The Burl

375 Thompson Rd, Lexington
(859) 447-8166

Recent Reviews

Jason Calcaterra

Nice place, good staff, good drinks and good music. Can't go wrong

sarah shay

Really cool venue! We came for a concert but the arcade was worth a trip on it's own.

Cody Bunch

These place is great! Video games and alcohol. Great idea

Gayle Cinnamon

So pretty! Staff are amazing as well. We had so much fun and their arcade is just across the street! Very laid back and enjoyable.

Jacob Stiltner

This venue is perfect! I have seen 3 of my favorite bands here and the energy that this place creates between the artists and the fans is incredible.

chad v.

What can I say, you play video games and drink the local spirits of the distillery across the street "pepper distillery". Trivia night on WED friendly staff great old Visio games, quarters needed ?

Crystal Douglas

Drove nearly four hours to see my favorite band at The Burl. I've never been to Lexington before, but I'm jealous of this venue. I've been to a few places for shows in Nashville, Tennessee, but The Burl is the best bar I've visited so far. Great prices for drinks, friendly bartenders, and just a great place for live music. I would definitely travel the distance to come here again if another's good band passes through.

Tyler F.

The Burl was awesome. They have all kinds of unique and antique arcade games that are a blast to play. Most games are only a quarter. Which is not bad at all. They keep track of scores so you can try and beat the highest score. Will definitely be going back

Jason Coffee

Great place for Local Music. Staff is great. I've seen well over 50 shows here and always had a great time. Couldn't recommend this place enough. If you love music ... Especially Live Local Music you should definitely catch a show. They have it all from Bluegrass and Blues to Rock and Country. And sometimes something a little Funky.


Went to see the Wooks play at The Burl.

Malinda Phillips

Perfect sized venue for intimate shows but big enough to accommodate a bit of a crowd. Have been able to meet a few artists after the show. Normally have a food truck and fire going in the fire pit. Patio for smokers. Drinks are actually fair priced especially for a music venue and made tasty!

Alexander Trader

Drove an 1.5 hours to see a show tonight to be refused entrance at the door after being told it would be fine with no id. No where does it say on the shows info page or ticket purchase info or fb post on the event that the show was an 18+ only show. On top of me not being allowed in the guy in front of me wasnt carded. This was my first experience at this venue and sadly my last and now I'm out 40 dollars for tickets and gas because of it.


If you go early enough you may find your favorite band in the arcade across the parking lot! Assuming they have a show that night. Bartender and all staff very friendly and helpful. I started to only give 4 stars because I would have preferred more seating but I think that's mostly my personality and if you get there early enough you can sit at the end of the bar and have a good view of the stage, at least until a couple apparently considering procreation begins their dance maneuvers directly in front of you but this is not about them so I'm adding the star back. #thatstainedglassthough

Lance P.

This is a fun place. I loved the arcade as I'm a child of the eighties and nineties so I remember riding my bike to the one in my hometown to pump quarters into my favorite machines. If you're a pinball fan, go to this establishment. They've got about twenty or so and most are super cool. Across the parking lot is the music venue and it's a great size. It's intimate and there's an outdoor area right off of the main floor which is nice for conversation and having a seat to cool down a bit. Fun place, good drinks, great arcade, pretty good sound.


I am a sucker for Skee Ball & pinball, so I knew I would love this venue. This particulate business is split between two buildings - the venue itself & the arcade. Both buildings have bars & you can carry open containers back & forth. They have an amazing pinball collection, reasonable bar prices & a hefty dose of pop culture. I canâ??t wait to go back!

Stacey F

I have never had a bad experience at The Burl. Everyone makes you at home there. The music is phenomenal. The bartenders are super professional and fast. The venue itself is dog friendly and there's always a food truck at every event. Definitely go check out The Burl if you're in Lexington.

Mary Edinger

One of the best places to listen to local music, staff is always friendly and helpful. The location is great and intimate enough to really enjoy the show.

Macayla Graham

Standing room only music venue. My favorite place to come see a show. Bartenders are all nice and you are free to go outside to the arcade/bar and food trucks and come back in. No crazy reentry policies. Very relaxed and fun place to be for a show. I prefer this venue over Manchester Music Hall who are needlessly strict on reentry and security.

Stephen Casey

Great place for concerts or just having a drink and playing pinball. Recently attended emo night and it was fantastic.

Blake R.

If your not into big crowds or huge bands this is the place to be. Lots of fun and enjoy your time with friends, the arcade bar across the street is always a great night cap to a night of drinking with friends!

