Backroads Bakery Cheesecake

109 W 6th St, Lexington
(502) 694-2210

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Amazing cheesecakes. There is a wide variety to order in advance, and they rotate between seasonal offerings as well. The full cheesecakes are massive and worth getting for a group. The turn around time for ordering these online is also very quick, if you're needing something within the week.

Christopher Randazzo

This place is perfect and the hot coco bombs hit the spot today

Ruth Ralph

Great place for hot tea and desserts.

Lawrence Dortch

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I went in there expecting more variety and what they mostly had was cheesecake. I was hoping for a traditional slice of cake but the woman at the counter said they do cheesecake. They really should call it a cheesecakery because to call it a bakery is a bit misleading.When I walked in I have to admit I was surprised because the place has a sort of a cool earthy vibe to it but while I was there a customer came in and asked if they had vegan products and she said no because she hadn't been able to master making vegan cheesecake and the ingredients were too expensive. The place needs more variety. I love a good snicker doodle and could have bought some of those. My wife and her sister each got a slice of cheesecake and I tried a bite of the bourbon cheesecake and it was just ok. I like my cheesecake a bit lighter and their cheesecake was dense like it was a slice of cheese. To their credit my wife and her sister both liked their slices very much.However, one thing I didn't like about the place it seems like it is one of those gentrifying businesses selling products too expensive for the average resident of the surrounding area to afford. I hope this business plans on being a part of the community that currently exists and not the one that they are hoping for in the future.

Brad Hyden

I expected nothing less than perfection, and I was not disappointed.


Wonderful cheese cake all home made. Many choices. Great atmosphere. Had cheese cake and tea in a nice setting. New location. New address is on 6th street. Just of N Limestone.

Kim Slatton Baker

Ordered a strawberry cheesecake for my son’s birthday. It was absolutely delicious. The cheesecake was so creamy and perfect. My son doesn’t like cake icing so he requested a cheesecake. I think he was expecting the typical one inch thick (or less) cheesecake and was quite surprised with this 3 in thick cheesecake. Thanks so much for your hospitality when ordering and picking up the cake as well as the decadent cake.

Janet Lensing

Cheesecake is my favorite food on the planet, so I was very, very excited to hear about this specialty bakery! I had the bourbon ball cheesecake for lunch and it was amazing. I can’t wait to try the mini Reese’s and then go back to try more!

Flo Vannoy

OMG… AMAZING ,!!We stopped into The Stave Restaurant ( couple miles from Woodford Reserve). While ordering dinner… our Server said “oh, good… the Cheesecakes are being delivered”. It was Apple Caramel cheesecake. That got our attention !!!We didn’t know what to expect. We talked a bit with the driver, to find out she was the Owner of Backroads Bakery, in Lexington, KY. We ordered a slice to go home. My picture may not do it justice.Now home….. 3 hours later, we had our dessert and my-o-my… over the top delicious !! It had Apple slices on top as well as at the bottom. Not too many apples, just enough and still taste the luscious cream cheese cake. Wished we lived nearby…we would order more.

Cassandra Begley

Stopped in yesterday for the first time and bought a blackberry cheesecake for a co-worker’s birthday. It was a hit! It was SO good! And the customer service was great as well! I can’t wait to go back and try some other flavors

Kelly LaPointe

The cutest little surprise tucked away in Lexington. Super friendly customer service, and the best cheesecake I have ever had.

Marian Turner

The cutest little pastry shop. The owner was very kind and we had a wonderful experience. Cheesecake was heavenly!

Adam Bantz

I was SO impressed with Backroads Bakery Cheesecake! Not only does this local business boast a carefully curated selection of both classic and unique cheesecake flavors, the owner is as sweet as can be and made us feel right at home. My partner and I sampled the lavender honey, cherry almond, blueberry streusel, and spiced chai cheesecakes. Oh, and the cold brew coffee, which Backroads Bakery brings in from a local fair trade roaster, was delicious, as well! This place is a must try for Lexingtonians and visitors alike!


Delicious cheesecake! You can get little cheesecake bites with different toppings like chocolate-dipped strawberry and apple pie. Great tea selection as well and the owner is very friendly.

television dad

The absolute BEST cheesecake I’ve ever had in my entire life. I got the Reece’s cheesecake and it was fluffy and sweet and just incredible. The customer service is also very helpful and kind!

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