110 Triport Rd, Georgetown
(502) 570-4638

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David Albright

Gary was great. He made sure my family and I got fresh food and even told us to be careful to not burn ourselves. Our order was on point and so was Gary's staff. Best Wendy's I've been tooFood: 5/5


Single most understaffed Wendy’s at a Pilot I’ve seen. Has been for years. Past 1am, good luck getting out in under 20 min. They’re so focused on the drive through and the Toyota workers getting off, that it takes over 45 to get food after 1pm.Pathetic.

Evan Murphy

Went inside to order. The manager with the neck tat turned the kitchen and register area into a Jerry Springer episode. Yelling and cussing and his employees in front of everyone in the lobby with even children present. Made a bunch of actively working employees all clock out and leave people and orders waiting. Caused a severely backed up drive through and full lobby. Even yelling out “I don’t care how long these people wait, they can wait all night.” Was there 45+ minutes and never had my order taken.

Jake Wraith

Almost ate hair. Long black hair found in the middle of my baconator fry's. There goes my plans on eating before work

Angela norman

Food is good but there always out of something weather it be a type of food or condimentsFood: 4/5

Vanessa Shatlain

My husband and I had stopped at the pilot to fuel our truck. I went in to get us some food. I placed my order then they came back up to me and informed me that they are having to cook some more fresh eggs. When I asked how long it would take they replied ten minutes. I informed them that we were only there long enough to fuel up the truck. Not only did they quickly cook the eggs completely. They got my food done in time for my husband to finish fueling. Their customer service is outstanding. Trucks if you want a good meal and friendly faces then come to this Wendy's. They do it right, the other Wendy's stores need to take notes from this store

Bryan R.

Been a long day traveling and needed to refuel. We love Wendy's so made a stop. The inside of the restaurant was super clean and the staff was real nice. Our order came out correct and tasted great as usual. Another great meal.

Emily Burns

We were informed over the drive through speaker that they weren't able to take our order due to the end of shift report. The two cars in front of us weren't moving and we had to back out of the drive through. This is the second time in less than six months that we've been turned away by a Wendy's location in Kentucky.

Keyaira LeeAnn Hughes

Love this gas station and the Wendy's is good , fast, friendly and the no bad attitude goes a long way with meParking: Not alot of parking due to it sharing the lot with pilot

Jamie Daugherty

I wish we had this group of staff at our Wendy's at home. It was great being able to order what I wanted and they served it with a smile.

Ashley Stephenson

The manage that was on duty needs to be fired. I contacted corporate. He made the staff and customers uncomfortable cussing and yelling at everyone. We all have bad days but this was beyond it. If the whole crew walked out on him I wouldn’t blame them one bit. In fact I’d applaud them. Man was vicious. How is anyone supposed to work under the conditions he was expecting of them? He really needs to go. He’s not someone who should be in charge of running a store and managing other people.

Tina Kirkland

So we ordered two 10 piece spicy nuggets. Didn't get a receipt and asked if we had even paid? Seriously? In the drive thru, you don't know whose paid? Received wrong nuggets, back thru drive thru. No apology, gave us the correct food, asked for the wrong food back even after we showed them the food when explaining what happened. We won't eat there again. Bet they passed that food on to someone else.

Robinson Express

They had no lemonade at all but the man behind the counter offered to get us some fountain drink lemonade for free from the convenience store next door.Meal was all correct and seemed fresh. The only thing was the they seemed to hold back on their veggies with the burgers. When I asked for more onions, tomatoes and lettuce, I only received a small additional amount. Dining area was well-kept.

Hannah Sherrod

While traveling for work, stopped at this truck stop. When ordering, we informed the manager of my husband’s SEVERE allergy to onions. Like, ANAPHYLACTIC allergy. He ordered a #8 which comes with fried onions. Upon receiving the order, I checked it to ensure it did NOT have them and it did not. However, as he was eating his sandwich, he found diced, grilled ONIONS!! Thank God I had an epi-pen with me. NOT a funny joke, Wendy’s! Yes, I got a refund but $12 isn’t worth his LIFE! I am so disappointed and angry!

Kevin Pugh

Friendly, fast, fresh. Dine-in served like it looks on the menu. Only complaint, order staff felt distracted and order accuracy suffered

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