Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

1454 Cherry Blossom Way, Georgetown
(502) 863-5670

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Tim Montalvo

Well another Cracker Barrel review here and may I say this place is what all Cracker Barrels should be like, great service, happy staff, hot fresh food, awesome fresh hot coffee and very friendly atmosphere, we travel alot throughout the U.S. visiting family n friends and a lot of the Cracker Barrels we've stopped at has lost their personas but not this place and our waiter Justin made it that much better just by being happy, uplifting and very positive,, Hey Justin thanks for being you and others could learn from you,, thanks bro bro that's why you had gotten a nice tip from us,, peace ✌️ ?

Barb Claybern

Placed order out of fried Turkey breast, blue cheese salad dressing, jelly. I ordered chopped sirloin with gravy and mushrooms received a small sirloin steak. Women’s bathroom was floating in water on the floor. When I told them about that all they said was thanks for telling us. No, get someone in there to clean it up! They’re lucky I didn’t fall!

Beth Besco

We had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes. The steak was over cooked and hard as a brick. The potatoes were cold. We were served quickly, a bit too quickly. It was if they food had been setting and just waiting for someone to order it. Will never go back there for dinner. I would ratherhave a cold bologna sandwich and potato chips for dinner. I really wished we had ask for a refund. Our dogs ate decent that night.

Whitney Harrower

Normally love Cracker Barrel, but didn't care for this location. It was dirty, literally watched the hostess wipe only half the table she seated us at, food bits all over the chairs, there was stuff all over the floor, and the bathroom was dirty. There were several open, clean tables, but she specifically waited to seat us at one that was just being bussed which left us standing at the hostess station for a ridiculous amount of time (considering the open tables and the fact that it didn't appear to be busy). Aside from that, the hostess seemed aloof, like she wasn't paying attention or didn't want to be there. The waitress and manager were nice and the food was typical Cracker Barrel food. Perhaps it was an off night? Not sure, but we left feeling like we didn't want to return to that location. Again, could it have just been one of those days?

Holly Bowler

It was nice to have the fire going. The country fried steak was delicious. It took a long time to come but our server, Keaton, was very pleasant and checked back often. Of course, the gift shop is always fun to peruse.Food: 5/5

J. Robert Brooks, CEPA, CBI

Don't go here if you want to eat anytime soon. With at least one third of tables empty, total wait time for food AFTER being seated was over :40 minutes. Our waitress told us this was typical for this store. When I tried to give the restaurant a break by asking if they were short on cooks or waiters, both the hostess and our waitress denied this was the case. The manager was nowhere to be seen.We were never served our order and left for WAFFLE HOUSE across the street. We were seated immediately, waited on immediately and were served super fantastic food within 7 minutes. Bye, bye Cracker Barrel. Hello WAFFLE HOUSE! Hope at WF is a great waitress. I tipped her $25!

M T Williams

Not as good as it was a few years ago. The baked potatoes were a bit dry inside and the toppings were very sparse. No seasoning on the skins. The chicken breasts were not very good cuts of meat. The coating was dry and hard. The butter was impossible to open. Even the busboy could not open them. The wait staff Mickalia was very nice. For $ 72.00 plus tip it was not good.

Randy J.

I always think Cracker Barrel is a descent food place. They always have tough pancakes and I usually don't have any issues. But and there is a but. We order chicken, salad and potatoes. The waitress had a couple tables and not super busy. It took a while to get my salad out but she did bring it..Here's the but. As soon as she set it down she handed me my chicken..I Hate when the salad and meal arrive the same time because you have to eat the hot food first then the salad and the whole world is upside down. I didn't blame here and told her it wasn't her fault she didn't make the it comes. Oh yes I make the salad...nooooo it is your fault . She said I'll take your meal off. Not what I was expecting but said OK ..She did and I took the salad and ate it the next day hoping next time she will get the salad out before the meal. I get the chicken all the time and this is the first time it was dry almost tasted reheated. I will be thinking of other choices next time we are out and want some food. So disappointing.

Brenda F.

Placed and paid for order online without a problem but beyond that nothing went well. Curbside pickup was very slow! Once home we found several items that we paid for were missing. Several sides were missing and one of us had nothing we ordered. Needless to say it was a disappointing dinner for our family gathering. The food and service were not worth the cost or trouble!


We were not impressed with this Cracker Barrel. It could be that they were short staffed but the service was pretty bad. We got seated right away but it took forever to get our food. The food was good once we got it. It's nice that you can now pay from your table with your iphone.

Sofia L.

This is one of the worst experiences I've had at CB. Part of it was probably because our server seemed new. I ordered grilled catfish with a side of steamed broccoli and hash brown casserole. When the food came, he brought out cornmeal breaded catfish so I said something right away. He paused and said he'd see what he could do. As if he might not be able to get the food I'd actually asked for. It wasn't until later I noticed that my broccoli was raw not steamed and just drizzled with some light sauce. By that point, there didn't seem to be a point bring up another issue. I also asked him to bring the kids meals out early if possible. But that didn't happen. Maybe it was just a bad day for him, because it was not good service. But the food was poor too. The breading on the shrimp was overly hard and tough, like it had been kept warm too long, or almost burnt. Nothing tasted amazing. Maybe it was an off day for everyone. But it was a disappointing visit.


Awesome Food!! Best chicken dumplings ever, just like Grandma's. With exceptional service!! And I love love the gift store, they have everything!!


It’s nice to have a familiar “home cooked” meal while traveling. The service was good and our breakfast was hot and very tasty. Lasted us all day as we traveled. Price was still very fair considering everything is increasing due to shortages/shipping issues.

Vickie McKinney Bartnicki

Excellent waitress and fast service.

Karen Jo Beck Steverson

We had breakfast this morning! Out waiter Justin was top notch! Great food and Service!!

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