700 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
(859) 360-0110

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Larry Holladay

I love local restaurants. Nowadays it's rare that owners are not friendly and trying their hardest to provide excellent food, service and atmosphere. And they have so many challenges! Yuca is a good example of a commitment to us... The local community. Yuca is a good place to relax with friends, eat good food, try new drinks, have fun. Their breakfast and lunch collection is fresh, varied and interesting. Drinks are different and GOOD!! They have a vast, high quality Tequila collection to try (see photos). I had vegan Yuca Tacos and a "Redneck Margarita.". Great combination, both delicious. I'll be back soon.

Brian M.

Brought to you by the same crew that opened Cedar in Main Strauss Village. Many similarities on the menu and bloody Mary's but enough differences to make this place unique. The menu is breakfast/brunch with a Latin twist. Was so happy with our choices and with plenty of interest on the rest of the menu we are definitely going back. Highly recommend.

Margaret S.

3.5 rating. Verdict: 3.5 rating. The Bloody Mary and appetizer was great. Service pretty good. The meal was average. I got steak & eggs and they over cooked everything. Ugh. My husbands choice was mediocre too. He got a Cubano. My friend loved her burger. But she was so buzzed from the over pour of vodka in her Bloody Mary - so take that into consideration. Everything was cooked from scratch which was nice. I'll try one more time. We can go if you guys like. It's cute.

Elizabeth Baron

Yucca is charming with live music Saturday and plenty of seating outside. My drink (pictured) was delicious and the food was good (enough). The quesadilla looked good, the burger as well (minus a very pale tomato). The Hangover was good, but not great. Fresh cut potatoes would have gone a long way here. Don't misunderstand, I will definitely be back to try more. The service was really good and admittedly we did not order any of our server's favorites. It's worth the trip for sure, or in my case, a second try! It's a nice addition to Bellevue.

Pablo Ibarrarazo

Best margaritas in town!!Delicious chilaquiles burger!!Perfect place for us to have lunch or late lunch.Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time if you want the staff to welcome you with a smile and for them not to shush you away with the vacuum cleaner.Very consistent in flavor and portion size, we like their menu (and the margaritas) quite a bit.Thank you

Austin Cline

Absolutely phenomenal breakfast. Service was fast and the restaurant is super clean and nice inside. The food is out of this world good. Belllevue/NKY is so lucky to have this!

Jenny Infosino

We were on our way to First Watch for breakfast when we decided to try something new.Checked the reviews and we were here. Such a GREAT choice as you walk in and it's just fresh, clean, pretty and it is just welcoming.We had friendly, fun service with a waiter that offered real tips on how we should order based on what we said we liked. his suggestion was the Venezuelan filet and eggs. Definitely go with the suggestion as it was amazing! The steak was perfectly cooked and there is just so much flavor! I stupidly asked for ketchup for the potatoes and my advice would be to wait and see as you will likely waste it because there is too much flavor that you will destroy by adding ketchup. Our ketchup went untouched.I don't like over easy eggs but I wanted to try the dish as they serve it and the waiter encouraged that and for good reason as the flavors are paired perfectly and the moisture from the egg is needed and really good.We also ordered their guacamole, salsa , ghost pepper queso appetizer with chips and I can't say enough good things about the chips. Hot, freshly made with perfect amount of salt... I loved the guacamole and the queso because there was a ton of flavor and both salsas were good but I found myself going for the guac more often :). My husband loved it all! The hot salty chips with the cold, flavorful guacamole was just amazing!We love first watch and part of the reason we switched and went to Yuca as we are in the middle of a move and he NEEDS his coffee and first Watch has the worst coffee. I chose to take us here so I was hoping the coffee was amazing and it was. He couldn't stop raving about it and he drank 3 cups.Definitely give it a shot!

K Pearce

The food is excellent. I was stuffed from the avocado toast which was really imaginative with a little kick and my dad had the lamb biscuits and gravy which tasted almost like a lamb curry, so delicious. Inviting decor and great service too!

Chris B.

Enjoying a Quesadilla and a Cuban sandwich. Both are really good The quesadilla is big enough to share or have as an entree. The Cuban was great with dash of Tabasco. Fine selection of tequilas as well.

Mike L.

The food and drinks were good. The service was a long time and when we got our food they gave us a chilaquiles burger we watched go to a table that sent it back. The owner placed it under the heat lamp by the kitchen for 15 seconds then brought it to our table. Couldn't eat more than a couple bites without feeling like we should leave.

Maria H.

Loved this place!! I went on a Tuesday and was able to sit right away, they're usually super busy on weekends but weekdays you could sit for hours! Food was truly top notch, so refreshing. I had the hangover and for something that I thought would be super greasy, cause of the name, was so fresh and tasty. My friend got the avocado toast which was spiced up some and a hybrid of that and guacamole, she raved about it. As always I got a coffee and that too was delish. Will absolutely return!

Mini M.

We have been to Cedar and loved it. Yuca was just as good. Great service and were seated right away on a Sunday for brunch. Had the hangover and the biscuit bowl. Everything was fresh, tasty and adequate portions. Glad to have them in Bellevue!!

B Schmidt

Brunch was awesome! The food had a Latin twist and was delicious. The ingredients were all high quality.They also have an expansive Tequila and Mezcal selection that will have to be tried another time! The interior of the restaurant was fresh and vibrant. They also gave each female customer a freshly cut rose - classy touch.A private back room looks like it would work for a larger group. I liked the old school Magnificent Seven picture in that room.

Brooke B.

Yuca is in a gorgeous space in downtown Bellevue. The space is pretty small but there's tons of natural light plus there's bar seating and outdoor seating available. All of the brunch cocktails looked delicious and our party was very pleased with the food entrees. The reason for 4 stars is that our service was not great, and we waited over 45 minutes for the food to come out. We were surprised since the restaurant wasn't that crowded while we were there. After we finally ate, it took an additional 15 minutes to get the waiter's attention to get our checks and pay. Overall, I would recommend the food at Yuca, but I would not go here if you are on a time crunch.

Chris Lancaster

Steak and Eggs blew my mind…Coffee options were underwhelming.Patio out front table slanting and being so small made brunch a bit of a challenge, but we made due. Not sure if the inside had music, but the front patio definitely did not and it would really add to the experience. We’re definitely looking forward to coming back soon!! I’m not sure why google made this gem so difficult to find. ?

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