Bella Notte

3715 Nicholasville Rd, Lexington
(859) 245-1789

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Jordan Yoshimine

Spending a few days in Lexington and read good reviews about Bella Notte. Friend had parents visiting from PA and they both have Italian blood in them. So would Bella get a passing grade? The food and service were both excellent. Why would anyone go to Olive Garden and pay the same price for cookie cutter food? Bella Nottes food was fresh a flavorful. Their tomato basil soup was excellent. The bread service also excellent. My friends parents both got the Chicken Marsala. They absolutely loved it. My friend got the Chicken Parm and also loved it. I got the Penne Kalamata. Such a simple, but great dish. Our server was top notch. Will definitely be back and recommending it.EDIT September 2021. Returned with a large group as I had highly recommend Bella Notte. We went on a horse farm tour and were super hungry. The meal didn't disappoint. Our server did a fantastic job and stayed on top of things during the entire meal.

Kent Price

Excellent food. Very nice decor with a lot of greenery that makes it feel as if you are somewhere other than a restaurant. Prices are a bit more then I was expecting. About 10 to $25 depending on what you get. The $10 is for things like spaghetti.

Jordy B.

I need more than five stars to give it. I'm "high maintenance"/hard to please. I don't like Italian food (usually) AND have food allergies that are hard to avoid. Some restaurants I don't feel comfortable eating in if the staff seems to just be guessing about ingredients but this wasn't the case here at all. From the time we sat down Stephanie took great care of us. We were well attended, she checked with the kitchen about cooking around my allergies, and kept our drinks full and table clear! Food was light and portion sizes just right. Not heavy, bland italian food by any means that I've gotten at other Italian restaurants. The aesthetic inside is very cute without crossing into dated. We hadn't considered it before due probably mostly to branding seeming dated and fear that the food would be too but we were pleasantly surprised! Can't wait to come back and try something else. Meals: Petit Filet, Market Salad (special), Chicken Marsala, Chicken Saltimbocca, House Salad Waters, one Coke, one glass of wine All said and done about $80, not bad for a nice nice out!

Janet H.

I love this restaurant! It's always a good time when a restaurant gives you free bread as a starter. The bread is always hot and the oil is delicious. I typically get the Crema Rigatoni and it is always good. My family members have always enjoyed whatever they order as well, so the consensus is that you can't go wrong with whatever you order. The interior decor is lovely and the servers are attentive enough without being overbearing. This is a go-to place of mine whenever I'm in town and for good reason.


Truly one of if not the best Italian restaurants in Lexington! The food is superb and service was even better. I would highly recommend this location.

Kevin J. Dildonik

Bella Notte is what Olive Garden wishes it could be. Great seasonal menus, friendly staff, awesome food. You can do anything from cheap appetizers and drinks to a gourmet date night. I'm a huge foodie, and the food is consistently high quality to me. For the location, the price, and the ambiance, this is a gem. I've never had a bad meal.

Gary H.

Bella Notte is what Olive Garden wishes it could be. Seasonal menus, great service, amazing ambiance. This is easily one of the best date nights in the city. Whether you're with family or that special someone, everything from the salad to the dessert is great. There isn't a bad choice on the menu. To be fair, this is still technically a chain. You're not getting a particularly "authentic Italian" experience or anything. Just really good food served by excellent staff. I do have to agree with reviewers saying the only "bad" part are the occasional colorful customers. When we were there a quote unquote "Italian" kid (you could tell from the spray tan) left his muscle car running in the parking lot. It was absolutely deafening the local area while he ran in for takeout. The staff really do need to monitor these sorts of incidents and take action. Then again I'm sure a trashy local like that would threaten to sue them. Sigh. People of the greater Lexington area, we can do better. Let's get together and make this a great place to live and eat, okay? Bella Notte is a gem, and I feel very protective of it.

Rachel H.

We always love to go to Bella Notte for date night! The interior is a little kitsch, but it fits the space. The pasta options are unique and all delicious - it's actually hard to choose just one. I've tried 5 or 6 of their different pasta entrees and have been pleased every time. The portions are generous and all meals come with fresh, hot bread. Because there aren't very many Italian restaurants in Lexington, be prepared for a wait if it's a weekend. We've gotten lucky a few times and managed to snag seats at the bar so we can drink while we wait to be seated, but they also are pretty reliable with your estimated wait time.

John Ivy

I have been coming here for fourteen years. The food and service has always been outstanding until today. Food was great. Service was another story. We were put in the back and the server was not polite, fast or efficient. We at this point have been here an hour and waiting on our meal. Took 25 minutes to get appetizer. We have not seen server in 15 minutes. Times are different and it is hard to find good people to work but this is horrible. I will be back but will wait a while. Hopefully this will change sooner than later.

Richard C.

This is a very nice restaurant with great atmosphere! We were seated under a large tree with a huge amount of foliage. In the leaves were lots of little white lights creating a very nice ambiance. At this time there are no restrictions in place. Our server brought us some customary bread. Their bread came in one round loaf and was served with a blend of herbs, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan. The portion was not overwhelming which I liked. It was more normal size than oversized like so many restaurants do. The marinara sauce was good and the pasta cooked just right. She ordered a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and loved it. The granddaughter ordered Chicken Fingers with Fries from the kid menu and finished it so she could order dessert. For dessert she ordered the Tiramisu. I don't usually like that coffee taste but this tiramisu did not have an overwhelming taste, it was much more subtle. I was able to enjoy the dessert. We look forward to coming back soon!

Cathy Arnold

Friendly server! Food was tasty with originality and flavor awful spices.

Sam Hawkins

Bella Notte ALWAYS PROVIDES an EXCELLENT dining experience with excellent food and selections, attentive and accommodating staff, and very reasonable prices. Last night I waited for a parking spot. I recommend reservations. Bella Notte is a local restaurant that I highly recommend!

Ellen S.

This is an excellent, dependably delicious Lexington establishment! Everything I've ever tried here has been good. A really extensive wine list and friendly waitstaff. You can't go wrong here.


Arrived for dinner put our name in and it took forever to get in. Turns out the roof had a leak and they had to close down a section of tables. I ordered the Alfredo and Salad, Now I eat at Olive Garden regularly and this Alfredo is way better then theirs. It tasted more like what I had at Walt Disney's yesterland. Had the Penna Cotta because we were visiting for the first time.

Jessica Johnson Hatcher

food is delicious . freindly service love this place!

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