2025 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington
(859) 373-0007

Recent Reviews

Donna Engle

Every time I use the drive-thru there is something wrong with my order which I don?t discover until I get home with it; it happened again today. Ordered grilled nuggets and got the regular kind, ordered 1/2 sweet and unsweetened tea mixed and got 1/2 tea, 1/2 lemonade. I think the inside staff filling the orders don?t read the order carefully

Kim Christopher

Very friendly staff, great food, wonderful service. One of my favorite places to eat.

Brian Nelsen

Great food, amazingly popular in this region for good reason. Menu does not have beef as you might have guessed. Super clean for the amount of traffic they experience.


Great service as always but we didnt get any sauce

Denise Barker

The line on a Saturday at 12:30 pm was wrapped around the building. We waited an hour for 5 sandwiches, 6 pc nuggets, large van shake and 3 lg waffle fries and 2 large sodas, just under $40.00. Probably won't wait that long again, just not worth it.

D Pedro

They got hit with a rush of people coming from the President Trump rally a half hour before they closed. All of the employees did a wonderful job taking care of such a large crowd at closing time.

Dyanne Scherb

Service is beyond excellent!!! And, the food's not bad either!!! LOL!!!

K arl Vandyke

We love this place. At lunch it was packed. There was plenty of workers and it didn't take long to get our food. Best chicken place in Lexington.

Todd Florence

Great chicken sandwich and I like the new drive through setup. Very fast and convenient.

Amanda A.

Went today around 3:45pm and the line was extremely long but only had to wait around 10 minutes to get through the line and on my way. Food was perfect and exactly how I had ordered it. They walked my food to me while I was still in line. I'm just excited about their peppermint milkshake coming soon!

Michael Eugene Shaner

The efficient & friendly drive-thru is well-staffed & quick-paced.

John D

Excellent as always. This time I ordered from the app and went straight to a seat and they brought it to me. I actually liked the experience.

John Dobson

Excellent as always. This time I ordered from the app and went straight to a seat and they brought it to me. I actually liked the experience.

Brandy Iglinsky

This time of day being very busy for lunch I got in and out within 5 minutes and that's walking in. Live 5 mins away and my food was still hot... well done chick-fil-A I was worried because y'all had a long drive through line, but yall still rocked that fast. Better than any other fast food in Lexington

Timothy Popp

Great fast food place to eat. Excellent service

RiverMan RC .

As always, it was busy but I received fast and courteous service. No matter what Chick-Fil-A I have been to, they are all very friendly and welcoming even if they are completely swamped.

Pam W.

This Chick-fil-a is one I frequently visit. They seem to be especially busy at lunchtime when you can see the drive-thru line wrapped around the building and inside there are a host of people waiting on mobile orders. However, usually a visit here goes smoothly. The staff are friendly and helpful, the app is easy to use, and I am here to say I am a fan of the new macaroni & cheese - in a word, DELICIOUS! If you're craving Chick-fil-a you will enjoy your visit here.

jeff pendleton

I was picking up an order through the Door Dash app. The service is always good and polite. I usually enjoy my visit there.

Sheree Hood

Fantastic food n drinks ALWAYS n very quick n affordable family place. Polite staff! Always busy n delicious!!!

Michael L.

Line was long as heck, but we didn't wait long. This place runs lie a "well-oiled" machine!

Emily Farrell

Love it! Great staff. Lovely community

Angela M.

This chick fil a is reliable. The food is correct, and good. The service is friendly. It is always crowded, sometimes way too crowded. I am not a fan of their political stances, but cannot resist an fast and reasonably healthy ( if you force yourself to skip the really good stuff) fast food meal here every now and then.

Walter Koehler

Top notch service and food! Nobody comes close to duplicating Chick-fil-a success.

John Wolfram

Had the spicy chicken deluxe sandwich. I have not had Chick-fil-A in a while. Very glad I went today. Staff super friendly, sandwich was superb, and tea was fresh. Will try breakfast in the next couple days.. who knew that they have breakfast sandwiches???

Kelly Clibern

Awesome as always! They support God and Country. Great food too.

Stephanie Cunningham

How can you give Chik-Fil-A anything other than a glowing review? It's delicious. I was a little disappointed that the southwest wrap is no longer on the menu, but there's so much other tasty stuff it didn't really matter. One downside: It's ALWAYS busy, so plan accordingly.


Always good and a pleasure to buy from people who use words like Please and Thank You.

Cody F.

I've been here over 20 times. Never had an order wrong and always friendly service. Will definitely eat hear again!

Frankie Shuck

We eat breakfast there every morning. Its a wonderful place to dine in and carry out. Food is always excellent and the restaurant is clean and inviting. Workers are always ready to please in any way they can.

Rayne Copeland

I always have a good experience at Chick-fil-A but this location deserves an award. A very clean and inviting indoor and a live person service for the drive thru. This place is always packed but these workers move the line like clock work. Very organized and despite being busy, ALWAYS get my order correct.

Dalton Dwayne G.

Great service!! Fast even though they had a lot of customers still managed to make perfection to their customers!! Very polite and we enjoyed our experience here will definitely be back. I wanted to give a shout out to All of the staff at chick fil A your awesome !!!

Brian M.

Great service and delicious chicken sandwiches. Efficient drive thur. Clean area. Love their stand on Sundays.

Ruthann Mink

I absolutely love Chick-fil-A. The food is always fresh and the wait times are reasonable for all the patrons. Staff is so nice and kind.

KyopusX L.

Horrible experience!! 20minutes and still no food. How about focusing on the customers getting their food instead of cranking out orders? This place gets worse and worse every month.

Tim VanHook

great service, friendly smiling faces, courteous & great food.very clean& fast

Victoria Osuagwu

The chick fil a sauce makes everything taste good. The food was great, service was fast. I have no complaints

Robert Lodder

I like the spicy chicken sandwich with dill pickles. There is free parking, but it is usually pretty crowded right around the store. It's easier to park in the Home Depot lot and walk a little bit. The drive-up window usually has a long line, too. It is often better to just go inside.

Steve W.

Usually love this place tonight they were bad. Messed up my order twice and it was just dirty behind the counter with employees leaning on equipment when they could have been cleaning ... the manager was more interested in talking to the girls than he was delegating jobs to be done. Poor showing tonight.

Alvin-Dale Green

I know this place is popular, but it can take over 15 mins to get an order. I deliver for a mobile delivery service, so I've never actually eaten the food here, (social justice reasons). The staff is always friendly, even when completely swamped... and always seem to be sincerely sorry when an order takes longer than expected.

Wren Bennett

Usually have a good experience here. But the last two times Iâ??ve gone through the drive-thru,