Jimmy John's

397 Waller Ave, Lexington
(859) 231-0083

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5 stars for being the only place with a public restroom in the whole shopping center. Pretty clean too.

Shelbi Lemieux

This place never disappoints! I order online and they always get my order right. And the one time I was handed the wrong bag they were super kind and fixed it immediately. I love coming here for lunch and will be back!

Katrina McCormick

Drove through right before visiting family at St. Joe. Fast good food done however you want it. Good stuff!

Lyndi Graham

This was the cleanest Jimmy John's I've ever been to. Melissa and the other staff was super nice and you can tell they took pride in their job.

Sam Gambrel

A simple mistake of forgetting to put no tomatoes when ordering a sandwich has put a bad taste in my mouth, literally and figuratively. We asked them to remake the sandwich but they refused. I will think twice about ordering a meal in this location. God forbid you ask them to remake something.

Jeremy Hawkins

If I could give a 1/8 of a star I would. This store is a joke. I have ordered and or tried to order from them multiple times. And they always seem to have a excuse of why they can’t deliver or like tonight I called from multiple phones multiple times and every time someone would pickup and immediately say I can’t hear you hello and hang up. Do not call this store and I hate it for those of us that like jimmy John’s because we can’t order from another store the company policy will not allow it which makes no sense. I’m sure with this customer service happing so often they want have a store on Waller for very long. And maybe then I’ll be able to order from a location that will answer the phone all the other locations in town will answer the phone they just are not allowed to take your order.

Joshua Shouse

Ordered via the app. Got the notification my order was ready. Dropped in to grab it. Wasn’t ready. Made me late to work. Ordered well in advance. Will not order from again.

Jessica Hollan

It literally took an hour to receive my order that’s right across the street from my work. I work in a hospital so I don’t have time to keep checking and calling for my order. Not sure what happened but the delivery was not freaky fast!

Angie Morgerson

Absolutely the best place in Lexington the staff is absolutely amazing and so friendly!!

Victoria Vasquez

The customer service is definitely 5/5 stars. I like this location because of the convenience of the drive thru. Will be back!

Katie Burrier

Love the tom turkey with double meat unwich!


A few months ago I ordered from this Jimmy John's and they took so long to deliver my food I missed my entire lunch hour. They said they would refund me and never did. Same thing happened today. It was over an hour and they never came. I called to cancel the order and they actually refunded me this time. I also had to call SEVERAL times before anyone would speak to me.

Dean Elder

Can’t seem to get my order right. And it’s not like it’s once or twice. I’ll just stick to subway.

Ande Flatt

According to the website this location does not close until 12 am, however at 11pm on a non holiday Jimmy Johns was closed.. as a night shift healthcare worker we rely on accurate timing to determine when to get our lunches. I walked over from my area of work and had to walk back because the incorrect times stated.

Ted Churchman

This is the only restaurant that won't give horseradish, ketchup, mustard, etc in a packet for your sandwiches. If it isn't on the list for your sandwich, don't waste your time asking. May be freaky fast, but poor on customer service

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