Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse

2041 Richmond Rd, Lexington
(859) 523-7358

Recent Reviews

Cozette Cummins

Me and my boyfriend had an amazing time here for date night. We definitely will be eating here again. Thank you to the amazing staff there. You guys did a wonderful job and made our first time experience there great!!!

Thomas Ritchie

I love this attempt at a Brazilian steakhouse. Our waitress was extremely nice. However, food was not great. We walked in and was asked if we had a reservation, maybe 2 other cars in the parking lot of what should have been a busy time. Clearly trying to be something they are not. Cobas old set up doesn't work well for this place. My opinion. Have to navigate yourself through a maze to get to the salad bar

Dustin Spicer

If you like meat and enjoying the different varieties, this is not the best place. Each cut tasted the and had . Service was okay, but often times we were passed over by the gauchos. Decor was nice.

Natasha Hugie

Meat lovers beware! All cuts of meat were horrible!! Lamb tastes like cleaner and I have ate a lot of lamb in my life. Salad bar was not refilled in a timely manner.

Madison Gibson

Service was wonderful and they were very attentive and the food was amazing!! They're so quick! And everyone is extremely friendly. Highly recommend

Anelia S.

The Latin dance night was awesome. If you love reggaeton, bachata, salsa and young happy crowd, this is the place to be! I realize this is not a restaurant review :) I will now come back to check that out. I just moved back to Lexington, so I am yet to go there since it opened under new ownership.

Barry Searfoss

Great selection on the salad bar and a crazy selection of meats. The servers were very professional and super friendly, nonstop service and just a great overall atmosphere. And the decor was like nothing I've ever seen before. We will surely be back again, thank y'all!

Karen Slaughter

food was good really good selection on salad bar. Excellent variety of meats to choose from.

Steve S.

Literally garbage. The worst I've ever been to in my life. Honestly I cannot believe they are open to the public.

Jamie B.

I have no idea how this place is even still in business. No exaggeration, this is the worst Brazilian steakhouse I have ever been to. I should have known something was wrong when I walked in and there was literally no one in there. The meat was poor quality and horribly cooked. I couldn't even eat it. We ended up leaving and not even eating anything but some random stuff off the salad bar. And btw, the "fresh" mozzarella is not fresh. String cheese that's been on a shelf in a grocery store tastes fresher than that. Do not waste your time going here.

Jennifer D.

We went out for a late dinner on a Tuesday night so it was not crowded at all. The location was easy to find with ample parking. Inside, the decor is modern, with a lovely ceiling height aquarium as the centerpiece of the dining area. The salad bar is more than enough for a meal and has a number of items that I usually don't see offered - the cheeses and shrimp were especially good. It was tempting to make a meal just from these, but I did decide to try the tableside service of meats as well. We were offered 4 or 5 different selections during our meal, including flank steak, filet mignon and chicken sausage. All of these were well cooked and tender. They did not use much seasoning, that I could tell, but overall the food was enjoyable. Service was friendly and prompt. If I am in the area, I will return.

Josh S.

One of the best restaurants I've ever ate at in Lexington. Service was great with many different types of meats to chose from. Will definitely return before the summer special of $25.00 per person ends.

Ashley Morgan

Very low quality food. You are better off going somewhere else. Not even worth $24.95 special price b/c the food is not good.

Joe Piazza

Simply incredible, the entire experience was amazing. The food was the star. Every single bite of every single item served was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Most delicious meal I have had during my stay in Kentucky.

Robert Srodulski

Summer special $25! Can't beat that. Great service, wicked soup and salad bar. Shrimp! Meat, chicken all wonderful.

E S.

Our experience was excellent. We went on a Tuesday evening and unbeknownst to us they had a $24.95 per person special (regular $39.95) but we would've happily paid full price. The selections on the salad bar, including side dishes and soup of the day, were fresh, plentiful and tasty. The waiter (Christian) and Gauchos were fantastic. We particularly enjoyed the Garlic Sirloin and Lamb and the grilled pineapple with chili powder was an unexpected treat. We can't say one negative thing and will definitely be back.

Matthew H.

