Red State BBQ

4020 Georgetown Rd, Lexington
(859) 233-7898

Recent Reviews

Simon Johnson

Good country BBQ joint. I had some nice ribs. Tasty but a little heavy on the sugar and they didnt remove the membrane - I hate that personally


Red State has great brisket and corn pudding! I also loved the mix of people in line at lunch. People in suits and in farm boots. A local favorite. If you are in the Lexington / Midway area you should stop here.

Carolyn M.

Didn't even walk in the door. Scary!! It looks like there was a run down motel behind it that was very dilapidated. Afraid for our safety!

Bruce Brothers

Food was excellent. Just one of those places that has damn good food. First time being here, and so glad we stopped. So many bbq options, you can't go wrong. If I lived closer I would be a regular.Vegetarian options: They have a veggies tray.Kid-friendliness: Menu has kid itemsParking: Parking is adequate. There food is the focus not the parking lot so that means great food.

Wesley C.

Absolutely phenomenal. They're service was excellent, super nice, and quick. The food was awesome!! We are road tripping through Lexington and this place is perfect for an authentic taste of Kentucky that is inexpensive and fast, but that isn't fast food. Totally worth the visit.

Terri G.

If you're hungry, don't drive by! This place has spectacular food. Don't miss it! I've never tasted better baked beans. It may not look like much, but their food will amaze you.

Curly S.

I got the 3 meat platter. Wings were yummy. Brisket was ok. The sides!! Omgggg that banana pudding tastes like grandma was in the back churning butter, vanilla, and naners!! It was absolutely delicious! The macaroni was something serious. Very good! Greens were salty. But overall my meal was absolutely wonderful!!!

Donna H.

Double smoked brisket was amazing and we enjoyed all of their sauces, especially the small batch and NC Mustard. If you have room try the banana pudding!

Olga R.

The best bbq. Don't be fooled by the exterior of the building. Brought their chicken rub and sauce. The shredded chicken, bbq pork and brisket were fantastic

Stu C.

Looks like a local favorite!! Excellent food in a casual environment Brisket is the favorite Recommend

Susan Quam

Great local BBQ place! I tried the pickle fries because I’ve been hearing so much about them but they are not for me. The ribs were excellent, literally falling off the bone. The sides (I had coleslaw and potato salad) definitely have a homemade taste; they don’t have that over salted taste that is so prevalent in restaurant fare. They have an extensive local beer selection, a multitude of BBQ sauces to choose from, and the ambiance is quite unique. I’ve included a few pictures of the nearby motel because it really added to the vibe.

Greg S.

Great BBQ. This place is off the beaten path, but well worth the beautiful drive to check it out. The food is quality and the staff is too.


We visited late on a Wednesday evening. Cool, casual, & friendly atmosphere. Order your food then pick it up when it's ready. Liked the casual atmosphere but the food was a bit bland and although I picked it up right away, it was lukewarm at best.


Stopped on my way into Lexington for a week's stay for dinner. Unfortunately it was kind of late and they were out of some of what I wanted. What I had (brisket and pulled pork with cole slaw ) was good. The brisket wasn't as well trimmed as I like; the slaw was excellent. They had a wide variety of sauces, which was nice. I had the peach bread pudding, which was a disappointment which seemed to use canned peaches not fresh, despite the season.

Casimir40K Solomon

Wonderful local BBQ place. I came for lunch while staying with my cousins in Kentucky. The chips were amazing and I couldn't stop eating them and nicking some of my sister's chips when she wasn't looking. They have a wide selection of sauces (I'd recommend the Kentucky small batch). The decor is very republican; take from that what you will. The double smoked brisket here is some of the best I've ever had, but it is subject to availability so make sure to ask

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