Bicycle Face

331 E Short St, Lexington
(859) 888-2453

Recent Reviews

Chelsea Trosper

Nothing but kind. The staff are all kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I went in for a tune up and was able to walk away with not only that but an accessory to make my trips easier and knowledge about a bike for my daughter. They never tried to sell me anything I didn't need and never pressured me. Outstanding service! Will absolutely return.

Rachel Keller

Great shop! Super friendly staff that is very knowledgeable and helpful! I am very impressed with their customer service and highly recommend them! Darryl and Jack did a great job with suggestions and bike tune ups!

Karah M.

These guys are my absolute favorite bike shop in town! They are super knowledgeable and will help teach you things without making you feel like an idiot (which I definitely feel like around bikes). I had an issue with my bike 4 days before a race and they fixed it ridiculously quick. Without them I doubt I would have finished my race! I cannot recommend them enough!

Damon Beaven

Great place with a lot of helpful peeps. Whether you need a new bike or just need someone to safely swap your rear cassette because it looks like someone installed it with an impact wrench... They got ya covered.

todd hargis

Nothing compares. Everything you need in one great place. Their staff is great!

Sarah Justice

First experience at the store was awesome, very friendly, very helpful, all around great customer service!! Not to mention I picked up one kick @$s store jersey as a birthday present to myself! Definitely will return next time Iâ??m in town!

Stephen Stockton

Shout out to these fellas for getting my Scott Spark back into shape to tackle some of the most technical trails in the area at Knucklehead. The bike preformed flawlessly through everything I threw at it. Plus, they're great for conversation and information, all while completing the job before you can finish you beer! Cheers!

jennifer kisabeth

I have stopped in here a few times to have a beer. The staff and owners are impressively knowledgeable on bicycles and beer! Great environment with an open, urban feel. I can't wait for summer to see the large garage doors open. I'm not a cyclist but I am a craft beer enthusiast and the rotating taps give me something to look forward to every visit. Snacks are available for purchase. Pretzels with beer cheese or a giant dill pickle. Free parking on the side. Good local hang out spot in a great location!

Daniel Strong

Great urban feel, bikes and Beer, a good combination. The staff is awesome, place is clean, new and top of the line.

Kevin Davis

Came to support a friend who was bike shopping, loved the vibe and the staff were helpful and friendly. Lots of knowledge and passion about their trade, ended up answering a lot of questions and making me comfortable enough to finally upgrade my tri bike. Had a beer from tap, test ride the new bike and had a really great experience.

Chuck Catanese

This is the new face of cycling, sport and community. The medical history of "bicycle face" is also pretty helarious and a testament to the sense of humor these guys have. In the store, selection is good and prices are fair. You must check it out, but leave time for a visit and a beer with these new friends.

bobby acciardo

Great place good people

Kimberly M Peterson

Always expert service with a smile.

Stacy R.

I had a wonderful time here. This is quite the u inquest place. Bike sales and repair and everything you need for your ride from energy to wear to add ones. I side they also offer a bar with several tap options as well as non tap options.

Kristina T.

Bicycle face held a fun event for us Yelpers on a rainy September day. What a fun spot to get your bike fixed, have a beer and enjoy good company. I personally have a Trek bike and now have a place where I can go to take my bike. They have weekly biking events so it is good to reach out to see what they have on their calendar to mingle with fellow bikers. They are in a corner spot close to downtown so you can really ride your bike there if you live in the area. Check out this cool spot!

Brooke B.

Spent a couple of hours here for a public event. Staff were very knowledgeable regarding their products and services (I know nothing about bikes), and were very open to questions. Also- a great place to stop in and have a beer!

Scott M.

If your serious about bikes this is your place. There bikes all seem to be higher end of the scale. It's set up to be a hang out, Has a good sized bar with with at least 5-6 good draft beers & several can styles. You can watch a game and have a beer while getting bike fixed or just hanging out. None of the other bike stores have a reason to just drop in. The sky is the limit to what they could do @ this store & go serious enthusiast.

Lauren B.

Very cool spot in town. Came for a yelp event and can't wait to join in on a ladies night! Space is open and inviting. Bikes and Beer...say no more fam...say no more.

Tom Conquest

I am very impressed with this shop, I have been in there a few times (I live out of town). I go for specific needs and they always take good care of me, they are prompt , courteous and they don't try and over sell me...I appreciate that!


Great bike shop with very helpful staff!

Sam Salyer

Just stopped in for a quick visit. First time In the shop & all the guys were super friendly! Iâ??ll definitely stop back again!

Brent K.