Just got home from dinner here and was thoroughly impressed across the board. We arrived with reservations at 6:00 and were seated immediately. Our server was at our table within fifteen seconds to take our drink order and explain the service. Essentially, you have a choice of the full service of meats for $39.95, or just the salad bar/ hot item bar for $24.95. However, there is currently a summer special until September where you can get the full service with meats for the salad bar price. Quite frankly, with the quantity, quality, and variety of meats available, as well as atmosphere and service, the full price is perfectly fair. Atmosphere was very modern and stylish, with lots of curving booths suitable for parties and get-togethers, a small but nicely-curated collection of house cocktails that suited the menu, and music that was upbeat, enjoyable, but not so loud that you can't have a conversation. We stayed long enough to have a round of every meat on the menu, including pork sausage, bacon-wrapped chicken, pork tenderloin, filet mignon, leg-of-lamb, and barbecue pork ribs. They had a nice variety of sauces and rubs for various meats, so you didn't get the "one size tastes all" effect that you get at most barbecue joints. Each meat tasted distinct. What's more, servers came around every five minutes or so, so just as you were finishing a small portion of one thing, there was something new to try. If you're not that hungry, the salad bar is excellent, though a bit different from a common salad bar. It had lots of different salads, instead of lot of stuff to make your salad from. All of them excellent choices. In addition, your classic side items such as dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, rice, beans, balsamic mushrooms, and soup. While the soup was only labeled as "Soup of the Day", the one I had was a mushroom-asparagus in what I think may have been a thick beef broth (I could be wrong about that, it could be the meaty flavor of the mushrooms), but it was excellent, and I'm not usually an asparagus guy. Point is, the vegetarian in your group that hates the phrase, "well, you can get a salad!" will have no problem finding a dozen salads to choose from here. For drinks, I had their house margarita, which was well-balanced, and you could taste that they were using a good tequila to make it. No faults there. All in all, this is a must-visit for your inner carnivore, but not exclusive to them at all. Plenty of parking, service is attentive but not over-bearing, atmosphere wonderfully chic and relaxed, prices reasonable for their quality of product and service. Full dinner for two (at the summer special price), plus a house margarita was around $60 + tip.

Karen Mercer

We decided to take a short road trip from Louisville with our dear friends to celebrate a birthday, and we will definitely make the trip again. The selection and meat cuts were great, top quality and wonderful seasonings. Salad and hot bar was also top notch, fresh and very appetizing. Waitress was good, she could have been more attentive throughout the course of the meal, we were seated for at least 10 minutes before our drink order was taken, and she could have checked our needs more frequent than she did, but no worries she still did a good job. Meat servers were spot on, very attentive and the meat was plentiful! My favorite meats were the flank and the brisket, wonderfully prepared and the brisket seasoning was terrific. The table also raved over the lamb and the bacon filet and garlic sirloin. My least favorite was the chicken, it was dry, but I didn't come here for the chicken! We had 4 desserts and they all were beautifully presented, fresh and delicious, my favorite was the chocolate cake but the pie was wonderful also. We all left in a food coma ð??!!


A much better and satisfying experience than Coba (previous establishment in this location) could ever offer. Unless you come on a very empty stomach though, expect to get poor overall value from this setup. Awesome building!

Gary M.

Awesome, just awesome. Little pricy but, you get what you pay for. Attentive staff. Never wanted for anything. Wide variety of meats. Will repeat.

Tammy Piper

We have eaten at many Brazilian steakhouses and this, hands down, is our favorite! We were super impressed with all the steaks, but the flank steak and house picanha were some of the best we have ever had anywhere. The pineapple is to die for here!

debydavi lopes

the best steak house in Lexington. we were very well catered for. we will definitely be back.

Elizabeth F.

The service was top notch, very attentive. The meats were served hot and in abundance. The filet mignon and the brisket was the best in my opinion. Salad bar had great selection with some different dishes I had never tried before. We had the red velvet cheesecake for dessert and it was amazing. The pineapple with brown sugar/cinnamon was delicious and something new I had never eaten before. Overall, A+ and we will be returning in the future.

Jay Belt

Have no doubts that you will be served plenty of meat. But the quality of that meat can leave a lot to desire, especially at the price you pay. Had a chance to see about 10 meats, but several of the selections were quite well done and seasoning was basted on but not always tasty. The salad bar was alright...mostly, but the hot bar choices were gross. The mashed potatoes were instant mash or so watery as to taste like instant.

Jo Smith

I felt like I was in a Vegas restaurant when entering. We and two friends tried it as a meet and party place for dinner. The food was out of this world. The manager and wait staff were super attentive. When we decided it was time to go home, we were ALL surprised that we had spent FOUR hours there. We WILL be back! Thank you Cowboy's for a wonderful "food a holic" evening.

Samyah L.

Lovely evening for date night with hubby. Staff was great! Beautiful facility. Food was good! The grilled pineapple....yummy!! GM Bryan was super nice! Drinks were good too. We both had caipirinha with cachaça. They need to have some dancing or live music to complete the atmosphere because that place was beautiful. (Seems like it was meant to be an upscale club or something). Visiting from out of town. Will definitely visit again!!

Dan H.

