Great Bagel & Bakery

396 Woodland Ave, Lexington
(859) 258-2210

Recent Reviews

Tami Grimes

Wow...asked for 6 uncut bagels and then watched as they waited on everyone else in the place, passed my number and then waited more. When I asked about my order I was told "we fill orders as they come in"...alright I'll make sure to go someplace else next time.

Robert Farley

Great Bagel is, well, great. Mostly because of the bagels. My favorite is salt, but I like all of their savory bagels, and all of the cream cheese options. I?ve had the bagel sandwiches less often, but have never been unhappy with them. The coffee is solid, although the iced coffee is a touch overpriced. Not a bad place to meet folks or to get a little work done...

Destinee A.

This place is great and very consistent. They have quite a few options and a full coffee bar. I usually get the American, with bacon and ask for my eggs to be over medium. I think they typically do over hard unless you specify. They have raised their prices a bit as well as rebranded the menu but still pretty reasonable.

Rick S.

Best bagels in the bluegrass. Always stop by when in lex. Always take some home too. They know what a real bagel is.

Keiko Davisson

I tried this place for the first time and it was pretty good! They have a nice selection of bagel flavors, but when we got there around 1:30 they were already out of a lot of the more specialty kinds. The sandwiches were decently priced and I enjoyed my healthy bagel sandwich, but the orange juice was crazy expensive ($10 for a large????) even if it was fresh squeezed.

Kash Foster

I went to get a bagel with just egg and cheese only with salt and pepper. The guy on the grille grab the wrong bagel requested toasted the bagel after I asked for not toasted. He then looked back at the order and realized he grabbed the wrong bagel so went back to get the right one. (I knew at this point he wasn't paying attention) I get my order and drive off. As I bite into the 1st half of my sandwich the taste of salt is different from the taste of plan salt . I think to myself well they cook everything on the same grille,so I eat more. As I'm almost done with the first half I stop b/c the taste is overwhelming of some meat. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 yrs. The guy on the grille put sausage on my sandwich. I now have to drive back on my lunch to make this aware to them. The young lady that put my order in did it correctly, the guy cooking clearly DID NOT read anything on the screen . This will be the last time I ever will go the this place. A refund is not ok for this mistake.

Claudine Miracle

I Absolutely Love Great Bagle! The minute I walk in the door it feels like family. Everyone is so pleasant and willing to answer any questions you may have. I never have a long wait for my order. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is great. I Highly recommend Great Bagle! If you have not tried them then you are missing out!

Mike S.

I've always loved a good bagel sandwich, and great Bagel has never disappointed. I'm partial to the club sandwich on a berry bagel. It has everything you want in a club, and the berry adds a nice touch. Their breakfast sandwiches are also really good. Bagel sandwiches are a good change of pace from the typical sandwiches, and I'd highly recommend Great Bagel. Its proximity to University of Kentucky and downtown Lexington does make it a popular place, and bagels do run out, so it's wiser to go earlier in the day.

Chelsea Rae Trosper

I've loved every sandwich and bagel I've had so far and the pastries are INCREDIBLE. The Intelligentsia coffee is 10/10, one of the few coffees I enjoy black. The Boston Rd location has tons of seating, natural light, and staff that has greeted me with nothing but a smile. Highly recommend!

Fadi Y.

Amazing bagel sandwiches ! I had the omelette bagel sandwich and added turkey and my friend had the nyc bagel sandwich both were delicious and the tea is also amazing, highly recommend!

Cherie Moore

I give them 5 stars just because this was s the only place outside of Miami that squeezes orange juice right in front of you!!! I didn't have anything else but the others in my crew said it was all Great...guess that's how they got their name

Morgan Franks

This is one of my favorite breakfast spots! Quick service, everyone is super friendly, bagels are always toasted perfectly! Their NYC Bagel is to die for.

Servando Becerra

I really like this place. I tend to get the brown with the evrything bagel and have tried other ones and theyve always been good. Been going there for a few years now and I really enjoy it

Johnna King

Very unfriendly staff, and lord bless you if you dare ask a question. They should also take the â??and Bakeryâ?? off of their sign.

Louis Hampton

This place is delicious. Breakfast sandwiches are to die for. Iced tea is wonderful. Watch out on Saturday and Sunday morning because there could be a line out the door!

Ellie Guinnip

I love great bagel! Not just for the food, which is awesome and good eating, but also for the owners and everyone who works there. I feel like part of the family.

Ashley N.

I tried two bagels recently and both were dry and bland not doughy or chewy like a bagel should be. The bacon was also tough to chew and undercooked. I'll stick with Southland Bagels at the farmers market

Rachel H

I am so sad that they switched to wheat flour. I understand that it's healthier, but if I'm feeling health-conscious... I don't eat bagels.

Christina Ritter

Great local place! Love the new milled-flour bagels. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

Michael K.

