El Cerro Grande

6477 Taylor Mill Rd, Independence
(859) 356-1381

Recent Reviews

Lou Ann Robb

Great family atmosphere. Delicious lunch!


Food is always hot and delicious. Service is prompt and extremely friendly. Highly recommend!!

Danny Mckinley

Worst Mexican cuisine. Very bland, tough meat and expensive. Don't waste your time. Fajitas ($20) are junk, tacos are bland, enchiladas just ok. I love Mexican food but never will return to eat here again. I don't recommend to dine here. And the service was below par.

michael ochs

I had the cheese enchilada and taco combo. Enchilada was really good as was the rice, the beans were alright and the taco not so much. The employees were nice and the price was the same you'd see at other Mexican restaurants.

Beth Stacy

We usually eat here around once a week. Today we got a carry out order that was missing almost half the items. We have had questionable accuracy on our orders before but this was unacceptable. I had to eat my food cold and soggy (by the time I had to make another round trip to get what they left out). I don’t feel that my experience was made right in any way. We will never eat here again.

chris Wagner

I always get the cheese steak burrito. The tacos are all so good. The food is always fresh! The beer could be colder. Margarita's are also good. I eat here quite often.

Rachel Rose

The Staff here is very nice and friendly, I went there for my son’s Birthday and they we’re so nice to us I have nothing negative to say about the workers however as far as the food goes their Salsa that they give you in the beginning as your waiting on your food really had No flavor, like at all ! It wasn’t hot or spicy, it just tasted like well nothing lol not saying this to be mean or anything I’m just giving my honest review aside from that the rest of their food was alright, my son didn’t seem to care for their chicken fingers but he liked their fries, they kinda remind you of the fries McDonalds has but all in all the staff is really what made our visit worth it. Will Consider coming back in the near future 3 out of 5 stars ⭐️ just for the simple fact that some of their food could use a little more flavor but they’re food wasn’t horrible it could just use some improvement and they didn’t give us any napkins nor was there any on the table aside from the thin napkins that you’re silverware was wrapped in, I think they should definitely give people some napkins especially if you know they have children with them, but again I’m not bashing the staff these are just some things they could improve on.

Norman Davidson

Food was bland at best. Simply not much flavor.

Bryon leger

Never got in the place. Waited in line for 30minutes a long with a lot of others,yet no one even acknowledged that we were there! Great customer service, NOT!

Kirby Doyen

The food was cold and half the normal portions at double the price. I had to chase down the server just to get service. I definitely won't be going back again.

Alicia Alejandro

Just meh. The staff was very friendly but the food was bland which is very weird to say about a Mexican restaurant. It looked like they’d have a really fun atmosphere on weekends with what looked like a dance floor on the other side. Might try again sometime hopefully it was just a fluke.

Kimberly Bailey

Food is definitely not as good as it used to be. We would come every week. Afraid tonight was out last visit.

Tracy Webster

As a longtime customer and loving Danny and Manny. I was highly disappointed in my visit tonight. Let me tell you that our server Mikayla was doing great. We waited 35 minutes on our beer but she was to young to serve and waiting on the only person able to pour beer. Unfortunately I had not seen this person before but she was not friendly like we are use to. The food, however was not the same. We always brag to our friends about the food. I’m a simple person and like chicken quesadilla and spinach. Not the same! Our friends chimichanga no flavor and undercooked. I’m not sure what is going on but hope that it gets back to the great establishment it was. If not afraid I will not be back.

Nick Wesselman

Great food, exactly what you expect from a good Mexican restaurant. Getting our check was a little slow, took about 15 minutes after we were done eating. Overall great experience

Patty Short

We love the food and eat here several times a week. Lately the language barrier has become a problem. Only one server speaks both English and Spanish. She is an excellent server and is the only one who currently knows how to apply a veteran's discount. It would be helpful if there was at least one server who speaks English on every shift.

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