Avenue Brew

310 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
(859) 261-4381

Recent Reviews

Katie Loraine

The coffee was good and I appreciated the 75 cent refill vs. paying again like some places. There is a lot going on in the space but it gives off that small town dive coffee bar vibe.

Lori Gibbs

I got divorced yesterday. I recommend Avenue Brew as the perfect place to have a celebratory breakfast! I got the breakfast grilled cheese and it was amazing. I also took ' divorce muffins' back to my office and everyone raved about them. Staff is so friendly and I loved that I could write on the ceiling to announce my freedom !

Nick Tarter (JeepinOkie)

Great local spot for coffee and delicious food! The coffee was delicious, the sandwiches were delicious, and the chili really hit the spot. I would highly recommend paying this place a visit.

Jason Gray

I’m not the type of person to leave reviews, especially bad ones specifically on local businesses. However, after hearing about experiences with close friends and a visit I recently had, I think this is necessary. Let me just start off by saying that I did not have high expectations for this place.- From what I have heard from three former employees/trainees, Avenue Brew is neither a clean establishment nor is it one where ownership/management is respectful or kind. My close friend made me quite aware of this when her younger daughter had been yelled at by one of the owners in front of a busy crowd of people. Another close friend informed me that she worked there a few years ago and was treated awfully by the same owner. She came in recently and witnessed the same thing happen to another worker.- If you do plan on still going here, the place is an unsanitary disaster. There is dust crawling on the walls and tables. Not to mention the fact that a few customers mentioned seeing mice run throughout the place.- Finally. Be prepared to wait 25-40 minutes for two lattes. This place is grossly understaffed, which management/ownership should try to piece together as possibly being an issue in which they literally treat their staff awfully?I love a classic mom and pop shop but in this case, it’s important to look at the way your establishment looks as well as the people who represent your establishment look. I hope this is able to reach them and they can understand that changes here are necessary.

Kevin Morgan

The food here was so good. And you get a lot for your money. Too much for the kids to finish. My burrito was huge and very delicious. Ladies in the back were super busy but all of them were really nice and fun to talk to. Coffee was great too!

Emerald Bronson

We enjoyed our breakfast. The menu wasn't clear about the parfait and it was strawberry yogurt...it didn't have actual strawberries in it. Otherwise I'd give it 5 stars. Chai coffee was delicious.

Jon Headley

Nice little breakfast spot.

Katrina L.

It has actually been a while since I've ordered food at Avenue Brew, but I am a huge fan of the coffee here. I live outside of NKY now, so when in town, I purchase the Highlander Grog in bulk and take it back with me. In store, I also really love ordering the Hawaiian hazelnut iced coffee or trying some of their speciality lattes. Most recently I had a toasted coconut latte and it was absolutely delicious. They can get quite busy in the morning and on weekends, which is very deserved - just plan accordingly.

Eric Chase

It's more a convenience thing than anything else at this point. The drinks are okay, I guess, but nothing to write home about, and they don't carry whole milk for lattes and caps.The food, though, is consistently disappointing: pastries are sometimes literally raw dough, especially the scones; the slices of goetta they give you are so thin they make kraft singles look juicy; and the time it takes to make the food is sometimes baffling.That said, the price is right, and when they aren't raw the pastries are pretty good. Just disappointingly inconsistent.

Kelsey Young

The workers were very friendly and the barista was kind enough to turn a drink they normally don’t serve iced into an iced drink for me :) food was good as well.However, I did come here looking for a quiet place to study and do some work but that didn’t happen. It was very busy and I couldn’t find a public Wi-Fi to connect to. Great place, just not if you’re like me looking for a calmer place to use your laptop :)

Jenny Infosino

-Cute little cafe-Very nice people-Fun and interesting ambiance with lots to see and having a table -‘at the window was fun for people watching.We never think to go to Bellevue- I have no idea why as we are always looking for a good breakfast place and we will definitely be back here. The only reason we found this place is my partner ran into someone from the restaurant at the grocery store and when he checked the reviews and they are awesome— we decided to check it out….We got two meals and split them - Roses ultimate breakfast sandwich And the Brewrito.I didn’t read the description well enough. I don’t care for over-easy eggs so I had some chicken and a pancake… Wow!! I almost never order pancakes as they are easy to make…. These were good and definitely fluffier then the ones I make. Loved it. The chicken was good- but I would get pancakes with bacon on the side next time.. :)The brewrito was good… I love a good burrito and you can add or remove things which is nice!We loved the coffee- there are a few different options and todays had pecan- yum- was very good! I also had a cup of their regular.. so good!We will be back!

Nicholas Boldery

Red eye coffee here is awesome, you can put whatever fresh brewed coffee in it and then have them out the 2 espresso shots in. Too it with some cream and you're good to go! The Cajun chicken breakfast sandwich is different but fairly good but my most recent time I saw a special they had called the brisket breakfast. It was phenomenal.. had seasoned brisket chunks, seasoned red potato slices, 2 eggs, and nicely buttered wheat bread. It was top tier, def recommend.

Kari M

Visiting from out of town, chose Avenue Brew for breakfast based off of the reviews/ratings. Should’ve went somewhere else because my family had a poor experience. The staff wasn’t very friendly/welcoming, the food was bland and not hot for the amount of time we waited. The one star is for the coffee drinks we got, we did enjoy those. Tip: When customers tell you they have never been there try making it a positive experience. Make menu suggestions, explain how your establishment works, and smile.. at the least. We won’t be back.

Brian Walton

The best French toast around! My favorite place to eat breakfast hands down! Best thing to ever happen to Bellevue ?

Patrick P.

I'm not usually big on the small cafe/coffee shop scene but this place proved me wrong. Service was great, you order at the counter and they bring it out when it's ready. I did not expect the menu to have normal hearty breakfast options but they certainly did and it was all hot fresh and pretty good. We would eat here again. It's also located in a very neat walkable area. Their highlander grog coffee is superior also!

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