Taco Bell

2917 Richmond Rd, Lexington
(859) 335-1212

Recent Reviews

Abby D.

I asked for more fire and the guy gave me two packets and said that's all their allowed to give out. We all know that's not true. Stop trying to protect your capitalist overloads by rationing sauce packets.

Ali Martin

Fast, friendly service, but the quality is severely lacking. Even for fast food standards. I ordered a crunch wrap and there was practically no beef in it. I took a few bites and noticed it was all lettuce. So I opened it up and sure enough. There was just the tiniest teaspoon worth of beef in one corner. Will not go again.

jim williams

For fast food it is terrible.

Anthony Walters

facility was very very clean food was very hot and maid to perfection staff was very friendly as well as the nighttime manager mr. Antonio Edwards very helpful very nice willing to do so and make customer very happy they were very busy at the time that I visited but they were very prompt on Foo time as well as not getting in a rush to help each individual bathroom was very clean no complaints whatsoever parking lot it was nighttime I could not tell but just from a glimpse under the night-light it look like it was very clean as well I would recommend this taco Bell to any one day or night!!!!!

Larry Blanton

Thank God we have a Taco Tico in my neighborhood . Taco Bell has relaxed standards and the quality of their product it's just not there anymore. And Emma Long lover Taco Bell sorry ....

Alijah Mack

omg so good and the skittels slushie sour or not so good and any box is good defintley go here and get the skittles slushie or what ever slushie flavor is new and any box cause it is sooooo goooood

Nicole Marie

The food was tasty as a taco bell should be but the drive thru worker kept asking "will that be all?" After every single item I said and even then they got our order wrong. We had to eat what we got because we were short on time.

Jerry Williams

Good food and friendly staff.

Jonah May

Good fast food. Can depend on consistency. My only complaint is that they took away the apple empanadas. Have to go to McD's now for an apple pie to finish my meal.

Rebecca Wasson

My favorite fast food joint.

Tonya Vasquez

Only thing is that it's more like a daycare for employees kids than a place to enjoy your food

Sir Ric Webb

Aunt been sick yet..... The toilet may say different but in fine.

Callie Keller

Very fast and got my order correct! Nice workers too

Porscha Russell

Terrible customer service. Woman wearing a red plaid shirt was order taker around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, October 1st. Very rude and disrespectful, especially considering she didn’t get my order right the first time.

Jake Hoskins

The food is good, but damn the service through the drive through at night is bad. I've literally been shown more human emotion when I interact with my Alexa.

nashwa elsherif

Very convenient place for everybody. Cheap prices for many varieties of food. Recommend for vegetarian people.


My order was incorrect, the taco meat looked old, tasted like it had been sitting out all day, wasn't hot, it was lukewarm at best. Workers didn't acknowledge me when I came in. In fact, they looked at me, turned their backs, and continued tonsicialoze with one another and conversate. A female worker was talking so loudly about her personal problems, you could actually hear her over the drive thru, and across the restaurant.

Krystal Parrish

Tried the new toasted cheddar chalupa from The Bell! It was delicious!!

Chris M.

Taco Bell standard food, but the reason I'm rating a 1 star is due to the order process. They have these new kiosks to help with speeding the order process I guess. They are easy to operate for anyone familiar with a smart phone or tablet. The order still took 12 minutes to be prepared! This is supposed to be fast food. Someone even came in after I placed the kiosk order, and they ordered at the counter, and got their food before me. The workers preparing the food seemed busy. Not sure what the disconnect was. The process needs some work.

Janet Dennis

Taco Bell is always great! A great place to use as your go-to eat out place that is fairly noutrishish.

oreda parker

It may just be me but I dont think I'm a taco bell fan. I got a taco salad it was ok but not one of the best I have had even from a fast food taco place. The freshness may have had a little to do with it. The shell was a little heavy with oil and I guess when you ask for extra meat it would be smart to ask for it to be separately wrapped to ensure you get what you order and pay for. I guess you get get 3 pieces of chicken with a regular order and 6 pieces on a double order. Anyway a small side note. Please give the customer what they order and pay for.

Taylor J.

Antonio did a good job. He works really hard at the third shift and al wya impressed me. I thoroughly believe that he should be given a promotion. He is always very helpful and considerate.

Google User

Sarah is just a peach ?? Not really. You can tell she hates working here. Pretty clean overall. Foods good, took 10 minutes for one burrito.

I Am Groot

Sarah is just a peach 😂😂 Not really. You can tell she hates working here. Pretty clean overall. Foods good, took 10 minutes for one burrito.

Joe G.

This is the worst fast food restaurant on Richmond road 3 nights ago I got 2 crunchy tacos added sour cream to them and 2 chicken quesadillas and they charged me almost $20.00 dollars, tonight I ordered 1 chicken quesadilla with sour cream and the sour cream was put on the side and they said 'it was already made' I told them if there was not a line of cars behind me they would remake it. I drive for Uber and I am out late so I come here a lot and they have never got my order right once I highly suggest you avoid this place like the plague

Chris Larmour

Not too long ago my impression of Taco Bell was a sketchy one. In the last year or so, this place has changed its tune - it is fast, efficient, clean, and an overall good experience.

Madison Harter

My food was done almost immediately after ordering and the place looked pretty clean

Jeff Draper

Need to update the store, staff was awesome as always

Courtney Morgan

i’ve been here multiple times and each time my order has been wrong. tonight i waited 30 minutes in the drive thru which is beyond ridiculous. after waiting so long i was missing parts of my order that i paid for. don’t go to this taco bell.

Jaymie Dearing

This was by far the best Taco Bell experience. They gave us extra nacho fries bc we waited like less than two min for fresh Fries. Very friendly staff and I believe the manager was the one taking care of our order but def a special thank you to this particular Taco Bell for outstanding service. :)

Kelley Harris

This place is gross. The food falls in your lap as soon as you open the wrapper, get real y'all

Gina Robertson

Great customer service. I ordered nachos and I was pleased the chips were crispy and not hard like some other locations.

Mattie Spencer

My food was delicious. I love visiting this location. No problem ?

Sis Kentucky Girl

I stop here often when I am in Lexington. the place has always been clean and the employees are friendly along with good food made to order that looks right.

Christine Bargo

Usually very good, a lot of the time the service is a bit slow. Though the accuracy of the order is never an issue. Staff is friendly and professional and the inside is always clean. My only complaint is that the road they are located on is not a preferable part of town to be in late late at night.


Good food fast. Friendly staff. Pepsi . Yay!

Marquis Washington

This is the Taco Tuesday meet up spot for the guys and I, and the staff is awesome.


Taco Bell in Richmond rd in Lexington is covered inside and out with BUMS!!! One him was inside sitting reading a book ..he reeked of urine and B.O...couldnt even eat..the smell was so strong!! More BUMS came and sat down and just stared at everyone! We are not going back!!!

Brad Decker

The food is usually pretty good, I've had a few times when I've gotten the wrong order or taken a very long time to eat.

sanjeev thapa

I enjoyed the foods....very good service