Reading Southsider magazine, I discovered Great Bagel as they prepare to open their second location this summer at Millpond shopping center. I went to the original location on Woodland Avenue. Checking out their website, the first impression is eye catching. The website scrolls through a pictures listing of some of their best bagel sandwiches. I was sold, this was a must try. When I arrived, the menu looked quiet different from their online impression. The signature sandwiches weren't easily identifiable and separated on 2 different listings for breakfast and lunch. I actually had to go online and confirm what sandwich I wanted from the pictures. I went with the American bagel sandwich with the added touch of Siracha mayo. When I sat down waiting for my order to arrive, the pick up locations confused me. I heard orders after mine being called out. I went up to check and it was the drink orders begin called out. The food had a separate location for pickup. I later realized from the hanging signage the pickup areas, but it wasn't clear as a first time customer. My sandwich was waiting on the counter when I arrived. I opened up my sandwich and it did not look appetizing. The egg was runny and mostly outside, stuck to the paper. They had also forgotten to add bacon. I had to go up twice to get this corrected. The customer service was prompt when telling them of my problem. When I finally sat down with rendition #3, the bagel sandwich tasted great. It's the comfort you'd expect from a breakfast sandwich. Bagel was crisp and full of flavor. I'll be willing to give them another try as the food was good.

Christopher D.

They had done it. They had perfected the bagel. It was delightful, it was delicious, and all was well with the world. Then one day, a terrible madness overtook them, and they devastated the local bagel-loving community, tearing away their beloved bagel recipe and inflicting a strange, brown, crumbly, bland, self-milled-wheatberry-flour disaster upon us all. Is this some limited-edition mistake, like McDonald's spaghetti? Is it some temporary prank? Perhaps a publicity stunt designed to make us pine for the days of yore, back when Great Bagel was aptly named? I'm afraid not, my beleaguered bagel brethren, as I have been assured that this ill-conceived experiment in tarnishing breakfast legacies is here to stay. I love this business, I do. I love the location, the neighborhood, the staff... but I can not bring myself to force down another dreadfully depressing dough-ring out of sheer brand loyalty and community support. I'm afraid I'll need to satisfy my bagel-fixation elsewhere. This is not what I want, but it is the only remaining feasible course for me. More than anything, I just want my favorite local bagel shop to make bagels great again.

Benjamin D.

I crave boiled bread and so it is well with me that I do retrieve my bready delight. Would like to see what happens to my prized beanie baby collection in their orange juice machine. Chaos undoubtedly. I live fast and bagels satisfy my lifestyle

Randa E.

Am I the only one noticing a big difference in their bagels? We get the same order every time: 1 plain bagel, 1 everything bagel, spinach salad, and a bacon egg cheese on everything bagel. Unfortunately our last 2 orders (placed 2 weeks apart) all 3 looked strange, almost like wheat bagels. They were very dark and had a completely different texture and flavor. The first time we just thought they messed up our order but tried again today and same thing. The spinach salad's chip/crouton things looked and tasted different, too. Not sure what's going on but I think we're done with Great Bagel for a while, which is disappointing.

Ian C.

In the restaurant today and was very disappointed in the change of recipe for the bagles. No longer the taste of a good bagle but one of a plain poor quality product found in any grocery. This was a bad management move and has driven this customer away.

Mark C.

Went to this place daily for months. Loved it. Then I heard they "upgraded" their flour. Now they are very dense and chewy. Hoping they can fine tune the flour. If not...I'm out.

Cassandra C.

Great bagels! Good service. Definitely what I was looking for when I stopped here. We even got bagels to go. Great selection and wonderful sandwiches.

Lisa K.

Went from a 4star to 1/2 star with the change of flour used. While I believe everyone should get more fiber into their diets, I don't think you shouldve changed a good thing or atleast gave the customer a choice of which bagel they wanted.?The bagels are now flat in shape and taste. You've lost this expat New Yorker's business until you change back to the original process. Guess I'll make more runs to Nashville for Proper Bagel's proper good tasting bagels as Carmine from Long Island NY knows what a proper Bagel is!!!!

Betsy DeWitt McCollum

Iâ??m sorry to leave this sort of review. Great Bagel used to be just that, a great bagel. Since this switch to the different flour, the bagels have lost their wonderful flavor and texture of a traditional bagel. Now they are dense and flat. We used to make special trips out of our way to get these bagels, but we wonâ??t be doing that in future if this is how the bagels will continue to be. I wish you would consider going back to the original process.

Wade Caldwell

May favorite place to eat! I tell everyone about it. Even those out of town. However, they raised their prices recently. This was disappointing, even the coffee was steep! Having said that itâ??s definitely worth a try...

Carolyn Malloy

Living in Lexington and being from NJ and my husband from NY it was great to find a place that reminded us of home. We have been going here nearly every Sunday for 3 years. Weâ??ve always been pleased with the food and the service, until this morning. The bagels were different: smaller, darker, and not as flavorful as they were. My order was made wrong so my husband went up to the counter and spoke to one of the ladies working. He said that my bagel was toasted and he ordered it not toasted. She looked at the receipt and repeated what it said: berry bagel w/ cream cheese not toasted. My husband said â??yes but itâ??s dark and hard as a rock.â? So the lady asks another worker to remake my bagel not toasted w/ cream cheese. She hands it to my husband. He says â??Thank you. Sorry about thatâ?, and she replies â??Itâ??s ok.â? Not one single apology came out of her mouth. She was reluctant to admit that it was possible one of the line cooks made my bagel wrong and she made it seem like my husband was the problem. To top it off, our son looks forward to going there and always devours his bagels, but not this time. He barely ate any of it. Between the recent change in the recipe of the bagels leading them to taste horrible as well as the poor service we will sadly not be returning. Such a disappointment.

