Taco Rio

1022 W Douglas Ave, Wichita
(316) 264-9252

Recent Reviews

Clarence Horn

I wish the food was as good as the service, the taco were stale and the food just didn't taste good.


Friendly, affordable, and fast. Definitely a great place to go for some good tacos without breaking the bank.

Amy Palmer

There are no better tacos in town.

Shyrack B

Very good food! Friendly staff who all were wearing masks and participating in social distancing. I always have a nice time here. They even have little signs on the table stating to bring it to them once you're done so they can sanitize the tables for safety. Great food. Can not wait to visit again. Justin the manager and his staff are really fantastic! Give them a try!

Shay Blasi

We'll definitely be back! Friendly staff, great food!

Carol Mires

Great food lots of it. Thank you for great service. ?

Timothy Harr

I've been going there most of my life, and most of the time they taste great.

Da'mond Parker

Quick bite. To eat

Robin Boggess

Love this placeI don't think they have changed since I was a kid

Dimebag Darrel

I had to rewrite this review based on my last 3 visits to Taco Rio. I have been eating there for 32 years and portion size has never been an issue. But this new owner is really stingy on portions. I am absolutely disappointed with my last 3 purchases because prices are going up and sizes are getting smaller. I knew the original owners Stan & Kay and they raised prices but never cut back on portion size. After talking to an ex employee the new owner picks and chooses who gets what. Unfortunately I will not be returning since I'm not into paying more for less.

Jeremy Blackburn

I always have consistently good food here. It is dependable, affordable, and just a delight. It may not be everyone's favorite style of food, but they are really good at the style that they do.

Joseph Stiles

Love the food and they keep the eating area clean.

Isiah McCosh

I have no clue how many calories each item has and i have researched this. Also some other comment wrote quasine, it's cuisine. The prices are great though the food is smaller in proportions.

Brad Harris

Always great food and service. The employees make the experience wonderful Trudi always goes above and beyond!! Sorry I don’t know their names but the rest are great as well


I go here almost every month with family. I love it! Food is always delicious and is put out quickly. I always love to get to go here. Would 100% recommend.

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