Went here with my wife to celebrate weekend! You are first told to help yourself to the bar full of hot and cold foods. I told myself "don't be stupid and fill up on sides" but a lot of them looked so good. The pastas and Apple salad were really good, but that's not why you're here reading this. They have 15 meats and 1 fruit that is brought to your table at a really good pace. Pork chops, lamb, chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken thigh, brisket, ribs, meat, meat, and more meat! It's all good. Take your pick. You can have as much as you'd like and at the end they ask you if need any more food. But do you?! We Stuffed our selves but there was one more. Cinnamon and sugar grilled pineapple. Omg it's amazing. I do recommend to let it cool as it taste a little better that way. Then they have the audacity to ask of you want dessert. Just roll me out of here, please. Overall, my wife and I had an amazing visit and our waitress was great (I am sorry I forgot your name) and Brian and Ricky stopped by to chat and ask about our experience! We will be back. And apparently they have a tapas menu on the 2nd floor but we didn't look into this or the stairs. Tip: get some chimichurri and Worcestershire from the salad bar to dip your meat in

Priscila B.

I'm Brazilian so you can trust this review :-) Service: flawless. very attentive and the meats were served frequently and in abundance. top notch. Drinks: I ordered a caipirinha with vodka instead of cachaça. Delicious. Meats: my favorite, the Picanha - cooked to perfection. So tasty. All the meats were offered and as I said, they would come around with the skewers more often that I expected. Excellent!!! Salad Bar: good variety, but I have two observations: first, there's no heart of palm which for a Brazilian steakhouse is something we expect. Second, the vinaigrette sauce (molho a campanha) had almost no vinegar on it (no liquid). If you make it a little more watery it would be awesome. Desserts: what a delicious Brazilian flan!!! Get this one if you want to taste the real "pudim" (Brazilian vanilla flan). All in all, it was a great dinner experience. My companion, first time in a Brazilian steakhouse, loved everything about it. I did too and will go back really soon.

Jedidiah Metcalf

Great tasting variety of meats! Grilled cinnamon pineapple on a skewer is awesome! Great place to eat!

Brian Vanhoose

Great food, well seasoned meat, delicious sides!

Kevin Rankin

Friendly staff! Food was a bit to salty. Enjoyable time.

Jacquelyn Jordan

Service was excellent. Salad bar is very nice. Decor is a little odd...not quite a nice night out dining atmosphere. But, the food is good. Also, need to clean up a bit. Floors and tables were not quite clean.

Christina Whitaker

Worst place ever. Too pricey for quality of food. Not allowed to have more then two slivers of meat at a time. Not all meats listed on menu were offered, only about 6 items offered. When we asked about the other choices they just laughed and shrugged their shoulders. We had to ask for things repeatedly. Drinks were never refreshed. Side items were okay nothing to rave about. We will never go back.

H.D B.

If youâ??ve never had dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse before, youâ??ll probably like this place. Thereâ??s lots of food, it doesnâ??t run out, itâ??s meat, etc. The problem though is that Iâ??ve been to another Brazilian place, and this place simply isnâ??t as good. The cuts of meat here have lots of gristle, the marinades donâ??t soak deep into the meat, and the flavors arenâ??t notable to begin with. The salad bar and hot bar have a limited selection of what seems to be off the shelf items, and while itâ??s cheaper than other places, itâ??s only $5 less. Iâ??ll say that the staff is great, so is the setting and environment, but that doesnâ??t make up for the short comings. Iâ??d come here again if I had a coupon, but not at full price.

Kandi Ginn

Food was awesome. Bought coupon on Groupon but it didn't save me any money once I seen the check. But service was excellent.


I celebrated my birthday dinner here and it was an absolute experience!... from beginning to end! The chef definitely believes in making sure you are totally full! Food is phenomenal and the brisket is to die for!

Tinito Bailey

My husband and I was introduced to this restaurant by our friends...and now we can't get enough of it!! The quality of the food, super friendly and respectful staff,and just the a different dining experience, literally keeps you coming back for more!! Don't miss out on the desserts either!! We are familiar to the staff now,so when they see us,they greet us with a smile and a handshake!!ð??? The food is to die for!! Every time i take a bite of any of their best selected taste buds are literally exploding into a happy dance!! This restaurant will make you feel right at home! And happier with all the great cheerful funny waiters!!ð???

Alexis G.

Wonderful experience! The food was amazing and the meat always came fresh and warm. I think it's fair to say that we were able to try all meats. The salad bar was full of variety. The servers were so kind and the management came around twice to make sure we were pleased and had everything we needed. Perfect date night

Kim S.

This is a great place! Food was delicious and service was excellent! Salad bar was incredible!

Wayne B

I recently ate here recently. It was an excellent experience. The service was excellent and the food was very good. The salad bar that came with dinner was very good too.