The Pretzel Place

411 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
(859) 781-6569

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Todd Napier

Pretzel Place is a rare restaurant: delicious food, great price, and always fast/friendly service. No particular menu items to recommend, because it is *all* that good. But if you happen to see Cranberry Orange bread as a bonus sale item, don't buy it. There was only one loaf when I was last in, and I don't want to have to fight another guest to get that purchase.

Kathy Burr

My boys have been asking me to go for ages so we finally did. I have a pretty strict diet so there wasn't anything I could have except the special butternut squash soup which was exceptional. My boys were all a twitter about how good the pretzels were.Food: 5/5

Amber S.

So good! My coworkers recommend this spot for lunch and it hit the spot! I ordered the caprese sandwich lunch special with potato salad. My only complaint was that it seemed a bit on the expensive side at over $14 for my meal. However, I understand with locally owned businesses like this, that they tend to cost more. The inside seating options are very limited so keep that in mind if you plan to eat in.

Faith Young

Friendly, helpful, amazing people here!! German style hot pretzels more than American, served with or without dipping sauce. Tried jalapeño, cinnamon sugar and butter salt seasoned pretzels —all quite delicious. The pretzels we bought to go were so well wrapped that they were still warm three hours later.


This is one of my go-to lunch spots. Very friendly service, great food, and updating daily specials posted out front. Everything always tastes freshly prepared. I can't often do the heavy, greasy stuff I'd find as my only options elsewhere, so today's broccoli slaw was on point.

Vania Medeiros Horstman

Delicious, soft and warm Pretzels. The staff is very friendly! The place is very charming.I will be back . ❤️

Megan Wallace

Mine and my husband's favorite sandwich place. The food is amazing. But PLEASE extend your hours to some Mondays and evenings or weekends. We are never off work when you're open. Still, delicious!

Susan B.

As a local, sometimes it is hard for us to remember the fantastic gems on this side of the river. We are rarely in the Bellevue area but were visiting another business with my family. I am glad we did since my husband, and I found a hidden gem - The Pretzel Place. Not far from Ms. Teapot, this little restaurant has some of the best soft pretzels. While it is a very small restaurant, it has a mom-and-pop, relaxing culture that I would have expected more when I lived in the New Jersey area - very down-to-Earth and focused on the food. While we didn't eat at the restaurant, my family purchased pretzels to bring back home. During the short time inside, the staff was very friendly, and the owner was joking around with staff and patrons. This is the sort of place that truly makes you feel relaxed and at home. Prices were also reasonable. While they were busy, the restaurant was super clean. Now, to the good part - the pretzels. My husband and I had three pretzels to try - butter salt, cinnamon sugar, and jalapeno cheddar. As you can see from the pictures, everything was wrapped well, especially the jalapeno pretzel. I didn't expect the pretzels to be still soft three hours later (we got distracted playing Pokemon Go). Actually, the jalapeno pretzel was still warm with how it was wrapped, something none of us expected. It had the most wonderful kick and flavor, potentially the best jalapeno pretzel I have ever tried. A win-win there! Both the butter salt and cinnamon sugar were also soft and quite delicious. We all loved the pretzels, even if they were a different texture than my family expected. Just be warned that non-locals who aren't used to our Germanic culture in the area, they are NOT American pretzels - they are far better. I wished we got the beer cheese once we got into them, but since I thought we would be eating them in the car, that was a no-go. That said, if you are in the Bellevue area, check out The Pretzel Place. If you are a local like us, make sure to support one of our local businesses! After a quick check, it looks like they are on Doordash. If not, they are worth the drive!

Megan B.

Mine and my husband's favorite sandwich place. The food is amazing. But PLEASE extend your hours to some Mondays and evenings or weekends. We are never off work when you're open. Still, delicious!

Allison Kaelin

We each got a sandwich on the softest, butteriest, most perfectly salted pretzel. And got a sweet pretzel to share. I particularly loved the temperature contrast between the cold meats and cheese and the warm dough of the sandwich. They also have vegetarian friendly options. We sat outside at a small table, but there were 4 seat tables as well. The woman who took our order was friendly and patient And helpful. We will be visiting again!

Eric Albright

Very good food. I got the half jalapeno bagel box lunch with turkey and LTO. It also came with chips and a cinnamon twist. It was a great light lunch on a perfect day to eat outside

Janice Kennedy

Ate here for the first time today and it was absolutely delicious. I feel horrible i was talking and forgot to tip. The young girl and owners were so sweet!! Will be back in soon and bring tip. The service was excellent. Highly recommend. Will be doing some upcoming catering through them!!!!!!

Holly Tucker

1st time but not our last ? Traveled down from Monroe just to try and we were not disappointed. Loved the fresh pretzel sandwiches and the pasta salad was amazing and the dessert pretzel knots...yummy.. We will be back and will bring friends!!

Laura Wright

Amazing! The pretzel bread was firm but soft enough to bite into easily. Everything tastes great and portion was ample.The place made me smile as soon as I walked in. So well done and so inviting. I will be back!(edited to fix typo "greasy" to "great")

Monica A.

Great food great vibe cool small business with great stuff. Had chicken salad and cinnamon pretzel Tasty!!!

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