Tres Amigos of Georgetown

800 S Broadway St, Georgetown
(502) 603-0033

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Riley Morris

Went during dinner time with a friend and got seated very quickly. We were given chips quickly, and fresh queso. Our food was fresh and delicious. I ordered the mole poblano, and it was enough to feed an army! We got fried ice cream as well, and it was delicious. I attached a photo of the ice cream. Wonderful service!

Ron H.

I wish I could give a better ranking, but I can't. The food that I got at Tres Amigos was, by far, the blandest Mexican food I have ever eaten in my life. By a lot. It started out with the salsa and chips. The chips were cold, the salsa tasted like tomato sauce with no extra seasoning or heat whatsoever. And it was served in this tiny little square whatever that looked like it was more suited to dipping sushi into soy sauce than for serving salsa. It was so small that I had to break the chip into thirds just to fit a chip in it to get some salsa. I ordered a vegetarian fajita dinner which came with guacamole, rice, beans, and pico. So I thought it was a fair price for that many side dishes. Only the servings for the side dishes were ridiculously small as well. 1/4 cup or so of refried beans, roughly the same (maybe a bit more) rice, but only a tablespoon max of guacamole on a mound of shredded lettuce. About the same with the pico and sour cream. And the dinner only came with 3 6" flour tortillas which was nowhere near enough. The veggies were served hot, but they appeared undercooked to the point that they looked more like scorched raw veggies. And they were as bland as the salsa. Literally no seasoning, heat, or spice whatsoever. Any 2-year-old could have eaten it with no difficulty. I expect a certain amount of robust flavor in a Mexican meal, but this was just a plain oatmeal version of Mexican food. Definitely not traditional Mexican food as advertised. The food didn't taste bad, it was just meh. There were plenty of fajita veggies served, so I was able to take enough home for a second meal. I will definitely have to add some spices to it to make it taste remotely close to the flavor of what I consider to be traditional Mexican food. The salsa was flavorless. The side dish portions were small to tiny. The main dish was OK at best. The service was adequate. The price of the meal was high for what I received. To be honest, Taco Bell food would have been at least as good at half the cost, and definitely have more flavor. The only reason I gave this restaurant 3 stars instead of 2 was the portion size of the main dish which was large. Bland, but plenty of it. The restaurant was clean, and the staff were friendly enough. I cannot help but think that there must be a better "traditional" Mexican restaurant at this price point in Georgetown.

Angie W.

Cannot say enough good things about this place. Our go to Mexican restaurant from now on. Before this, we went to a well established Mexican Restaurant in Georgetown for 10+ years but have not been back because Tres Amigos is amazing and we can't imagine going back. We didn't realize how good Mexican food could be until we discovered this place! Everything I have tried is delicious. They have the best enchiladas, steak tacos, burritos , and margaritas around!!! Will always recommend them over and over!

Hilde Hund

Good food, huuuge menu with lots of options, attentive friendly service.

Margie J.

Favorite Mexican restaurant in Georgetown. Plenty of room to get seated quickly. Friendly staff.

Jacob S.

This is with our a doubt my favorite Mexican restaurant I've ever had. If you're into spicy get the salsa verde; it's AMAZING. They also have Birria tacos that's not on the menu. Must have!!

Rob Mills

The food is great and the servers are friendly. However, they don’t get the orders right. The last 2 times we got carry out something was missing. The first time, I just let it be, but this time they forgot the 2 very specific green hot sauce extras we ordered. Actually, the only reason we chose to get take away from Tres Amigos was so we could have this sauce. It’s great, If they remember to give it to you. Because this has not been singular occurrence. , we won’t be coming back

Kayla Hale

I have always loved Tres Amigos, but unfortunately tonight I was very disappointed. My chicken and rice tasted awful. My son got a kids meal for $7 and it was two tiny tiny pieces of chicken. Our bill was $50. We've never paid over $35.


My wife and I stopped here for dinner while traveling. It was a nice evening so we decided to sit outside. The outside seating is right next to a row of parking spots. It turns out, the parking spot by our table was for carry out. One car was very loud and remained running for several minutes while someone went in for their order. The next car backed in causing the exhaust to blow at us. Again, that car remained running for several minutes. The food was very tasty and the service was fast. My wife ordered a house margarita and was disappointed. If you go, be careful about outdoor seating and skip the margarita unless you get a premium one.

Allie M.

I would give this place 10 or a million stars if I could! wish there was one in Lexington but I will drive to Georgetown to eat here real talk. I'd freakin live there if I could. Vibes were top from the moment we walked in it smelt clean like the counters and tables were freshly cleaned. Food smelled amazing from the parking lot. Best queso you gotta try it. I ordered the carnitas and it was chefs kiss delicious no joke, it was tender and juicy with tortillas on the side so as not to get soggy. They took it up a notch by putting fried plantains on the side. Esthetically pleasing dishes and drinks. But what really took me to heaven was the rice. Most places, it all just tastes like the same plain old rice but here, NO SIR they must put extra seasoning or something in it because I was like HOLD UP what is this SORCERY?! My friend is a vegetarian and they had plenty of options for her as well. She had the spinach quesadilla and looked delicious and massive. The skinny margaritas were AMAZING I wanted to swim in there. Staff was incredibly kind and attentive. Music was on point, all the best reggaeton and bachata jams my little heart desired. Prices are little higher than most Mexican joints but it's worth it I promise


From strictly a food and flavor perspective, Tres is the best in Georgetown. Also, the flexibility in adding/subtracting from listed recipes is great. There are two big cons to Tres though: price and serving size inconsistency. For our family, we primarily order the same entrees from any of the Georgetown Mexican restaurants and the cost is 30-40% higher at Tres. This alone isn’t a showstopper. What is more frustrating on a takeout order is when you get home only to find out the salsa containers are half empty and the serving size is sometimes significantly smaller than it’s competition. Higher price plus lower quantity overshadows the great flavor.

Zane Mauke

Fantastic drinks and food for a reasonable price. Great service and atmosphere.


Me and my fiance went here for our 7 year anniversary not long ago the waiters were amazing and on top of it (consistently making sure we didn't need anything) The gentleman that met us at the door (for the life of me I can't remember his name) got us seated and ran down the menu and gave us some suggestions. The food was AMAZING ? one thing other than food and services that I'm real big on is restroom cleanliness and their women's restroom was very clean and smelt nice ?. We will definitely be going back. I highly recommend giving this place a try!

Rich Sauter

Great Mexican food and very good margaritas. I got the Baja fish tacos and a regular house margarita. My wife got the grilled fish tacos and top shelf Texas margarita. The Baja fish tacos has the pickled onions( pink) on top and a delicious sauce. The grilled fish was excellent. There are plenty of other dishes we want to try so we will back to continue sampling their quality foods.

Hannah G.

Great service and they recommended something not on their menu (Birria tacos) to us on one of our visits. It's since become my boyfriend's go-to order.

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