Pazzo's Pizza Pub

385 S Limestone, Lexington
(859) 255-5125

Recent Reviews

James Krimm

Not as good as I remember back in college (2007-2011) but still good.

Lisa Smit

Online it mentioned full kitchen till 2am. When I arrived at 10:30pm all they had were 2 old overdone slices of pizza. And they staff were all sitting at the bar stared at me when I walked in as if to bother them

Brandon from Kentucky

This place use to be a staple in Lexington and on campus unfortunately to many other good pizza places have come in and taken its place because of there service and consistenty on good food. As a college kid it may be still pretty good however with college kids running the show you can see most don't care.

Bryan Stevens

Friendly service well priced and food is very good

Hailey S.

I just remembered why I always avoided this place, the service is ridiculously slow, I have been waiting 20 minutes on a single pizza. It's dark, empty, music is too loud, if you want a quick, easy, do not go here

LeeAnn Dunkle

Terrible service after 10pm. They simply ignore you!

Bobby Corwen

Funky chicken pizza was tasty. Slow service though. Nice place to stop by for a pint and a slice though.

Waqas Ahmed

Gone are the days of trivia and pint night with friends. Just one year ago, this was a great pizza place that was slowly going downhill as patronage decreased. Now it's struggling to survive. Pizza is not too good either.

Austin G.

Emma literally is the sweetest and kindest bartender/waitress we've ever met. She truly made sure we were completely content and happy with our dining experience. She made every effort to ensure we had a great time while dining with Pazzo's. Truly a gem. Definitely will return. The food was incredible and the drinks were phenomenal. Ask for Emma when you go, it's a must visit when coming to Lexington. Thanks Emma! And thank you Pazzo's!

Robert Farley

It is what it is. The beer list is usually good. The food is edible. The service has improved over the last six months or so. Really, if you want a beer after work/class it’s not a bad place at all.

Victoria White

Let me start by saying we were simply looking for a place to watch some Monday Night Football with pizza and beer. It was around 6pm when we walked in to an empty place with the music turned up so loud we had to yell to talk to one another. Came in through the back entrance so we navigated through the restaurant. During our walk through we found a guy chugging beer and mean mugging us while standing by a back corner booth with a lady laying down in the booth and also drinking beer. Neither one greeted us and just mean mugged us the entire time as we made our way to the front. We assumed they were just customers having a night out. We made it up front to the bar tender who was very friendly, sat down and ordered a bud light. I watched the two in the back booth from where I was sitting because their behavior was a bit odd and awkwardly aggressive for the environment and time of day. We asked the bar tender if he could turn the music down a little and we were shocked to see the two in the back in fact worked there because the bar tender had to approach them in order to get the music turned down. The guy who was drinking on the job proceeded to glare at us after being asked to turn the music down and the chick who stood up out of the booth at this point was wearing a pazzos shirt and sweatpants. The bud light draft tasted a little off to us and at this point I did not want the two questionable staff in the back to have to leave their corner booze party and handle our food. We paid for our two beers and left. I used to be a big fan of Pazzos and have been going there for years but based on my recent experience and hearing feedback from friends who also share negative recent experiences there...I will never go back. Its a shame because Pazzos has such a killer venue with so much potential to be a great pizza pub.

Caleb V.

Pazzo's is, as Pazzo's has been for as long as I can remember. Not the best pizza, not the best wings, average other food items. It has a lot of TVs for watching games, decent beer specials and an "ok" beer selection that has definitely dwindled over the years. The service at Pazzo's isin't the best, but what can you expect from the college kids working there part time and picking up shifts between classes. If you want to visit a restaurant that has catered to the heart of the UK student body, check out Pazzo's.

Vincenzo Caccavale

Not sure why this place isn't jam packed with people. My wife, daughter and I had ceasar and spinach salad with the classic chicken wings. The salads were extremely fresh, very tasty and portioned to more than satisfy an appetite. The wings were very tasty and not 1 drop greasy. The sweetened ice tea was perfect. Great attention to service.

Andrew Lockard

Fave campus place to hang out. Their pizza and wings are amazing. Wednesdays used to have Pint Night which featured a different beer weekly. I was there every week for a very long time.

George Clark

had the 10" mega meat. very good thin crust pizza

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