Enson Harbor

25 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
(859) 360-6800

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Veronica Carlsson

$12 snow crab legs how could this ever be bad?!! They had a special for the month of Dec. I also got the crab stuff mushrooms. They were good. The reason I took a star away was for the lobster bisque. They had ran out and made a new batch. When doing so they left clumps of flour in it. Maybe rushing the process. Definitely white slimy blobs I assume it was flour… the waitress said it comes in a bag and just needs heated. Idk what the slime was it was awful and tasteless. Oooh they have a serving robot!! Cool! I will definitely give them another try

Scott Schweiger

Great location, good food, good value and great service. Highly recommend.

Tonya Wilkins-Burroughs

friendly staff, quick service

John O

The place has been called something else in the past , set up it very similar, menu is a little different but they still have the bag boils . The food we had was very good overall , my sons was very spicy but that’s the way he liked it. The waitress was young and inexperienced but tried very hard . The girl who was at the hostess station was not welcoming at all, nor did she say anything as we left. The manager was visible but was not friendly , nor did a table check . Things to work on .


Almost an hour to get our food. food was less than average . Place was empty. Server tried really hard and was embarrassed. Served boils and steamed seafood but NO bread to dip in the sauce. Got our order wrong after an hour wait. General Manager just sat at the bar on his phone all night . Never got up. When we approached him om the way out he was arrogant and indignent. Did not even get off his stool to talk to us. Never apologized but made all type of excuses. Not someone I would want running my restaurant. Now i know why it was empty. Stay away!!!

Roxana Martinez

The price if expensive I paid 218$ more or less that I remember for everything you see in the pictures.We were 4 adults in total and 3 babies.I ordered 3 pounds crab leg - 2 pounds shrimp? - 1 pound of . 3 pounds crawfish But it looked to me like they didn't weigh the pounds it looked very little it was more potatoes and sausage and corn ?The place is beautiful. And very clean. The service is very good.

Miriam H.

Service was ok, but prices high for what was suppose to be happy hour on Thursday. I guess you pay for being on river however it's not open air to outside seating and bar is very small and far from river views. Only tried an appetizer (crab cheese bread) and it was ok. Not some place I will be running back to.

David Harris

When I walked in was told an hour wait with the restaurant not even half filled I should have figured something was wrong. After an hour and hearing so many customers complain about how bad the service was, they had no bartender, staff was clearly not happy and confused I left. You can only play the understaffed card for so long. Other places have figured it out get management in there to start working if you have any desire to keep this place open

Cevie S.

I went to this restaurant during the weekday. They close at 10:00 I went at 9:05, to turn me away after I waited for someone to help me for a few minutes at the door. Gas is to high to be wasted .

Rosemary A.

Server was friendly but obviously not educated on the menu (ie- ordered Sauvignon Blanc and she asked if that was a red, then we asked about the crab dip and she said "all I know is it's a hot bowl with crab and comes with chips") but she tried and service was fast- so that's the only reason this is a two star review. First, we got the crab dip. It was a can of crab, poorly seasoned, topped with shaker style Parm cheese and baked. It was gross, and we love crab. Would have preferred a well seasoned creamy base with just a handful of lump crab pieces to a can of crab. Husband got the steak, asked for medium, it was well done. Horribly seasoned- literally tasted like liquid smoke (what restaurant cooks with liquid smoke???), So bad. He got a side of shrimp on a skewer- they were so overcooked they were chewy. I got the lobster pasta. Lobster was an overcooked shriveled chewy sliver about as big as my husbands shrimp, not my shrimp, my shrimp was different than his shrimp, was also overcooked but not as much as his. Mine was at least edible and was the best thing on my plate. The pasta...let me preface this by saying that I LOVE garlic, use it in about everything I cook, enjoy it in mass quantities...but this... I've never experienced such an over abundance of seasoning in my life. Inedible. First time I've ever left food on my plate and not gotten a go box (I'm not kidding, first time). We did not complain because we had our baby with us and he was getting sleepy and we needed to leave, not that anyone asked how the food was anyways, even with both of our plates more than half full when we got our check. Anyways, we could have bought, and cooked, ourselves a much better surf n turf at the rental we are at while in town for the $100 plus tip we spent here. ‍


Amazing Amazing Amazing don't let those bad reviews full you...after reading them you can tell they are from when place first opened place has improved 100 once again AMAZING..even Amy our server Amazing. Highly recommend

Chris Wright

The good. It's on the river. We had great service. Gumbo was very good. Seafood dip was good. Shrimp was also good. The bad. Blackened grouper was average, corn was inedible, saffron rice was nothing special, hush puppies are small and over fried, lobster bisque was inedible. We had a good time hanging with family and didn't complain about our food at the time but we won't be back.

Frank S.

First time getting here since Enson Harbor took on the Joe's Crabshack location on the river (and, let's face it, probably the best outdoor dining view in the city!). Started out with their Old Fashioned and Maker's Mark Mule's....OF good, Mule very good.... We ordered the Cod Fish & Chips, Onion Rings and a Southern Boil of 1/2 lb Snow Crab Legs and added the 1/2lb sausage. Batter on the cod and also on the onion rings tasted excellent. Be ready for a little oily on the rings...but they were thickly battered and fantastic! I had the Southern Boil and it was so much fun. I will do this more often! Spiced all the way up to 3, the sauce has really great flavor. Since cracking open crab legs takes time with minimal-meat-results.....adding the sausage to the dish was perfect to keep food directed to my mouth while cracking shells...and the combo/variety worked so well together. Sausage was excellent! Did I mention the fun of working through the boil? Anyway.....we split a Crème Brûlée, added another set of drinks and moved over to the lounge chairs and enjoyed the city/river view as the sun set! I read Jennifer's review below before writing and totally disagree that it was expensive (prices are online on their menu). For what they probably pay to lease this ideally located space on the river....food and staffing costs.....I thought it was actually inexpensive. Oh.....there wasn't a lot of staff on a Wednesday night....things were a little slow, but sit back and enjoy the view. Our server and everyone were very composed and friendly.

Michelle G.

Enson Harbor is what I would expect from a chain seafood restaurant in Cincinnati. The food was good, but I think it's hard to have truly exceptional seafood so far from the ocean unless you are paying top dollar. I tried the plain Jane seafood boil. It came with half a pound of crab legs, a half ear of corn on the cob, and two red potatoes. I liked having the option to only get a half pound. The flavor of the crab was good. Two of my family members tried the coconut shrimp and they both liked it. We were there on a rainy night, so unfortunately we couldn't enjoy the deck overlooking the river.


Really enjoyed it. Sat outside and took in the great view while enjoying cold bar appetizers and a few beers. My wife and I both got boil pots and the flavor and portion size were spot-on. Place was clean and service was prompt and friendly. Would definitely go back for the low country boil.

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