78 Coffee Co.

907 E Liberty St, Louisville
(502) 290-5046

Recent Reviews

Carmen Wilkerson

If you havent been, I recommend supporting this local business. Seriously the best, excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

Samantha-Heidi O.

This place is kind of pretentious lol but not necessarily in a bad way. The drinks are super good and I'd give the blueberry muffin an 8.2 out of 10. When my bf and I got there, we stood aside to check out the menu and the dude behind the counter just stared blankly at us. Almost creepily so. Didn't take his eyes off of us for the entire time and he wasn't even the one waiting to take our order. Super weird lol

Tim V.

Great location next to Falls City on Liberty Street in NULU. I'm not into the specialty sweet coffees-I want bold roast and espressos. This is a place to get both. Nice open space, with the grinders and roasters visible. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The coffee options are prominently displayed on the wall behind the register. I ordered their bold roast of the day with an espresso shot on my way to work. Love it!

Lorie L.

On our way to Paristown my husband and I made a pit stop at 78 Coffee. A small parking lot is available but we found street parking out front. Walking in we were completely impressed with the open space, holding their counter, a few tables, retail shelves and indoor roaster. I happily sat in a comfy chair to enjoy my drip coffee and share the blueberry coffee cake. The breakfast blend drip coffee was flavorful and a darker roast (I'm not a fan of light/blonde). I was offered a sample before ordering and even without cream I lIked it. A few food options are available - coffee cakes, muffins, red velvet cake and bagels. Samples of the red velvet were at the counter, really moist and sweet icing. The staff was welcoming and friendly. They answered questions and made suggestions, even walked out warmed blueberry coffee cake to our seat. Bagged coffee can be purchased as well as coffee accessories, glasses, and a logo t-shirt. They keep every space clean and tidy, including bathrooms. Looking forward to our next trip to try a cold drink next!

C. Ray

Great coffee! Extremely well done. You get what you pay for, for sure!

Amanda H.

I visited during the evening and it's a cute little shop. They have a good menu with a good selection of non-coffee beverages! They have smoothies and Italian soads. They have a good selection of coffee to buy and then make at home. They have the equipment to roast their own coffee too

Robert Stearman

Very good coffee and very diverse menu options. I got the espresso and it was really good. The vibe inside is very friendly and upscale, and the employees were friendly and helpful.

Aly Flagel Goldberg

Fantastic atmosphere! Great option for meetings or just working. Lots of electrical outlets and USB charging ports. Super friendly staff. Highly recommend it.

Kellyo O.

Amazing coffee shop located next to Falls City Drafthouse. Super knowledgeable baristas so ask them to make you something that they are dreaming about! Seriously, they will not steer you wrong. You may end up with a new favorite coffee cocktail ;) that looks and tastes amazing. I originally came here for the "Cuban coffee" which is not a traditional because they cant actually caramelize the brown sugar but it was yummy anyway. And ended up having a great conversation about Cuban coffee and coffee in general. It was fun and this is definitely a place I could hang out and get some work done while filling my caffeine laden body with this tasty nectar!

Shane Uttich

Fantastic coffee. Taken the time to perfect the craft. Roast on site. Great people. Located next to Falls City and Bandido!

Troy Petrie

Tired of pretentious baristas with waxed mustaches judging you on your coffee drink of choice? Sick of coffeehouses with sticky tables, creamer station messes, and chairs with worn upholstery? Get down to 78 Coffee Co.! The baristas are helpful and knowledgeable and will go out of their way to creat your go-to drink or help you find something new. Then, sip in a cafe environment that is clean and modern yet warm and welcoming. Want to geek out over some coffee? Check out their serious roastery setup and talk bean origin with one of the roasters. You won't be let down.

Patrick M.

Came in with my whole family at the end of the day. The baristas were awesome, even though I'm sure they had to reclean because of us. Great coffee, desserts, and wonderful service. Friday November 29th

will d

Has to be one of the best coffee houses in Louisville. Friendly Atmosphere is great. They actually roasts coffee here. Go by and get a fresh roasted bag of coffee beans. Need it grounded up? They can do that, they have coffee for Keurig Machines also. 78 Coffee Co. is 100 degrees HOT!

Dimitra K.

Wow, this is a great little coffee spot! I was staying across the street and stopped in here every morning while I was in town. I tried their cortado and a dirty chai both with oat milk, both were excellent. They were so good that I ended up buying their beans and chai mix! This is a cute spot to do some work or hang out and drink your drink. They have a bunch of interesting specialty drinks as well. I tried my boyfriends old fashioned and it was a funky take on the classic cocktail.

