Habibis Sweets & Pastries

101 W Loudon Ave, Lexington
(859) 554-9899

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Matin Hemati

I enjoyed Turkish Coffee and Baklava very much. The quality of Baklava was great. Make sure to try Turkish coffee and Baklava

Eileen B.

This place is fantastic and the owner is so nice and explains the food and how he makes the coffee and teas He loves what he does My daughter ordered Turkish coffee and sage tea which I liked He heats the drinks in hot sand It's amazing to watch it starts boiling right in front of you It's quite a treat to watch We ordered the pistachio baklava which is dessert from Heaven This place is a gem

Jeremiah Allyn

We ordered the most expensive tray they have for Christmas. We show up on Christmas eve to pick up our order that we paid for prior, and no one was there. We call them to see what was going on and were told there was a family emergency. Why couldn't you let people know that the order we paid for was not going to be fulfilled? Why have your hours posted inside as if you were open? I guess they were going to keep our money and not let anyone know what was going on. I will never give this place business again. This is not the way you run a reputable business!

Susan Martin

Very friendly service. It was so good we went back later that day for more!! It is a must try!! Baklava melts in your mouth. The taste shows great love for their bakery.

Anna Marie Bunch

Wow! What an amazing place! The owner was so thoughtful and walked us through each dessert even giving us samples to try. Everything is made in house so you will get the very best from this place!

Aria H.

Their baklava is amazing. And yes I am very particular about baklava. I tried a couple other sweets but took 0 pictures--it was too good . Excited to go back and try more (at their new location since they're moving to Julietta Market)

Eric A.

First time trying and my mind is blown! Sooo delicious!! The employee was very helpful and friendly. I totally recommend!! Me and my boyfriend will definitely be coming back.

Emily S.

Such a great place! This box was only about $13 total. It's family owned and operated by people who seem to be passionate about what they do. The staff is very helpful and friendly and the pastries are delicious. I didn't know what anything was besides baklava (which they were out of), and the person working described everything to help me pick what to try. A lovely experience overall.

Michaela Miles

So delicious and super affordable! Incredibly fresh, and the staff was so friendly. Will def be back

Sandy H.

I had never tried this place before and everything looked so good. I was having a hard time trying to pick what I wanted, thank goodness for the gentleman behind the counter, he suggested to get a sampler and I was definitely not disappointed. I was able to try everything and they all tasted great!

dulla sallak

My new favorite spot in Lexington... Tried it for the 1st time while I was in town for a wedding and got me some sweets for the road and everything was delicious. Advice you do have to call in for the kunafa 30 mins before so u can get it fresh! Let's not forget they have great customer service! PS. make sure to get Turkish coffee while your there you won't regret it.

Amanda Chin

Doing everything right! Amazing place with uniquely delicious sweet treats! Walked in and bought one (at least) of everything for the first try and insanely impressed. Incredible texture, flavors and FRESH! I’ll be sure to be back for the baklava and Turkish coffee.

travis absher

I saw the name Habibi and remembered from an army buddy that it means my dear or beloved. Then I saw sweets and I knew I stumbled across something wonderful. Walked in and was greeted with an scent that I forget about. The smell of fresh pasties eagerly jumping into my nose. Was offered a free sample of warm baklava just out of the oven, that melted in my mouth. Bought a small sampler and crushed it. Outstanding, thanks for allowing me to remember the good times with friends drinking chi and eating the sweets. Will be going back.

Nathalie Shean

The walnut baklawa, pistachio roll and almond ring were delicious. Everything is made from scratch. It was our first time at Habibi’s. The gentleman was very helpful and made us feel welcome. We will definitely be back next time we are in Lexington!

Jen Bobrowski Stone

Delicious flavors and textured pastries, a perfect unique treats! My children absolutely loved it!

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