Gold Star Chili

47 Donnermeyer Dr, Bellevue
(859) 491-8740

Recent Reviews

Cody Knarr

My wife and I prefer this location over all other Gold Stars.Food: 5/5

Jay Geezee

The people who work here are so rude it’s completely insane to me. You are working at THIS restaurant, I am your customer. You serve me. I literally called to add hotsauce and ketchup to the order and they just would not let me and we’re laughing me but there was no option on Uber eats. Pathetic and i will never be ordering from here again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something to my food. Horrible horrible staff & definitely should not be able to treat people like that, just wow. Then I spoke to someone and they assured me they’d add it to the bag, and they literally got here and still forgot it!! WOW what a trashy restaurant

Paige Benge

I used to work at Bellevue gold star and it was nice at the beginning everyone was nice and they were like family until one day the managers wife started yelling at me for every little mistake . The foods delicious 5 star! But right after my shift I went home and cried my self asleep cause she made me feel like I was retarded and I was a screw up!

Jessica Eisner

Traveling through the area from Savannah, GA! Food was delivered via GrubHub - on time and correct. Delicious too! We had cheese coney dogs and the bacon cheddar ranch fries. Both myself and my daughter enjoyed it!

Floyd. E Sizemore

Spent 60$ and coneys was dry chilli runney no onion or beans on two 5 ways worst experience plus had kid running cash register

Kelly Richardson

We went in at 421, only one customer. We sat down and waited to be served. The waitress was too busy putting up balloons and then proceeded to clean tables along with the manager. No response or communication whatsoever. We left and went to the newport store, maybe we will get better service there.


I'm from out of town by way of Iowa. Went in here today and this crew was on it!They had that place inside out, sweeping and cleaning. Was good to see a place do that. Staff was easy going as well.I'd come back any day.

Lisa Burton

Now I remember why I haven't eaten at Bellevue Gold Star Chili in 3 1/2 years. I ordered a #2 with Mt.Dew. The 3 cheese coneys with NO ONION NO MUSTARD light sauce, and a regular 3-way. I got lots of sauce and almost zero cheese. By the time I got home in Cold Springs KY it wasn't worth it I just threw them out. Looks like I'm back to Skyline Chili.

Brandon Johnson

Disappointing :( ... I ordered 3 plain coneys; no mustered; no onions; no cheese owing to allergies. While my order details were explicit and mind-numbingly easy with this request and allergy justification, my coneys arrived to me loaded with everything I requested NOT to be on them. ~The risk one takes when ordering out~

Joey L

Probably one of the better gold stars you can visit. Staff is always friendly and the portions are spot on.

Brandon J.

I ordered 3 plain coneys; no onions; no mustered; no cheese. The directive was explicit and mind-numbingly easy, yet my order came to me loaded with everything I requested NOT to be on the coneys. ~The risk one takes when ordering out. ~

Cathy Nelson

This Gold Star location is the best! It is clean, friendly and well kept. We had the best young server. He was friendly, courteous, and checked our table multiple times. We had 2 children with us and he made sure we were all satisfied! Thank you, Nathaniel (I believe that was this name).

Davie L

I want to say Thanks for taking care of me during my visit. I thought they did a great job trying to juggle all of the work and customers today. And the burgers and fries were delicious.

Robert Hunter

AYFKM?!?!? Between the time I ordered at the drive-thru board, and picked it up at the window, was too long to be able to remember something as routine as HOT SAUCE?!?UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE!!!

Betty McNeese

Service was excellent food was good a young man named Nate waited on us

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