Megan W.

The Burl might have my favorite Bloody Mary in town, and the arcade is perfect. That wall of TVs is my favorite thing ever.

Andrew Dunaway

Definitely my favorite concert venue for an anxious introvert. There's a lot of more obscure bands I love coming through than elsewhere. Bar staff are always pleasant, bathrooms have always been clean when I've been there, and the outside options are a great perk.

Skyler Conley

This place is very female friendly and I've never felt threatened here like I have at some other Lexington bars. Great people, great shows, and great acoustics! Drinks are very strong but some people wouldn't consider that a bad thing!! Order a tall if you're a wimp like me

Chelsea Martin

Super fun atmosphere. Bartender was amazing. My husband and I literally just decided to have an impromptu date night and found ourselves here. We will be back!

Kevin Q.

My wife and I went to the Burl Arcade on a spur of the moment thing. We were thrown back by all the vintage arcade games they have. The have a full bar with several craft beers on tap. Very friendly bar staff. They have 2 money coin machines to get you started. Also they have an ATM to start your arcade adventure or to keep that adventure going. My wife and I grabbed a few beers and then walked across the parking lot to grab some pulled pork nachos off the food truck. It was a such a good time. We spent probable 2 hours here playing games and eating. They have some of the coolest vintage games from the 80's and 90's. Took me back to some really great childhood memories.

Thea W.

A great place to see a band. But there is absolutely no accommodations for a handicapped person. When I asked I was told sorry. They should have chairs available for those who cannot stand for long periods of time. I bought my tickets months ago and was one of the first persons to enter, so of course the few stools available were taken by whoever. I just felt they were not willing to help me out.

Jeremy Brann

One of Lexington's top music venues. Great location in recently revived Distillery district close to other restaurants and bars. Excellent line up of local music talent from folk, rock, country genres. Arcade next door has classic video games and pinball. Typically a local food truck in the parking lot for most events. Intimate setting to see great music and enjoy local brews.

Shalin Rene Prince

awesome bands. Awesome venue!!!!

Mike Terry

Definitely satisfied a craving that I never thought would be fulfilled again. Came out with 2 of my daughters and we had a BLAST! Felt like I was a teenager again ð??

Jennifer Parsons

I'll let u know after the concert, but I do know they have Awesome performers that play there. Already got my tickets, ready to go. It's already been a very pleasant & easy experience getting tickets & invited friends to join me via a cool invite u can send... Also spoke with staff about maybe partnering with a Ride sharing company to

John Hall

love the burl. space mafia put on a great show.

Jenni Parsons

I'll let u know after the concert, but I do know they have Awesome performers that play there. Already got my tickets, ready to go. It's already been a very pleasant & easy experience getting tickets & invited friends to join me via a cool invite u can send... Also spoke with staff about maybe partnering with a Ride sharing company to

servando becerra

Really cool spot its got a lot of retro arcade games and also has great live music. Always a good time


I love The Burl! It is small, but the wrap around porch makes it nice. You can get outside but still hear the music.

Steven Kimbler

When it opened, ticket prices were reasonable, but within a year prices basically tripled to get in. I no longer go there.

Brandon Golding

Such a cool place! Bartending is decent, but the atmosphere and concept is so much fun. A lot of variety of games to play for any gamer

Drew Gies

Awesome intimate, cool venue. Love it.

Carla Hensley

Cool place. Friendly staff. They get some great bands there. Could use more seating tho. If u wanna sit...go early!

YOLANDA Averette

This place is awesome. It's an adult arcade (Sunday afternoon's are Family Hour until 6 or 7) that serves a nice collection of craft beers, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages. I think they serve food but I'm not sure. The way it's furnished reminds me of a guys fraternity house back in the day. All of there seating was different. It looks like they went to every used furniture store and peddlers mall in the county and bought every chair they had. You can sit on everything from a kitchen chair, recliner, bar stool, something that looks like it's straight out of the Oval Office. It's crazy but a lot of fun. They have a nice assortment of vintage arcade games and pinball machines, plus Play Station and X-Box systems. They even have Ski Ball! I love sitting in one of those super comfy chairs that hug you from head to toe and just sit back, enjoy my drink, and people watch.

Capture Kentucky

The Burl is the hub of the Kentucky music community. Lots of great acts, local and national acts, in an intimate room. Decent prices on drinks. A nice bonus is the ability to step across the parking lot and enjoy the Burl Arcade.