Great Bagel & Bakery

396 Woodland Ave, Lexington
(859) 258-2210

Recent Reviews

Sallie Moles-Kenney

One of the best local places in Lexington. Delicious food, fresh and the staff there is second to none. Their hard work and dedication to their customers is known the moment you walk through the door. We are lucky to have them in town!!!

Anna Bard

I've been taking my boys now ages 2, 6, and 8 here for "bagel dates" every Wednesday for the past 2 years. As a parent in the LGBTQ+ community I'm sometimes wary of how my family will be accepted. Let me tell y'all...I've been welcomed with WIDE open arms from my first order. My family has been treated like their family every visit. The staff remembers our order and asks my kids how school or sports are going and Lara and Robert are just some of the hardest working folks I know. Can't say enough about this business or the team :).

Jasmin C.

They really put the GREAT into these Great Bagels! As someone who grew up in and around Chicago, I know my bagels, and let me tell you, these bagels have the perfect texture and flavor you're looking for in a bagel. The service was off the charts friendly and helpful. The staff working this location was just what I needed to see early in the morning before I got some coffee into me. Great food and great people!

Chloe H.

Best breakfast spot! Bring all my out of town friends here. Workers and atmosphere is great, always feel welcome even when there's a long line. Orange juice is $$$ but well worth it!

jesse peterson

Their food is good but their staff seems mad at me for ordering every time I go in there. Today on the way out another customer who was in there before out of the blue was like, "man they are kind of mean in there aren't they". I thought maybe it was just me at first but no their customer service is kind of the worst. No reason it needs to be that way.

Sonia A.

Exceptional service. Order over the phone and they bring it to the car. Food is delicious and staff is kind and professional. Lovely Lexington, you will pull through. We will help!

doreen maloney

I love their bagels...and there sandwiches... Call ahead if you have a large group it's very busy

Leonard Lawson III

Staff at GB are always very kind and patient. Bagels are well, Great. If you're on UK campus or passing through town and need breakfast and good coffee this is a must.

Mark Ratzlaff

This place gets super busy but they have it down. The bagels are on point. I always get the American breakfast sandwich. It's always fresh, fast, and consistent. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Mar Boy

A good bagel is really hard to find in Lexington and I believe this place has the best! Also amazing breakfast sammies

Taylon Baker

Seriously my favorite little breakfast spot in Lexington! I was extremely hesitant about the coffee by the way especially with their lack of creamers, but this is the best coffee I’ve ever had. Anyway, the bagel is divine! I had the American style sandwich with ham on a Garlic bagel and it’s absolutely amazing. I love the runniness of the eggs as I bit into the sand which. It’s a flavor game changer, and y’all have got to try this! Oh, and something VERY IMPORTANT to note is that this place does not have public wifi. Don’t expect to get work done here. Enjoy yourself, read or write, talk with your friends or make a new one, and sit by the window. I cannot wait for my next visit here.

Sydney Claire Kirkpatrick

Great Bagel was my absolute favorite spot when I lived in Lexington. I moved away a couple of years ago and was so excited to visit GB again. Unfortunately, the new bagels are nothing like the old ones. Very disappointing. I do wish them the best!

Annie M.

After two failed attempts for an Asiago bagel at another bakery I. Lexington, I settled for Great Bagel. I had forgotten how great it is! It was busy, but the service was fairly quick and my sandwich was made to order. It was still warm when I got home. I need to remember to get breakfast here more often. Delicious.

Lisa Means

Freddy makes the most amazing bagels and has the best customer service. Every time I go and he isn’t around I either have to wait a long time or the coffee isn’t as good.... it isn’t worth the price if you aren’t going to get good consistent service

Kelly J.

I love bagels so much! And Great Bagel is awesome! They have so many bagels to choose from, and they're all delicious. I really like the Sesame, Poppy, and Maple Bourbon bagels. They also have plenty of cream cheese & spreads to choose from. Depending on which bagel I'm having I prefer the Plain or Maple Bourbon. They also offer breakfast and lunch sandwiches, as well as bagel plates. So, they have a few options other than just bagels if you're looking for something more. Plus they have lots of coffee and beverage options. It can get pretty packed, and I've had to wait in line before, but the service is always quick and friendly. Even with a long line it doesn't take too much time to get through. I like this spot for grabbing breakfast, but I think it's a great place to do that, or have lunch, or hangout with a friend, or even get some work done. I definitely recommend checking out this spot!

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