Carolyn M.

We have been coming to Great Bagel almost every Sunday morning for 3 years now and have never been disappointed until today. The bagels taste different, smaller, darker, and not as flavorful as before. And the service was not up to par. My bagel was made wrong so my husband went up to the counter and explained to one of the ladies that works there that it shouldn't have been toasted. The lady looked at the receipt and said what was on it: berry bagel w/cream cheese not toasted. My husband said but it's dark brown and hard as a rock. So she walks over to one of the other workers and asks him to make a berry bagel not toasted with cream cheese. She hands it to my husband and my husband says "Thank you. Sorry about that", and she replies "It's ok." She was clearly reluctant to admit that it's possible one of the line cooks made the bagel wrong and she acted like it was an inconvenience to have it made correctly. Not one single apology came out of her mouth. To top it off, our son, who has loved going to get bagels didn't even devour his like he usually does. Being from NJ myself and my husband from NY we loved coming here to get our taste of home. Between the terrible service and the bad tasting bagels we will sadly not be returning. Such a disappointment.

Justin Smith

Great food, great service, great environment. Proven in Lex for yrs, its nice seeing them add another location on this side of town. I had the â??omeletteâ? on an Everything bagel, add jalapeños, they use fresh, not pickled. It was really good, and added a kick.

Dana M Anderkin

I hate to write this negative review because I live in the neighborhood around this restaurant and was so excited to see it open. However, today I went to purchase a cup of coffee and the service was awful! I went in around 1:15 today and asked if the coffee was freshly brewed. The cashier rudely explained that it was brewed this morning and it not to worry it was plenty "hot" and warned me their machines are "state of the art and don't test them because the coffee will burn your hands." I was so dumbfounded at his response I stupidly paid over three dollars for 7+ hour old coffee. Majorly disappointed. Hoping the bagels will be better than the coffee and service I experienced today. Hot and fresh are NOT the same thing when it comes to coffee.

Tamara Craft

Deliciously Delightful! I ordered the healthy sprout off the breakfast sandwich menu. It was SUPER! I Highly recommend! I asked for no cream cheese and the bagel expert behind the counter offered hummus, which an ingenious suggestion because it was AMAZING! And I added an egg over hard...YUM! I also ordered a lemon bar, which I would also highly of the best I have tasted! From the when I ordered my meal to when it was delivered; the 2 young hip bagel experts were SO friendly, kind and helpful! The Great Bagel and Bakeryâ??s new location by Boston Rd Kroger is so fresh and clean with an wonderful fun vibe...go visit! It wonâ??t disappoint!!!

Christian C.

Devastated! That is the only way I can describe my feelings on my last visit. Great Bagel has been one of my favorite go-to restaurants in town, and we either go there for breakfast/lunch or buy a big bag of bagels at least every other weekend. I am originally from New Jersey, and I was always pleased that I could get the best bagels I've ever had here in Lexington. Went there for lunch on 6/21 and ordered bagel sandwiches. We noticed that all the bagels behind the glass were small and brown. We commented about the brown color to the gentleman helping us and he said they started milling their own flour and were using that. Reserving judgement, I tried my sandwich and the bagel was small, tough, crumbly, and sweet, and made the sandwich messy. Please, Great Bagel, turn this around. Your bagels were perfect. Your staff is the best in town. I want to keep going here. Maybe locally sourced is not always the best option. (I think I just heard some hipsters faint and hit the floor) Please go back to the original recipe! Thanks

Dan C.

They were my favorite lunch spot in Lexington. BUT...They've changed the bagels and not for the better. Hard and sugary. Why would you change the very staple of your business that people know and love? Not a fan of sweet bread and a plain bagel should not be sweet. Yes, I realize almost everyone loves "honey wheat" and sweet everything, so I doubt this will do one bit of good. Damn shame. Won't be going anymore.

Peter Briggs

I love this place! Every Saturday morning my roommate and I would get bagels (may I recommend the french toast, American). The coffee is okay, but I go there for the environment. Get the window seat and you can get some serious work done!

Clinton Hall

I would give this place 12 stars if I could. The bagels are phenomenal, the coffee is amazing, the cream cheeses are house-made and to die for, and the staff is always friendly.

James R.

Great bagels ! They are fast and fresh with a variety of styles and types. They have organic and local options that are great. They make their bagels in site and all the bagel sandwiches are made fresh to order. Whether you're looking for a simple bagel, something healthy, or something very savory, Great Bagel is a go to.

Robin S.

My favorite spot in Lexington, I always come back whenever I'm in town. They have a great coffee and the bagel sandwiches are all amazing.