Applebee's Grill + Bar

1761 Sharkey Way, Lexington
(859) 226-0697

Recent Reviews

Franklin Carter

The steak was awesome, Double Crunch Shrimp, a luxury unto itself... The service was fast and friendly, the food hot and delicious... Had a great time with great people...

Rachel Ledbetter

Its always freezing in there , but the foods great . Just bring a winter coat or be ready to eat quick and get out . Lol

darryl bond

Terrible service via phone. Tried to place a to go order several times but was not successful. After waiting 10 mins I had other people in the car call the see if they could place an order. One person got through will I was still on hold and got half way through placing their order before he put her on hold. Decided to go somewhere else

Melanie Hodge

I actually am not a huge fan of waffle house. But, today changed my mind. I had gone to another location like 15 minutes prior and it was crazy. So, i decided to go to this one! I am so glad i did! The service was great! The lady was so welcoming and sweet! 10/10.

Ronald Mink

Eating good in the neighborhood. Classic blackened shrimp Alfredo was spot on. Blue Moon with a slice of Orange to drink.

Roshonta Robinson

Good food. but next time clean the sitting seats by the bar crumbs was all in the crack. I didn't complain because I didn't go that far around the seats

Cesar Quez

Love this ? ?'sSo so so so good. Great service

Kim N.

I have been to Applebee's from California to Idaho and out to Kentucky native never had service as bad as I did at the Lexington Ave., Winchester, KY Applebee's. Brooklyn Jay on August 19, 2020 should find a new line of work. If this were my first experience of Applebee's I would never go back again. However I know Applebee's is a fine organization and I grown to appreciate it's great service and food and will return but never to this location. Hopefully the people who are in charge of hiring the cooks and servers will make corrections to this location so other people do not have the same experience as I .

Ashley Reeves

Lisa the Bartender is absolutely AMAZING ❣️ Even if she doesn't n kw you she will make you fell right at home drinking or not.

Michael Dawes

Server was great, very friendly and attentive. Restaurant handled social distancing perfectly. For an Applebee's this is a great place to come.

Stephanie Jiles

My favorite place.i think we been there maybe 5 or 6 times.i love everything about this place.the food is wonderful.

Kathern Dingle

Takeout was ok, coleslaw has alot to be desired. Service was great.

Michael S

The service was okay. Not great not bad. The food was blah. Nothing like it used to be. Applebee's used to be a favorite place of mine. The food quality is definitely suffering from poor corporate decisions.I won't be back unless the menu and food quality improves.

Joel Walling

Me and my girlfriend went there for dinner. We waited forever to be seated then waited on. She ordered a sirloin stake, it looked and cut like a cube stake and tasted freezer burned.

April Williams

Service was fast and food was delicious. Restaurant was clean and they made sure the tables where separated at least 6 ft apart. All staff wore face mask when serving.

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