1906 College Heights Blvd, Bowling Green
(270) 745-2416

Recent Reviews

Rodney H.

This has to be the worst Starbucks in Bowling Green. We were at WKU for a college orientation. Cashier was rude to me and my granddaughter. The person making the coffee's was rude to me when I ask him to forget the whipping cream on top. He snapped at me and boldly told me " I should have told the cashier and not him." Both drinks were super subpar for Starbucks. You could tell that they didn't really want to serve you. Spent a lot of money for something that was I un-drinkable.

Charlie Brown

Someone needs management training! I’m a coffee lover and I order always order one a lot of times two iced Americano’s a day. Today at the Starbucks on scottsville road I ordered my Normal drink a venti americano with two extra shots in a Trenta cup.. The manager said I they could not put espresso’s into a trenta cup.. she said she could give me water In the cup but could not make the drink. She tried to explain that’s it because there is a cup shortage. Then I ask why would they give me two cups one with my coffee and the other with the water to make my own drink.. well I’m sitting at Panera bread now and they actually have a $10 drink plan where you can get a coffee everyday and only cost $10 a month. Something g for you coffee lovers to think about.. Me personally will only be getting mine for local shops like Q that I actually think is better and is always my first choice but Starbucks is sometime s more convenient.

Zach Rhodes

Great staff and I always enjoy my drinks!

alex smith

10/10, great service, very consistent.

Carolyn Bass

They always take good care of me

Crystal Taylor

Always get my coffee here.

Ajinkya Indulkar

My Place for meeting and study.

Haley Church

Closed 14 minutes earlier. Might cry. Don’t txt.

Zack Fugate

Slow but the bigger problem is constantly forgetting your order

Pete Livingston

Are they too slow? Are they wicked fast? There is no need to rush around in what amounts to a galley kitchen fetching coffee and sundry delights, today was an idle day for them, I'm sure they like catching this kind of break. On campus to serve the students and faculty, I'm sure they are gonzo most of the time.#253.

Kabibalah Badu

Good location, slow service

keerthi appu

Best place for hot coffee

Jennifer Moore

Friendly, fast service even though they're super busy.

Kaitlyn Yang

I've never seen humans who are supposed to be working move so slowly. Why am I waiting for 10 minutes for one drink with only 2 others in front of me? The employees seem more interested in chatting than working, in my opinion.

Christina Moss

Can't go without it before class.. They are super fast!

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