DV8 Kitchen - Broadway

867 S Broadway #140, Lexington
(859) 955-0388

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Just left DV8. Cost me $29 bucks and change for me and my Mom—for eggs Benedict (small portion) 2 eggs, biscuits/ gravy, a roll and coffee. Literally inedible. Served on cardboard. Put every bit in a go box. I hope my dogs will eat this. So disappointed! I don’t mind paying for good food. Nothing was good. Eggs Benedict and bacon not cooked thoroughly. Bad taste. Gravy funky taste and over peppered. Cinnamon apple toll ok but nothing to write home about. If you’re thinking about eating here—Deviate

Bethany Hudson

The ambiance is great, but the food is overpriced and honestly wasn’t great. My fiancé got a croissant sandwich for $9 that lasted him 4 bites and the egg on it was rubbery. I got a pumpkin spice cinnamon roll which sounded great in theory, but it was unfortunately just their regular cinnamon roll with a baby food texture pumpkin purée slapped on top. I scraped it all off.

Aaron Stanton

Dang! I'm impressed, I can't believe I haven't been in here before. Great looking restaurant, comfortable, easy to read menu only issue is I wanted to try everything. Very friendly staff and amazing looking pastries, which I will be back to try.However I chose the breakfast Reuben, it was amazing. The bread was soft and fluffy, kraut was fresh and seemed to be made in house, the corned beef was great and the poached egg was cooked absolutely spot on. I also ordered the chicken salad, salad, the chicken salad by itself is great. With the addition of the dressing and greens the salad was even better. Tomatoes, not so much.Keep up the good work by DV8!


Imited but great breakfast menu. Make sure you splurge on a cinnamon roll. The carmel with pecans was yummy. Others have different filing & toppings. I love the fact that this place gives encouragement & employment to those looking for a better life. You support this kitchen and they in turn provide you great food when you eat there.

Roxanne King

What a cool place! Fast service and it was tasty but not mind blowing.I had the breakfast tacos with a side of bacon. The coffee is delicious and self-serve.They have indoor and outdoor seating. It was chilly to sit outside. They have booths and tables. The counter staff were super great and friendly.The price is really reasonable, so I'll go again.

Melaura Rice

Came here on a Saturday morning expecting it to be overly busy and was pleasantly surprised by open tables, and rapid service. Between the mission, the excellent food and great service, DV8 deserves a 5/5! Would highly recommend the baked goods if you stop in, but you can’t really go wrong in the menu

Drew Scott

It definitely did NOT disappoint !! Great food, good atmosphere. Looking for breakfast? They got you! Lunch? DONE! We tried the orange marmalade chicken sandwich and the pimento cheese chicken sandwich. Both were delicious, in addition to some tater tots as a side! Will be back next week to try the Orange Dreamsicle cinnamon roll ??

LadyD 77

Great food and service. 1st time trying this restaurant. I ordered the Breakfast plate and everything was delicious. Was made fresh and everything was hottt. I'll definitely be going back. Customer service was splendid.

Ivy Ingleson

This place is so good!!! The food was out super fast and it was literally perfect. I love breakfast sandwiches and have had a lot of them from different places, and the breakfast sandwich I had from here was by far the best I’ve ever eaten. Same with the cinnamon rolls! The staff was super friendly, and it’s a super comfortable place to dine in at, too. Amazing place, so good and definitely worth a visit if you are in Lexington!!


We were in town for a convention. The breakfast offered at our hotel was expensive and boring. This restaurant has the best service. The breakfast tacos were delish. Never had gator tots quite like theirs! The kiddos enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and fruit 3 mornings in a row. We came back each day of the convention for breakfast and even a takeout lunch one day.

Denise A.

Paid $10.25 for the best burger in town out of a $43.00 pick up order. When it got home the egg was missing on the burger so I ended up cooking my own egg at home because I really wanted to try it that way. The bacon was a small half slice and the avocado in which was $1.00 extra were two small slivers. Overall it was a delicious sandwich and the rest of the order was delicious. The bun and biscuits were great

Kirsten K.

I dont come here that often, simply because of where I live versus where the restaurant is. However, every time I have been here, super friendly people...both staff and guests, great food, great portion sizes, and how they help those who have served their time and needs work. My wife has gone here a little more than me and she had bragged so much about the food that I was super excited going for the first time. My wife was not kidding about how great this place is!!

Amber Gray-Kurz

Wanted to try this place for a while because we heard great things. The sandwiches were good but not worth the price. They don't come with sides. We did get the tater tots but neither my husband nor myself were impressed with those. Love the overall concept of the restaurant though.

Mary Burkley P.

I haven't had any food that wasn't great. The employees are all extremely nice, happy, and hard workers.

Jessica J.

Can't go wrong with DV8! Friendly staff and egg-cellent food options! Trust me and try the Ham + Apple Butter Sammie!

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