2025 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington
(859) 373-0007

Recent Reviews

Randy Rodriguez

It's chick-fil-a, of course its 5 stars! The food and service is always perfect

Mykyta Shuliahin

Great place. Original quality and friendly staff.

Alexandria Crabtree

Food was quick despite COVID precautions. I appreciate the extra effort to make everything as contact free as possible.

Jeff Robinson

Very good food as usual and the service is outstanding as well. The drive thru was packed but I got through in a timely fashion and received my order correctly.

Kaushik Mukhopadhyay

Food is 4-5 stars. Drive through runs well. However, 2 stars taken away because they have now messed up my order twice in the last 2 months. It sucks to order food, get home , and not get what you ordered. This is for just the turfand location

hitode boop

I just ate here for the first time and it was incredibly good I'm definitely going to eat here again.

Keiko Davisson

Always a long drive through line, but they seem to be doing a pretty efficient job.

Jay Abbey

There is a reason cars are lined up around the building twice over at any given time of day. The line moves fast though, they have the system down for great service and the best chicken sammy in Anytown USA.

Jason Brun

As always, the food is great. The drive thru line was a bit slow.

Chris Kaufmann

The only fast food place I know that can take 6 orders at once, and not mess them up. In and out in less than 10 minutes.

Sierra Michelle Younger

First time I’ve ever ate there. Worth every penny

Cory Mc

Its so good, I saw 3 lines, 3 circles of cars orbiting the drive thru. Worth the wait.

Cindy Hudson Mullins

Chick-fil-A is my favorite fast food hand down. Never had a problem with anything ever until I started going to Turfland location. Been going off an on for a month. Order was completely wrong three times, the people in drive thru in NOT friendly at all, always out of something, today was cups . The line moves slower than McDonalds . You need to get whoever manages the Hamburg store to come manage this one. Very disappointed. I’ll drive out of the way from now on to go to Hamburg location

Megan Horn

This is just this location, not the restaurant as a whole. I love this place obviously. We’ve just been to this one so many time and the last few times they’ve been so rude and just huffing and puffing about anything. Will no longer return to this location.

Grace Burgess-Poole

My poor boss has terrible luck with every place messing up his order. One time chick-fil-a forgot his hashbrowns. I wrote a nice email and Susanna sent me a breakfast card. This morning we asked for all the sauces... we got all the sauces!

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