Champions Kitchen

165 Ave of Champions, Lexington
(859) 323-7490

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I'm not very creative with names

It’s not the best food, but I know that this is a school cafeteria so my expectations can’t be too high. The staff is nice for the most part, with an exception or two. The Pasture and the Eiffel pizza are by far my favorites. The workers at both of these stations always seem happy to help and im more than welcome to oblige and eat their food!

Stanton Brown

95% of the time, you will get good food. Plenty of food and drink options, with a lot of variety and local restaurants. A meal plan is definitely worth it if you are a student who cannot cook, and Champions Kitchen is better than The 90 in my opinion. Only downside, which seems true with almost all UK Dining facilities is that the workers are either extremely kind and outstanding, or extremely rude and off-putting.

Xander Cummings

The international hotline station is fantastic. Very nice staff and delicious food. The other stations are good for the most part. The pizza isn’t great and I’ve had bad experiences with some of the workers from other stations but overall a great option for on campus dining.


Great food with numerous varieties.

Gloomy writer

Nice brunch

Angie Carson

Love this place

Maliha Alma Marium

They do not always serve good food. I mean the pizza crust is so tough that it feels like you are eating some form of crunchy cracker. Also, it is located in a University campus, so it should have longer hours on Friday nights. It closes early on Fridays and I had to go countless Friday nights without dinner, because I just had no other way.

Arron Tilley

Great Place

Zee Em

Let me preface this by saying that the cashiers are such sweethearts and I’ve never had a bad experience with them! However, some of the employees here are uncouth and have such terrible attitudes. Once you get past the cashiers and you make it inside, it’s fair game.

Britanny Moss

good workers , & a friendly environment

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