T J's Burger House

1003 W Douglas Ave, Wichita
(316) 269-3770

Recent Reviews

michael shields

A very good juicy manly cheeseburger and good fries as well worth every dollar no disappointment

Chris Edin

The food is fantastic and the location is nice. I love burgers and fries and this is by far an excellent place to go.

Beverly Gladstone

Brought 2 newbies in for lunch. We ordered cheeseburgers and a mushroom swiss. It was the bomb! They are award winning for a reason! HIGHLY recommended!

J. Steven Trotter

Ya know, I recently reviewed another burger place in town that came highly recommended, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and left a well deserved, glowing review. Today I came into TJs, my favorite burger place, and realized how much better this place is than the place reviewed the other day. Now that place really did deserve a 5 stars review, and that just shows how awesome TJs really is. They deserve a 6th star. From the best burgers in town, to the best chili cheese fries in town, and the always on point service - I can not recommend this place enough. Honorable mention to the lady that is always there with the accent. I assume she is the owner, or at least the manager. She is always a pleasure.

Tim Berwolf

Very nice and very good food ? Jalapeño Burger, onion rings, shake..Burger had lots of fresh Jalapeños grilled with onions...love fresh burgers?Waitress a bit distracted but not bad or troublesome....Always loved the old 50s Diner theme

Kara W.

We happened to be randomly in this area for a quick get away. Decided to stop in based off the cute window appearance. Cute place - very disappointed to see menus were on every table - napkins and salt and pepper were on each table. No tables were roped or blocked off - and wait staff didn't have masks or gloves........ We are in a pandemic. You are serving food..... Anyways. Cheeseburger was delicious. Very juicy but the patty was a little on the thick side. Fries were served hot and fresh.

Karla M.

Needed a little vacation in Wichita and driving down the street saw this cute burger place so decided to stop and give it a try. Cute atmosphere but NO masks or gloves or distancing in this place. Everything was on the table too and hated to touch anything. Few customers dining during this time Food was excellent t but pricy!

Danny Fryhover

Food was great service was spot on. A little confusion about seating but it got handled pretty quick. Definitely recommend.


Food was awesome but the service was subpar. Our server had a lousy attitude and would reach in front of your face while you were eating to grab a cup instead of walking around or asking for it. When I asked another server if their was a manager she informed me that there was not but asked if she could do anything. I informed her about our servers attitude she did not seem surprised and informed me that our server was the owners family.


Awesome place good hot food one full order of fries can feed two people they know how put bacon on I will be coming back to this place


Awesome food definitely one of the best Burgers in town. The onion rings are pretty killer to.

April Howard

T J's Burger House is one of my favorite places to eat! Wonderful Burgers, fries, and onion rings!

Greg T.

We placed an order for delivery. The food came in a very reasonable time. The burgers came deconstructed, which I understand for delivery. We all ordered onion rings instead of fries as we knew the fries wouldn't travel well. We all received fries in place of the onion rings. And, my daughters meal actually came with onion rings. As we were afraid, the fries were uneatable. Maybe onion rings weren't available, but nothing was said at time of ordering. I will continue to dine in, but will not order carry out or delivery again.

Jeff C.

So glad to have restaurants opening again. Mushroom Swiss burgers are one of my all time favorites. So of course I had to try TJs. I'm not exaggerating when I say, I've never had a better one. The meat is perfectly cooked and the the burger is LOADED with shrooms and Swiss. It is perfect. The fries are good and the portions are large.

David A.

Burgers were good, but the salad was not as expected. Not at all what they had on the menu, did not even have half the stuff they had posted.

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