Spalding's Bakery

760 Winchester Rd, Lexington
(859) 252-3737

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Best Donuts I've ever had! The only reason they didn't get the 5th star was for cash only. Inconvenient in the age of plastic and modern tech. But otherwise a wonderful setup and fantastic environment.

Cyn Cornett

Cheap and delicious donuts. Easy to get in and out of the building. The drive thru when everything was shut down was a great idea! My favorite donut place! Early mornings can be difficult with lengthy lines but if you can go mid-morning, there is almost never a wait.

Pete Riley

Best donuts in the world, but very disappointed this time . I went there that morning but instead of giving me a dozen fresh hot ones they give old stale ones from the day before. Shame Shame Shame on you ! My family was so disappointed and we will never brag on your donuts again . Just proves you can’t trust any one any more !! Believe I will be trying a new donut shop my friends have been telling me about !!!

Dina D.

Me and the BF took a road trip first chance we got once state restrictions lifted due to Covid pandemic!!!!!!! Had the pleasure of stopping by this little slice of heaven called Spalding's Bakery in Lexington KY on our way through the Nada Tunnel to the Smokey Mountains for a little R&R... we couldn't actually go in the old time donut shop and peruse their glass showcases of deliciousness!!! We had to order by looking at their daily choices online and/order online pull up in the parking lot and pick up. It was early and we didn't order ahead of time. Everything we wanted was available and they were $1 each. We got half dozen for $6.00. SCORE!!!!! They were sooooooooo good. Their *cinnamon rolls ** are different than what I'm accustomed to in Chicago. They had a caramel glaze and much more cinnamon flavor. Just heaven!! * raspberry jelly yeast donut. *cinnamon yeast*Yeast glaze plainApple fritter glazed& o

Joe Roberts

This is a family type of environment. Friendly staff and absolutely amazing desserts! Honestly thus far in my three years being in Lexington I have yet to find another bakery as great as this place...cupcakes are scrumptious! Well done Spauldings well done.

tanya chadwell

These are the best doughnuts in town and have been open since 1929. If you want a delicious doughnuts that is different than the rest Spalding's Bakery is the place to go.

Chuck Summers

This place is great. They are working through this covid thing by doing curbside pickup. Well worth the trip there. The glazed doughnuts. AMAZING!!! Melts in your mouth with just a bit of crisp on the outside. Excellent texture. Homemade style, chewy doughnut. No cookie cutter ones either! Make your way there!!!

Jeremy Burgess

These are hands down the best donuts in the world, and I’m not exaggerating. Be sure to come early, so you have plenty of variety to choose from and bring cash. A dozen of variety donuts only costed $11. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Abby D.

Very good donuts!! It was our first time in this area to visit family and we had the plain glazed and the powdered. Very friendly service, super accommodating we got there a few moments before they closed. We loved the glazed because it was almost a croissant dough! Flaky and not oily at all. The powdered were good as well and fresh, but tasted more like a cake donut then a yeast donut. Either way we absolutely loved them!!! They are what a donut should be light, airy, not greasy tasting (but still deep fried). Thanks so much Spalding's -keep it up!!

Sharon Campbell

Best donuts I've had except today when I got a dozen glazed donuts. They appeared and tasted like they were a day or so old. I'd drove over 70 miles to get donuts and I was disappointed.

Ken K.

Innovation of a tradition to bring socially appropriately distanced doughnut comfort in These troubling times. Same great doughnuts, a variety of apple fritters, cupcakes and other goodies are available at the new drive-through on the corner of Winchester Road and Heaven. Get here and soothe and lift your soul a bit with the bakery treats and get some for your family and friends. Never even get out of the car. 11.00 a box of glazed.


We moved back to East Coast. Miss these donuts. We’ve lived all over the country and these were the best.

David Dix

Spalding's is a Lexington treasure.These are some of the best donuts around, and run by truly fine people. Highly recommend.


This bakery has the best glazed donuts. The line of buyers can come out the door. They can sell out.

roger thompson

The best donuts around. Oh and peanut butter cookiea and oatmeal cookies are sooooo delicious

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