Fort Wright Family Restaurant

1860 Ashwood Cir, Fort Wright
(859) 331-8359

Recent Reviews

Barbara Hamon

Used to love their double decker beef and swiss. The last time I got one they have gone way downhill from what they used to be. The sandwich was more epensive (I wouldn't have minded that if it had been a large as it used to be) and it smelled like mold. The beef was pieces of gristle and the cheese was not the best and tasted bad. This used to be a nice place to eat and you could always depend on their quality. I don't know if it has been sold to a different owner, but if they continue to raise prices and cut the quality of the food they won't survive. Hopefully no one gets sick from eating there. I ended up throwing the sandwich away after one bite. If I hadn't had it as a take out order I would have asked for my money back.

Front Desk Wingate

Good food, good service, good price. My dad and I really enjoy our breakfast here together.

Robin Wehrley

We have family lunch here every other Wednesday....& have been for many, many yrs. We love them and the whole staff is excellent!

Timothy Proffitt

Always love going there. Service is outstanding. Great food and good prices

Terri Guthrie

Service was great. Good was delicious. Friendly staff. I would recommend this place

Shawn Haley

Great food as always. Who serves breakfast with 4 pieces of bacon? Lol


My husband and I recently moved to the area. He read about this diner online and wanted to try it. We arrived around 1 pm on a Monday and the place was packed. We were quickly seated and our orders taken. It took about 45 minutes to get our food. But unlike some other customers, we weren't in a hurry. My husband had the open faced roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes. I had the mushroom swiss burger with fries. Everything was tasty and the servings were generous. I think this is one of those places that has been a local secret for a long time. It isn't fancy and neither is the food. But if you want to fill your tummy with good food, it fits the bill.

Michelle Hartman

Always hot, homemade, delicious breakfast ? if you're looking for fantastic breakfast, check out Fort Wright family restaurant, the prices are very affordable as well. Great service!! All around great experience!!

Native Cincinnatian

Eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy combo for $10. 2 smaller biscuits were older and warmed in microwave…mushy initially then hardened as they cooled. Sausage patties were like dried cardboard. Sausage gravy was commercially made and bought. Server was very pleasant and efficient. It was just after lunch but they serve breakfast all day so thought I was safe.

Will Wooten

Absolutely the best home fries anywhere. A old school dinner atmosphere makes it a really nice place to eat.

Beatrice Frey

Wonderful family atmosphere. Friendly staff, delicious food, reasonable prices.

John C

Loved the Western Omelet. Great atmosphere and friendly people.

Scottie D'Man

I go here, over the other diner chains, because of the community feel if the whole place. The layout encourages a friendly hi, to and from, other diners as they may be arriving or departing. The staff works hard and are friendly. The food is average to good, however, that is all by & by as they serve Goetta!!

Phil Wiedeman

Small family restaurant with good food. If you like double deckers stacked with meat and cheese, this is your place. Breakfast served all day

Louie Frommeyer

Didn't get a chance to eat. I was by myself, so they wouldn't let me sit at any of the 6 open tables because they were 4 tops.I was given the option to wait for a 2 top if I wanted. ?

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