First visit to this business , it never ceases to amaze me the positive reviews folks leave or give a business, this business has a five star review.unfortunately I cannot select anything less than one star! Had I the option of less than one star I would select it. When a business commits to completing/ completing work and expecting payment you would expect some work to have been done? They did not even touch my bike I collected it as I had dropped it and was charged for looking at the bike. I did not even go back to make them aware of the issue, they just will not get my business again and I can only advise folks to stay away not worth the aggravation supporting them. Seriously disappointing the way they conduct business

Angela M.

We were bike shopping for my daughter and the guy working could not have been nicer or more helpful. He offered advice about the best options for her age and helped us make a more informed decision. They also have good beer, but since we were on a mission to find a bike we didn't have time to indulge.

Brian Cartier

Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a nice selection of craft beers on tap. They have a number of reasonably priced bikes and accessories for sale.

Daniel O.

Friendly bicycles and beautiful faces. Works the same way if you switch nouns or adjectives. A consistently excellent selection of beers on tap, and parts in stock. The skateboards aren't half bad either.

Christopher Larrea

Took a trip to Lexington and was so lucky to find Bicycle Face. I first got in touch with Scott which spoke to me about availability leading up to our trip. Once we arrived we met Jack and Scott and they were super cool helped us get fitted and on the road. Jack was super helpful with a Strava route recommendation. Weather sucked so our ride got cut short but upon bringing the bikes back Scott recommended a trial route and didn't allow us to return bikes until we logged in more miles. Thanks to Scott we got to enjoy a great scenic route while logging in a couple extra miles lol Next day we came back rented a MTB from them which was great and upon returning we were able to grab a couple of beers at the bar and talk to a few locals about the cycling community in lexington. Overall these guys would get 12 stars but google only allows 5.

Marty 'n' Faith Shackelford

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Recently, Jack and Scott went the extra mile to help solve a boggling repair. An hour later I was set to ride! Means a lot to benifit from the kind of dedication that keeps local riders rolling! Bike Face is the face of sales and service done right. As a plain-Jane teetotaler, I raise my bottled water to these guys!

Diane P.

I rented a bike from Bicycle Face in Lexington for the Horsey Hundred and it could not have gone better! The bike they had reserved for me was one of their floor models, so it was current and a high-performance bike. I loved it! You should know I am not a high-performance athlete, but a woman of retirement age who was simply biking this event for fun with friends. They treated me with respect and were enormously helpful in many little ways. First, they had this cool electronic program to measure my hip, knee and ankle points so they could set the seat height based on my body mechanics. They set it and it was perfect! Then they wrote out directions on how to get to the Legacy Trail from their shop so I could get familiar with the bike before I left their shop. This took extra time on their part and was very much appreciated. Next, they figured out we could put the bike in my rental car without having to use a bike rack! By folding down the back seat, it fit into my Toyota Camry car rental. This was huge as I had an appointment right after I picked up the bike and I'm not sure the place I was meeting a client for dinner would have appreciated me walking in with a bike! Finally, I wanted to bring the bike back during a time their store was closed and they figured out an option for that, too. During the ride, I happened to talk with several people who admired my bike. I told them it was a rental from the good folks at Bicycle Face. They were so impressed as the bikes they had rented were old and heavy. They said next time they would rent from Bicycle Face and I told them that would be a smart idea.

Daniel B.

They hook you in with the great craft beer and keep you coming back with their bikes and great service. If you are looking to hang out after work or on the weekend you can grab a beer and have a conversation. The mechanics know what they are doing if things aren't running just quite right. If you are looking to buy you a bike, they won't sell you more bike than what you really need.

Brett Wolff

I gave an initial 5 star review, and wanted to confirm it after another great experience. We went in today when my wife was having knee issues with her bike (which we purchased elsewhere before BF opened). Scott was super friendly, helpful, and listened. He focused on making her current bike work, recommended shoes and inserts, and we are pretty sure he has fixed her issue. I had a similarly great experience with Jack when buying my first road bike. At every point they have only sold us what we asked for or thought was necessary and have really taken the time to make us feel important. FWIW as a pretty large person who was feeling self-conscious when buying a bike, they made me feel very comfortable.

Anna ClineRoss

I am the epitome of nervous novice, and the folks at Bicycle Face helped me out by checking some chain noises and getting my tire pressure good for me! All were kind, non-judgmental of my townie bike and nerves, and put me at ease with happy encouragement of my new adventure in biking! Thanks, yâ??all!

Nacole T.

Saw the garage doors open and people behind the bar so we stopped by to check this out. Im glad we made the stop, great little spot for a beer. There were some pups to pet and plenty of new friends to be made here. Pros: great beer selection, friendly crew, pet friendly and family friendly place! Con: no cons to list go check this little spot out

Nick C.

Sweet spot! I'm a newbie, and they were extremely helpful in getting me started with the right gear considering what I already had.