed off....she did not offer to clean any of the tables so we could sit in the front area either. We ended up walking out.Wish I could have tried it but I'd rather go to a place that is at least welcoming.

Jamie Lange

Loved this place! Hamburgers are HUGE! And so delicious. The large fries was so good we ate every bite. My daughter got chili cheese fries and liked those as well. Place was busy and the waitresses did a great job.

Lindsey C.

This restaurant is such a delight!  The service was some of the best I've ever seen and experienced, the food was so scrumptious, and the beverages some of the best on the planet!!  I can't recommend TJs Burger House enough!!!  Go,  eat,  enjoy....   You're welcome!

Austin Bliss

Good place to come have and enjoy a great burger. Had a bacon cheese with grilled onions and onion rings with an order of chili cheese fries for a starter! Love the flavors and the burger was cooked to perfection!

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