Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

1781 Sharkey Way #2028, Lexington
(859) 317-5966

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Brian W.

I'm going to start by being thrifty, 16.95 for a Maki salad with chicken, 2 pieces of bread and a drink is way too expensive. The salad contents were good but the Sirracha dress was very mayo flavored. The tea was good but the coconut lime drink was different.The restaurant is clean and they did good on Face masks and social distancing. But when 2 guys came in without they did not tell them to put on a mask. They do have masks at the door.Just don't think this is my kind of salad place.

Kelsey P.

My boyfriend and I ordered two salads for takeout here last night. The portion sizes are great for the price, though $3 for a chicken add-on seems kind of steep to me.We called when we arrived and an employee wearing a mask came out and handed our food to us through the window. It all went very smoothly and I'm happy to see that they are taking safety precautions. Included in the takeout bag was two forks and several napkins - I definitely could have used a plastic knife as well, though.Overall, I'd order from here again!

Mark Arnett

The Mawi Shrimp Salad Was Awesome. 5 Stars. I planned on trying the spicy chicken soup as well but my appetite was fur filled with the salad.

Angie F.

Great salads. Either eating there or grabbing to go. I love the chicken taco salad and the tomato soup. My husband loves the Maki shrimp salad with extra shrimp.

Veronika Cole

I usually get a salad from this location (Sharkey way) 2-3 times a week and today will be the last time I do so. I found several hairs in my salad today. Not only is it sad that I had to throw away a 10$ salad but it’s disgusting. I’m now sick to my stomach. The health department and corporate need to be notified of this.

Robert Russell-Tutty

The Salad was Excellent but the size was 1/2 the amount of the normal dine in salad. No dressings nutsBread etc.

Laurie Simon

OMG...their food is DELICIOUS!!Love their classic chicken salad. May seem pricy...but not so when you will actually eat the entire serving!!

Carla R.

We are all coming together to support our community during the current crisis and Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen is returning the gesture! I ordered delivery for lunch. I was grateful to not have to pay a delivery fee and when our order arrived we spotted rolls of toilet paper in the bag. What a great gesture. Really put a smile on our faces during this stressful time. Way to support #TeamKentucky and all us home schooling, teleworking parents!

Gena C.

I had the harvest kale salad with added chicken (and I had it made with half baby kale, half spring mix). It was SO delicious! I was skeptical about the sweet potato bits, but they let me try a sample and they were not what I expected - a bit crispy / salty / spicy. These added a nice note to a wonderful salad.

Ann Games

Stopped here on the way to a concert in Lexington and was SUPER pleased with the half salad, half soup option. My friends and I all (even the gluten free friends) enjoyed our meals.

Shawn Barton

The food was really good i just wished it was cleaner

Lisa K.

I was in town for a couple nights on a business trip and wanted something quick and semi healthy to bring back to the hotel room. Online ordering was super easy. I walked over and picked up my order. When I got back to my hotel room, I took my food out and saw they forgot my chocolate chip cookie (I said semi-healthy) oh well I didn't really need it. I took out my chicken taco salad and saw there was no chicken...ok kinda bummed now. That being said...the food I got was amazing. The soup was awesome and the salad tasted amazing. If I wasn't here just for a quick trip I would come back and try it again. I also should've checked before I left.

charnice wright

I am absolutely frustrated with this location! I order the same salad every visit and somehow they seem to mess it up. I always add Salmon and they always seem to forget it. When I went back to get what I paid for the Salmon was hard and dry. It seemed old. I am tired of the free cookies and lemonade offered for my inconvenience!!! I’d like to get what I paid for nothing more nothing LESS!!!!

Joseph O.

A pretty nice place. I enjoyed eating here and I look forward to coming back. The atmosphere and decor is friendly, relaxing and home-like. The food was quite tasty and wholesome, and of very high quality. They had a nice variety of teas and lemonades to try. Next time I may try some of their soup. The only downside I can point out is that the menu is on a fairly small number of fixed salads, and despite having a pretty well stocked salad bar behind the counter, you can't just order the salad you want, you have to order a specific salad off their list.

Ashley Bradshaw

I really like this place except the have messed up my order on multiple occasions. Today for instance, they gave me a completely different salad and since I went through the drive thru I did not check it until I got home. I don’t know how much I really want to try that again when it’s a waste of time and money.

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