Frank's Donuts

549 E Third St, Lexington
(859) 523-0899

Recent Reviews

Beverly Tincher

Loved this place. The best donuts in Lexington. The maple glaze on the donuts was so delicious.

DJ Danimal Entertainment

Some Amazing doughnuts. A must stop if you're close to downtown!!!

Kira Hassenger

Love this place! And drive thru is awesome!

Frank Young

Went to Frank’s Doughnuts this morning for the 200 doughnut order I placed last week for work. They were confused until they pulled my hand written scotch taped note to the wall in the kitchen. This is not the first time they have screwed up a major order I have placed. This was a Thank you for my folks at Centria in Frankfort for going a full year without a recordable accident. I call the owner 2x with no response. Usually bad business will put themselves out of business. I was a good customer.

Natalie Simpson

I would give zero stars if I could, as I didn’t get to try any of the donuts. I came through the drive thru today 7/13 and after waiting for the car in front of me to “order” and them pulling ahead, I waited to order at the drive thru myself for several minutes before pulling up to the window thinking the speaker system was broken. Only in the pay window was I notified they’re closed today through Wednesday for something or other. So disappointed. There were cars ahead of and behind me in line. In the future I would post signs at a minimum at the order station.

Aanthony D

Great selection Great Service Great Prices

holly chowning

Amazing and cheap. I may be here every day

Brian Lawless

Good donut, great price. 64 cents can't beat it for a glazed!

Ian B.

Best donuts I've had in Lexington. I've had Spalding's, I've had north lime, I've had donut days, I've had Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme... none compare to franks. Don't get me wrong.. all those others are delicious too. It's just that franks are better. Oh, and try those apple fritters

R B.

Goods donuts. Convenient drive thru service. I would give another star if the staff would wear masks.

rebecca stormcrowe

Found them by accident and grabbed a couple to try and my mouth blew off my face they are so good! I've since found out that they are a Georgetown staple that have graced Lexington. Go. Drive-thru open!

Joyce E Parks

Apple fritter is the best I've had. Prices are great, clean and service is friendly and fast.


Bye bye Krispy Kreme and Spaldings! I have found my new love. Fresh donuts always!❤


Bye bye Krispy Kreme and Spaldings! I have found my new love. Fresh donuts always!❤

Miranda H.

I am a fan of their long johns, specifically bavarian cream. They fill their long johns to order, and they fill them up good and don't skimp! Their basic glazed are amazing, especially when freshly made and still warm. Love that they have a drive thru, helps on mornings I want donuts but don't want to change out of my pajamas

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