Applebee's Grill + Bar

10006 Will Way, Fern Creek
(502) 231-1661

Recent Reviews

Shannon Leen

Service could have been better since we were 1 table of 6 in the whole place!

Andrea Gatlin

I love love this Applebee's I will travel 30 mins just to get here food is alwaaaays hot n fresh service is slways good drinks are always on point

margaret price

What horrible horrible experience we had at Applebees on Dixie and Rockford lane. The hostess was a young lady name Brook. I witnessed a lot of discrimination. She told us that we would have a hour and a half wait. It was 2 of us. She said we could go back to our car and she would call us when a table was available. We watched a lot of people were coming in that were white she went ahead and seated them. Many people kept leaving but she was only replacing them with white people. After so long of watching her I went and asked for the manager. I explained to her what was happening. She asked why we weren't seated. Her response was I was waiting on a certain section to clear out. We said what, why, we didn't ask for a certain section. The manager seated us right away. The only reason we could define this whole mishap with was bc of the color of our skin she wanted to sit all the blacks in the back. Not only were we disrespected but our food was awful also. That was a wasted $40. It use to my favorite place to go. Not anymore

Same Old Me

I could not figure out what I wanted to eat, and decided to order curbside from this location. I placed my order online and said it would be about 15 minutes to get my food. I was already pretty close to this location, so I figured I would go ahead and get there and wait for my order. As I pulled in, I as quickly approached by one of the curbside employees and she took my name and informed me she would get my order out to me as soon as possible. I did receive my order fairly quick and headed home with the food. My food was amazing, fresh, and packed up to where it stayed great tasting by the time I got home with my order. I was very pleased with my order and will be choosing this location in the future for my dining experience.

P Cramer

Went about a month everything was good, went back service was average and slow for the amount of people. The food seemed not as hot and fresh as last time. Will not try this location again.

Jordan Williams

Great dinner.Got the Bourbon Chicken & shrimp & wow, was it flavorful. The chicken was so juicy. My wife got the steak, it was over cooked but they made her a new one & it was better.Service was little slow but our waitress was very nice. I felt like my portion was small but I was full.Above all, food is delicious.

Rachel Gomez Boulanseur

Food was great! Chips and white cheese on point. Food was sizzling when they brought it out the server keep nice and clean as we were eating which was great definitely will be back..

Debra Akin

Excellent service. Our Oriental Chicken Salad was delicious. One of my favorite menu items.

Mary Beth Scott

Our server, Tai,was exceptional. All safety protocols were followed and lunch itself was delish. Rasberry Iced tea was perfect as well. Go when its not full for maximum enjoyment. Mask up, wash your hands and stay safe.

Mona Lisa Clark

New parmesian boneless chicken was very good....yummyQuesadilla was standard, tasty, need a larger serving of salsa, very stingy on that, could have gotten more but did not....My friend got the french dip prime rib, said it was good but dip was salad was huge!Overall a 4 star will eat there again! Our server, Paris, was wonderful!!!

Matthew Salazar

Great place to sit and eat with the family

Ashley Whyte

Went to the bardstown location tonight for dinner. Nice, clean, quiet. Took longer for the food than I anticipated considering every other table is reserved for no seating due to covid and it still took almost an hour to get the food. Husbands steak was over done. Never were we offered and sauces for it. Once we walked out noticeably it was dark. There was no porch lights, no parking lot lights not the safest exit at night. Very fond of Applebee's considering it was our first date night over 7 years ago! Just could use some tlc in certain areas.

wendy marie

Update : Spoke with manager and he made it right. Just make sure to check your order before you leave.We've ordered to go from this location three times. Twice they forgot my son's apple juice. The third time they forgot my fries to go with my burger. Terrible service. I don't know why I bother to tip when I have no idea how the service will be.

Cherish Sizemore

Nice little place to enjoy a good meal. I got the Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp and it was juicy and full of flavor. Our waitress was accommodating and friendly.

Jeremy J.

Good place that I have had a few different times. They offer a good variety of bar food. I will typically get the Bonless wings and wife gets a salad or quesadilla. It's pretty good little neighborhood place.

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