Bellevue Vets Bar

24 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
(859) 431-0045

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Enjoy the people & the prices here! Nice place grab some popcorn and a drink to watch some sports. Also, very well kept & clean in my opinion. Plenty to do there as they offer darts, pool tables, & slot machines as well.

Brandon McGlone

It's a decent place to go plenty of room employees are nice and occasionally there is a food truck down there they have gambling machines pool tables and bar prices for drinks are average to the test of the bars around also they have halls you can rent for events

Bryan Covel

Great establishment!! Great food and drinks at great prices ?

Amy D.

We actually had a baseball game on the field behind the vet, the inside was a great place to sit in the AC and watch our sons game. The bartender was super nice, the drinks were very cheap, and really good.

Sandy Smith

There's a huge wasps nests under the stands that needs serious attention before somebody with allergies gets stung.

Kevin Sullivan

Nothing bad about this place actually a really good place to have a nice little party and the bar next door is a good plus.


Awesome place to hang out and have drinks, do some video gambling, or play pool with friends. The place is very clean, bartenders are great, and alcohol prices are very reasonable (some of the lowest I've seen). 2 thumbs up!! ??

Joshua Neace

Never been to the bar, but great venue for events.

Dee W.

Great local watering hole. Everything you'd want from your local bar. Pool tables, darts, gambling, TVs, Keno, Great bartender ( with a Y ) and of course drinks with very reasonable prices. We had a great time making new friends with the friendly locals and bartender. Thanks for everything. Side note- it is smoker friendly so be prepared for cigarette smoke in case you are a non smoking type.

Mary Perry

Tonight we were able to come together to say a final goodbye to a dad, grandfather, friend, cousin, and all around kind gentleman. The Bellevue Vets Bar was so great with the accommodation.

Mike Bujwalo

Accommodating the WEBN fireworks crowd for as far back as I can remember!

Jay Durbin

Night cap! Cheap bottle beer, smoking inside, pool in the back room, and individual size bags of all the grippos chip flavors. This place is a hard YES in my book

Megan Matthews

Love the people and the bartenders!

Wayne Trier

Very nice place. Great atmosphere but not fond of the social distancing

Greg Junius

A great place to go patrons are friendly and the service is great

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