101 S Limestone, Lexington
(859) 721-3091

Recent Reviews

Angelica S

There are two Starbucks downtown, the one I just went too, has the same prices, a clean well managed bathroom, the people who work do their best not to offend the public after what happened here years ago, and it's a comfortable envirnment that's quiet, even with others meeting. The building is well designed to minimize noise. The other is more for locals to enjoy , offers the same comfortable atmosphere, and even with challenges, has learned with the rest of us.

Mark Hendricks

I love Starbucks they have AWESOME coffee an incredible staff that is very friendly

Deep N. Thakur

All time favorite. Good ?

Andrew Lockard

This place is beautiful: new and modern and sleek! The baristas are great and super friendly. I was greeted as soon as I walked through the door. No wait to give my order. Helpful because their setup was different than I'm used to. The first drink was great, but I screwed up and forgot to order iced, they didn't hesitate to remake it for me. Totally my fault, but they fixed it anyways! Excellent customer service and my drink was awesome! #Winning

Katya Stasova

Went in and they unfortunately overcharged me for my order, I didn't notice it until I got the receipt. I asked for a refund of the overcharged fees, which they attempted to do electronically, resulting in charging me the entire order AGAIN, for the same overcharged order. Ultimately I left my drink and took a cash refund for one order. The second order they said would be canceled, never was though! Very poor customer service ultimately, I've legitimately lost money here. The place looks nice, the service is what's greatly lacking, hopefully this will one day be remedied.

Ross Kline

In addition to wonderful coffee and snacks, this Starbucks is a great place to study or work since there are plenty of tables and comfy chairs to sit in.


Pretty nice, they had a really good view of the town at the bar, so I could sit quietly with my sketchbook and coffee drawing buildings and stuff.

C. Nathan DeWall

Clean, fast, and convenient. This was my first time visiting the new Starbucks. Service was so friendly.

Joy V.

I visited the City Center Starbucks today for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. The store was very roomy and although a little minimalistic for my taste I found it comfy. The two baristas were very nice. Zach and Blaine engaged in a polite conversation with me and I enjoyed my latte' they made. Downtown is a bit out of my daily routine but I'll be sure to visit again real soon!

Olwen C.

It seems like every time I stop here to get my coffee something just isn't right. My most recent time, and a couple others, the brewed coffee wasn't hot enough. Now, I am picky about the temperature of my coffee, but it should still be very hot after I put a small amount of cream in it. The location downtown is good, but its a shame you can't use rewards at this location!!!

Tim Hahn

Employees were nice enough, but not well trained. Ordered a London Fog and most of them had never heard of it before. Took 2 or 3 minutes to find it on the cash register. Then when receiving my drink, the employee told me they were out of Earl Grey tea, so he substituted the black breakfast tea (without informing me beforehand or asking if I was ok with the substitution). Earl Grey is basically half the flavor of the drink so it's not acceptable to just throw any old tea in there. And to top it off, it was barely warm. My advice: Stick with the original Bucks down the street.

Henry C.

Stopped by this brand new Starbucks store in the middle of downtown Lexington today. Very nice location, friendly baristas, and comfy seating. Great for local hotel guests. Will come again.


I thought it is supposed to a "premium" store? It is bland inside and definitely not a RESERVE. Most of the employees are chatting behind the counter and not very engaged. But the 2-star is more because they got my order wrong - I asked for ice shaken lemon tea and got ice coffee. They were kinda busy and didn't get it replaced because my meeting started. The store is new and not ready - but if you are going to hire kids then train them.

kyle mckinney

Lady behind counter made fun of me for my name.

Brian McDonald

Today my bf wanted us to go downtown to try out the new Starbucks. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to have to pay to park when I could go to any other Starbucks and have free parking. I relented and decided to go. This is a brand new location that opened up on the ground level of City Center. There are only a few places at City Center open as other places will open up as construction is complete. We pulled into the parking garage and it said 0-1 hours is $2, 1-2 hours $4 and up from there. However today was or lucky day! The parking garage hasn’t started charging yet. The guy said it would still be another week or two before they start charging!

Elaine D.

City Center's Starbucks is modern and open with lots of light. There are several comfy chairs inside and outdoor seating as well. There is a pass through to the new adjacent Keeneland Mercantile shop. While I'm not a fan of Starbucks, those who are will find it a pleasant spot for a caffeine lift.

Will M.

One of the first businesses to open in city center. This Starbucks is clean and very open. It has a nice and easy flow to it. They offer most of the same things that every other Starbucks offer. The inside is very modern with lots of natural light looking right onto Main Street. They also have outside seating along Main Street.