Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse

2041 Richmond Rd, Lexington
(859) 523-7358

Recent Reviews

Cozette Cummins

Me and my boyfriend had an amazing time here for date night. We definitely will be eating here again. Thank you to the amazing staff there. You guys did a wonderful job and made our first time experience there great!!!

Thomas Ritchie

I love this attempt at a Brazilian steakhouse. Our waitress was extremely nice. However, food was not great. We walked in and was asked if we had a reservation, maybe 2 other cars in the parking lot of what should have been a busy time. Clearly trying to be something they are not. Cobas old set up doesn't work well for this place. My opinion. Have to navigate yourself through a maze to get to the salad bar

Dustin Spicer

If you like meat and enjoying the different varieties, this is not the best place. Each cut tasted the and had . Service was okay, but often times we were passed over by the gauchos. Decor was nice.

Natasha Hugie

Meat lovers beware! All cuts of meat were horrible!! Lamb tastes like cleaner and I have ate a lot of lamb in my life. Salad bar was not refilled in a timely manner.

Madison Gibson

Service was wonderful and they were very attentive and the food was amazing!! They're so quick! And everyone is extremely friendly. Highly recommend

Anelia S.

The Latin dance night was awesome. If you love reggaeton, bachata, salsa and young happy crowd, this is the place to be! I realize this is not a restaurant review :) I will now come back to check that out. I just moved back to Lexington, so I am yet to go there since it opened under new ownership.

Barry Searfoss

Great selection on the salad bar and a crazy selection of meats. The servers were very professional and super friendly, nonstop service and just a great overall atmosphere. And the decor was like nothing I've ever seen before. We will surely be back again, thank y'all!

Karen Slaughter

food was good really good selection on salad bar. Excellent variety of meats to choose from.

Steve S.

Literally garbage. The worst I've ever been to in my life. Honestly I cannot believe they are open to the public.

Jamie B.

I have no idea how this place is even still in business. No exaggeration, this is the worst Brazilian steakhouse I have ever been to. I should have known something was wrong when I walked in and there was literally no one in there. The meat was poor quality and horribly cooked. I couldn't even eat it. We ended up leaving and not even eating anything but some random stuff off the salad bar. And btw, the "fresh" mozzarella is not fresh. String cheese that's been on a shelf in a grocery store tastes fresher than that. Do not waste your time going here.

Jennifer D.

We went out for a late dinner on a Tuesday night so it was not crowded at all. The location was easy to find with ample parking. Inside, the decor is modern, with a lovely ceiling height aquarium as the centerpiece of the dining area. The salad bar is more than enough for a meal and has a number of items that I usually don't see offered - the cheeses and shrimp were especially good. It was tempting to make a meal just from these, but I did decide to try the tableside service of meats as well. We were offered 4 or 5 different selections during our meal, including flank steak, filet mignon and chicken sausage. All of these were well cooked and tender. They did not use much seasoning, that I could tell, but overall the food was enjoyable. Service was friendly and prompt. If I am in the area, I will return.

Josh S.

One of the best restaurants I've ever ate at in Lexington. Service was great with many different types of meats to chose from. Will definitely return before the summer special of $25.00 per person ends.

Ashley Morgan

Very low quality food. You are better off going somewhere else. Not even worth $24.95 special price b/c the food is not good.

Joe Piazza

Simply incredible, the entire experience was amazing. The food was the star. Every single bite of every single item served was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Most delicious meal I have had during my stay in Kentucky.

Robert Srodulski

Summer special $25! Can't beat that. Great service, wicked soup and salad bar. Shrimp! Meat, chicken all wonderful.

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