middle fork kitchen bar

1224 Manchester St #110, Lexington
(859) 309-9854

Recent Reviews

Haley B

I love their covid adaptations. I felt very safe.

Holly Lankster

The food and drink are excellent but we had a poor experience with the manager. We ordered the tasting sampler ($65 for one serving from five dishes) and shared it. That is apparently not permitted which we did not see on the menu nor was explained to us when we ordered. We were halfway through sharing the the third dish when the manager informed us that we could not continue sharing it. We were dumbfounded and so upset that we left without completing our meal but still paying $100 for our dinner and drinks. Even if we were in the wrong for sharing we expect better communication and customer service if there was a miscommunication from such an upscale restaurant.

Ryan Morrow

Incredible food, very friendly service. I lived in Italy for four months and I've never had such good carbonara. Everything I tried was well worth the price despite the small portions (which left me satisfied). Very interesting wine list as well. Absolutely worth a visit

Janelle Winter

Absolutely delicious food! The place smells like a yummy campfire. I got the rigatoni and chocolate caramel tart.

Joe Cavallo

Food is fantastic, and the staff is impeccable. 100% recommend.

Roshan H.

This place is a fascinating place. I visited here pre-covid and it was packed!We could get a table and wound up eating at the bar that oversees the kitchen. Did we luck out.It was the culinary version of cirque du soleil. The food is great. But the presentation and the preparation really take over the edge... in a good way.Try to get the spot at the kitchen...

Kevin Edelman

Great food. The whipped feta and rabbit are solid app/entrees.

Michelle Louie

Wow. Food: 5 stars. Such flavorful and thoughtful combinations! We had the hog and oats (sausage and grits), greens, and shiitake mushrooms and it was all incredible. You wouldn’t think anything special, but the flavors are so intense and you can really taste the freshness and beautiful simplicity. Amazing execution. Portions are very adequate and the three dishes were perfect for two hungry travelers. Ethos: 5 stars. All takeout containers and cutlery were compostable and they pay their staff a living wage (ie gratuity included in price). Location: 5 stars. Grab your dinner and eat outside at one of the picnic tables or bring it in to one of the breweries next door if it’s raining. We couldn’t assess the actual restaurant, which is closed for dining in due to COVID-19. Staff: 5 stars. Courteous, great recommendations. TDLR: go here for super delicious, local perfectly executed food in a fun location! Support a company that is doing everything right! (We have no photos of the food - ate it all immediately and without regrets!)

Akram Kiassi

One of my favorite restaurants in Lexington. Great atmosphere, delicious food and friendly staff.

Aarica Barrett

We are new to the town and middle fork kitchen bar was recommended to us. It was such a lovely meal! I asked for a mock tail, something citrusy and refreshing and the bartender delivered something delicious. We had the charcuterie and cheese appetizers and shared the duck confit. The duck had months to be preserved "thanks" to the virus shutdown. It was so tender and flavorful! Melted in your mouth. An all around great dining experience!

Jim McFarlane

Thank you to MFKB for trying so hard in difficult circumstances. Staff were exceptional in keeping to CV BMP’s. Wood fired trout and pasta dishes were fabulous.

Johnny Matherly

Selection for food was limited and to me over priced. Also they wanted you to drink directly out of a glass, said it was because of the CDC. REALLY how is that good.

Gregory Siener

Wonderful meal,and excellent service!!

Rebekah W.

First off, I absolutely love the distillery district and atmosphere. It needs better parking. If you are going on a Friday or Saturday night, leave 30 minutes early to navigate the chaos of the parking lot or across the street. Middle Fork is adjacent to Crank and Boom and before you reach Ethereal Brewing and Goodfellas. The outdoor seating is best in the summer. The twinkle lights and feel of the patio is nice. It is also great for social distancing. The inside in the summer is hot with the fires going on. Make a reservation! The dishes are locally sourced and unique. My husband and I got a Wishful Thinking cocktail that was lemony and refreshing. I got a grapefruit old fashioned and it was actually not too bitter! When you order, order a few appetizers and one main dish. Hardly anything comes out at the same time. We ordered the bruschetta (ricotta, beets, green onion), the beef tartare (OUR FAVORITE!), and the pasta with lemon sauce and rabbit. Everything was very flavorful, although I wish the bruschetta would be off the charts with a sprinkle of course sea salt and drizzle of honey or something sweet. The pasta and rabbit was flavorful and creamy. The lemon was not overpowering. The beef tartare was the show stealer. The ground brisket was flavored perfect and the pickled garnishes were complimentary. I wish the Toasties were thicker! Overall, MFKB is a great place to take your time outside and enjoy a foodie feast. Our meal cost us $86 and tip was already included in the price!

Kathryn M.

Great spot for cocktails- one of the best in town. Came on a Monday and so they had a limited menu - wasn't a fan that the vegetarian option was a pasta, with how good their food is they could come up with a creative and delicious mixture of vegetables, chickpeas, etc. overall food is incredibly prepared and delicious

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