Taco Bell

8979 W Central Ave, Wichita
(316) 722-1919

Recent Reviews

Sean Purvis

Service was polite, food was exactly as I ordered it and tasted great. Restaurant was clean. Thanks!

robert lund

It was okay. Got what we ordered and efficient and friendly.

Nick White

Its Taco bell, so cheap mexican food with an acceptable level of diarrhea

Nathan Oswald

The guy taking orders right before closing is very friendly, even though out of beef they made it right. And the order was correct. Very good

Piggy's Mukbang

OMG ? the best Taco Bell in Wichita thus far. Everything hot and fresh it wasn’t skimpy on the fillings. Love it!

Mark Vittorini

Burrito + taco supreme with Baja blast!


Went through the drive through (Sunday 7/25/21 at 4PM) and they didn’t give me my card back. Realizing this, I drove back to pick it up. No apologies for their part in forgetting to give me my card back in the DRIVE THRU, just a “Lady who forgot her card is here to pick it up”. To top it off, they didn’t even get my order right when there was only ONE car in front of me. Not even busy hour.

Paul Woods

WOW!The Taco Bell closest to me is at 21st & Amidon.I always order a black bean crunchwrap supreme, and it’s always mushy and the ingredients aren’t evenly spread.THIS location is amazing compared to the one by my house.Top notch service and food.Seriously, it was like a completely different menu item!

Crystal Gordon

The tb on west central knows how to make it right. I dislike ordering extra beans on my bean burrito no cheese no onion and not getting the extras beans. I pay for the extra beans. The one on south Seneca have me an attitude because I went back to have them done right. And the blonde manager there was hateful and messed the burritos up even more.

KD Ross

I ordered the naked chicken meal, the taco was missing one side of shell and missing toppings. The burrito was undersized and flat. The naked chicken was smaller than it was when they first started selling them. It was dry and was room temperature. The employee who made taco knew it wasn't fit to eat. This is my second bad experience. I won't waste my money there again.

Brian B

Service was fine but the hard tacos seem to be lacking ingredients, they're getting pretty slim on the meat.

Jennifer Graham

Sloppily put together food as usual...typical taco bell food. Food has been going downhill for a decade.

Jessi C.

Destiny was working drive thru window last night and she was amazing, truly above and beyond (I hope I'm remembering her name correctly)! So very kind, she apologized multiple times for the wait. I wasn't in any hurry myself, but I can imagine what the crew was going through last night and the feedback they may have gotten-- the place was packed. But Destiny held it together and powered through, with a smile on her face and care in her voice! 10/10. Oh, and my order was 100% perfect, down to the sauce. Could not have asked for a better crew! Thank you!

Michael Kostelecky

I've only been to this location 3 times and every single time they have forgotten part of the order. Every. Single. Time.

Lia Black

Easy in...easy out. They have everything you need!

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