Lexington - Hamburg, 2305 Sir Barton Way, Lexington


Reviews for Blaze Pizza

This is a unique place. I'd describe it as a Subway or Quizno's type restaurant but with pizza. Never had a bad one here and they have some proprietary drinks like a passionfruit lemonade that is killer. The place is also always very clean. Knocked off a star because the price is a smidge high for the product but I'd definitely still recommend it.

I like a good thin crust pizza. The toppings were fresh and very good. Probably the fastest cooked pizza I've had. I just picked toppings I liked and it turned out to be one of the best tasting pizzas I have had in some time. I will definitely come back.

Holy Wow! My picky eater didn’t want pizza and ended up eating all but 1 piece. My little one (7) ate all but 1.5 of hers. And she said I couldn’t have any! I ate this one without any problems! First time here. Staff was great and I’ve heard of the Dog whisperer, and a horse whisperer BUT A PIZZA WHISPERER I NOW HAVE SEEN IT ALL!! Great chef! Great place! Chef is talking about his stove!! Awesome!!

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