Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

1781 Sharkey Way #2028, Lexington
(859) 317-5966

Recent Reviews

Carla Carrico Canfield

I love all the different salad choices!!My favorite is the Classic Chicken with apples, cranberries and pecans!! Yummola!!

Mackenzie Purvis

My salads here are always so fresh and I get very nice service from all the workers. Will be coming back!

Kali Jones

Great option for someone looking to eat healthy, GF, DF, and Vegan options that taste amazing. The staff is more than helpful, always have a great experience!

Daniel Boyko

Quick service with yummy salads despite being right at the lunch rush.


We order supper last night and it was amazing! I ordered the Chicken Salad and Strawberry Leonade. It was just the right amount and so delicious! My husband ordered Tuscan wrap and Tea. I wish we had this restaurant close to our home.

Natalie Lenberger

Went through the drive thru and ordered 2 salads. One was the maki shrimp and had no dressing on it, or on the side. Had to find a way to make a dressing at home that would be good on it. How do you forget to put a dressing with a salad? At a place that basically only sells salads??? Also, avocado is a main part of the was almost black, ruining the salad further. I usually love this place but was extremely disappointment tonight.

Jeffrey Weneck

They are terrible with customer service. Avocado were all bad amd didn't offer a discount on my salad. Didn't tell me the Avocado was bad when I ordered my salad knowing it was a key ingredient. When I turned in my free salad card full of purchases I had made just like today's she told me that she would not give me a full discount. I will not be back.

Deanna Smith

Love, love, love their food! And when they made a mistake, they corrected it with a brand new salad, no arguments, just we're sorry, how can we fix it? Great customer service!

Jacob Kendall

Large portions. Wraps, salads, nice selection of drinks. Really good!


Best salad I have ever had! The kale harvest salad is the best. It combines a perfect pairing of ingredients that compliment each other.

Catherine T.

Hadn't been to this location in Lexington yet since COVID, but they were very friendly. I love their food and salad (chicken taco is my FAV) and the quality was great. They were very polite and friendly when I was confused about my online order, and they helped me efficiently and quickly to pick up my online order via their drive through. They were quick, efficient, and good quality. Def recommend, especially if you want good food to go during all this pandemic!


I placed an order for 4 people. Normally this is a great place to order a salad. However, this time I was not happy with my order. I ordered a 1/2 & 1/2 (soup and wrap. The chicken salad came in a bowl not in a wrap. The wrap I ordered came with pecans and we asked that it not have any (my complaint about that is if the person had a nut allergy) no one called to say this has nuts would you like something else.

Jeff King

Excellent salad types made your way. You pay for the fresh quality.

Tiffany B.

First time trying this place out and I truly recommend this for fellow vegetarians or vegans. I recommend looking at the menu choices before going!

Morgan Middleton

How have I not reviewed Vinaigrette before?! Absolutely some of the most flavorful soups and salads in town. YUM! Today I got my steadfast chicken salad, but the cold weather inspired me to try the tomato basil soup, and I was NOT disappointed! I also tried a sip of my boyfriend’s white chicken chili, which was super yummy too. Maybe my favorite thing about Vinaigrette is knowing I will consistently get the perfect lemonade: lots of sweet flavor AND tartness. And lots of unique flavors, like pear nectar. I also love adding shrimp to their salads. A little pricey for an ‘everyday’ lunch, but so worth it for a treat.

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