Restaurant Aguascalientes

1400 Alexandria Dr, Lexington
(859) 367-0599

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Great Mexican food the original authentic stuff!!

Charlene Sims

Didn't like it much because I found hair in my chicken burrito and the waitress was sweeping while people eating which is very disrespectful because they should know u shouldn't allow sweeping because that's how you lose customers

Geena Smith

Great Chips an Salsa.!


This is just the best bakery to ever exist!!! The bread is divine, you can just feel the flan melt in your mouth!!!!! The cake is the best I've ever had!!! The tres leches was the best cake I ever had! Customer support was spectacular!! 100/10 will recommend this bakery to anyone who passes by this place!! Ps. If you skip this your missing out on a great experience! Totally deserves a Michelin star!!!!!

Joseph Karrer

Best food I have ever had, I would give this a 1000000/10 for everyone who passes, so many great things to order here, very divine and special food you cannot find anywhere else, easy 5 stars and deserves multiple michelin stars

PG Madden

Friendly staff, great atmosphere and good food.

Lady D

They have a huge variety of pastries! Very friendly ?

Vera Pravosud

Delicious bakery

Navid Yousefi

The most authentic Mexican food I've ever tried. Great price and nice staff. Genuine Mexican environment.

Suzanne Navarrete

Thy have amazing Mundo soup. The rice milk drink is on point nor weak. Friendly. Ladies need to listen little better not talking to each other but everything else ok

Patricia Broadbent

Great selection. Lots of new taste for us?

Pat Armstrong

Best tacos al pastor in Lexington.

Renee Aguirre- Colyer


Ernesto Castro

Delicious bread

Abel Vargas

Good old mexican bread

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