8853 W Central Ave, Wichita
(316) 721-5447

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Stanley Blehm

Less food for the same price.

Pamela P.

8/24 went in for to go. Not busy at all 1 car in drive thru. No one else inside. Asked for fresh and hot burger. Did not happen. Time restraint did not allow remedying the situation. As with 21st abd Maize location will not be back. Much better burger at Hardees pr even McDonald's.

Misty Pibbles

Ordered the number 1 chicken maple bacon combo. Was talking to my husband on the way home, he's a truck driver. Asked him if he had tried Wendy's breakfast yet? He said he had not. I had ate this same combo at the one on West Kellogg. I get home, go to eat my sandwich and the chicken looked like it had been dropped in the fryer a few times. I spoke to Dee who said they don't do that, she would talk to her crew, but I know fresh chicken from old reheated chicken. Going to post pictures. She said come back thru and let them know to give me a fresh chicken sandwich next time, mention her name. Ok, first of all. When I pay for something, I should not have to tell you to give me something fresh or edible. Second, I will not come thru there and ask for that because I do not trust people. I really don't want spit in my food. So, won't eat Wendy's breakfast anymore. Quite a shame because you have a good thing going. Keep this up, you won't for long.

Danielle LaPlante-Epley

Friendly staff fresh tasty food.

todd kelty

Fries were cold, stale hamburger was cold asked for a number 9 10 piece nuggets only got 7. Both baconators dry tasteless. Bad service all around

Amanda Rucker

I only get food here cause it’s the closest to where I live. All the bad reviews are 100% true. They always have an attitude for anything and everything. One time I ordered online and went up to the drive thru and they very clearly sounded extremely annoyed over the intercom thing when I said I had an online order. I hate going here just cause they’re always so outwardly rude.

anonymous xxx

I'm not a burger fan but I do like the spicy chicken sandwich. My son likes the Dave's double

Alex Morris


Sarah Leann

Great friendly service. Food was incredible and fresh! Will come here again and again ?

rick a

I had nuggets but they put something in there that was very tasty. It was just nuggets, I know, but man, yummy! Plus, clean store and friendly employees.

Gabi Kae

I’ve been to this location so many times and never had a problem, but who ever worked this evening let the ball DROP. I don’t know how someone hears a “LARGE Diet Coke”, and instead gives someone JR sized fries and drink. I paid for the junior size, and then was asked to pay for a Large drink. In what world does someone pay for the correct drink they asked for after paying for the wrong one? The young man and woman who worked tonight shouldn’t be left alone. I don’t care for half empty large fries, or fries all over the bag. Terrible, terrible customer service. Whoever was on the window around 9:50 PM on Tuesday, 02/18/2020, should be trained again. Disappointed.

scott lucas

Pretty good food, I eat there every once in a while

Muazzam Hans

If u like spicy try their spicy chicken sandwich.

Kevin Price

I've eaten at this Wendy's for at least 3 decades not much as changed I usually always get good food here. I quit eating at Wendy's simply because for the price of their Burger I can go have a gourmet Burger in a fine restaurant. I would recommend though.

B J Medlam

Great customer service. Wendy's manager worked with me to provide a Chili Feast for my co-workers. The pricing was very reasonable and the Chili was a hit with all. Thanks to Barb and her staff for helping with our Holiday Celebration a success. Highly recommend.

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