Yoseph B.

A wonderful spot with a very clean, refined aesthetic. They have spectacular drinks and service as well!

Jon Schwaner

Not a coffee drinker, but stopped next door at Falls City for a coffee stout brewed with 78 coffee and was so good got some cold brew beans to take home! Very nice place and very nice people! Thanks for all the help!

Christopher Caldwell

Great coffee, great atmosphere and cool staff. I highly recommend the Cuban!

Kelly Fineman

Caution their coffee is Hot and slightly addictive and could result in an increase of social interaction

Casey S.

So glad I decided to check this place out after seeing it in my yelp recommendations! Since going last week it's quickly become my favorite coffee shop in Louisville. I'm not often in that area but I go out of my way for their sweet bourbon latte! The building itself is pretty unique. It has a modern, yet cozy feel that's a great atmosphere for studying. They also have their roastery on the inside which is pretty cool! They have a nice selection of coffees, teas, AND non dairy milks which I love to see! Try the sweet bourbon with oat milk, that's my go-to!

Devony Paige Turner

Delicious coffee! Awesome staff!

Zac S.

There is no shortage of local coffee shops in Louisville and 78 Coffee Co. is what they all should aspire to be. Why no other shop has regularly offered coffee riffs on classic cocktails in the city where bourbon reigns is beyond me, but 78 Coffee has solved that problem. Yes, some offer julep coffee around derby, but here you can get your coffee cocktail fix outside of May. We tried the Cold Fashioned and the 78 Special and, while both were refreshing, the Cold Fashioned was a stand out. Made in the style of an Old Fashioned with espresso subbed out for whiskey, this was delicious and refreshing way to get an afternoon pick me up. They also roast there own beans and aren't burning them like some other places in town...you know who you are.

Christopher C.

Great coffee, great staff and nice atmosphere. The Guji is fantastic! I highly recommend this place!

B T.

78 Coffee popped up on my Yelp recommendation as big brother was following me and I was close by their location. I'm actually glad it did! I was looking for a good iced tea and not some junky bag drip that's old and stale. I checked pics of the menu and the amount of selections looked great. There were so many coffee options that I was temporarily distracted, but held fast to my original tea option. One of the owners waited on me and he was incredibly nice and informative. He recommended the peach flavor for the ice tea and I wound up taking the last chocolate chip muffin. The peach flavor was REAL. Not some crappy synthetic food scientist mix. It was so good. The muffin was also super tasty and moist. I looked around while the ice tea was being made and saw the giant roaster. I decided to grab a bag of coffee to take home and try out. There were at least 8 or more different types of coffee and all looked appetizing. I grabbed the Dark Horse blend with dark chocolate and molasses notes. I can't wait to brew it up. I will also be back for a fresh cup of coffee off of the menu. Inside of the store is very modern and clean. Seems like a great place to hang out for a bit and enjoy some great local drinks! Definitely will be returning soon. Thanks for the great service.

Saphace A.

Love this cute coffee shop! Parking is easy to find around here too. There's a small parking lot just past it that shares with all the businesses. Or you can do parallel. Since it's right behind NULU, I saw a lot of people who work nearby walk in here to grab coffee. I also saw a few others sitting on their computers. It's very open! It's got an industrial feel with all the gray. The baristas were super nice and smiley! I ordered the sweet bourbon latte with oat milk. Yum! The barista let me try the syrup before getting it. She recommended it! It's also nice to have alternative milk options. There are a good number of tables and other seating options in here. Not a ton, but enough. They have a ramp to go up to the counter which is great for those in a wheelchair! They also have men's and women's bathrooms. My friends and I sat here a while and enjoyed how quiet it was. People were mostly to themselves. It's nice to be at a coffee shop that isn't overhyped. I'm not in this area of town often so I'm not sure when I'll return. They have a lot of loose leaf tea options which is a plus!

Diane C.

I loved the simple decor. It is a great place to do work. You could even stand up while working because of the high tables. The coffee was flavorful. They did have a point system for when you purchase coffee. I was disappointed the coffee shop did not have gluten-free options or fruit for food options. They did have pasty that look delicious. They do have dairy alternatives for coffee.

Walt R.

Simple coffee roasts their own beans in house priced the same as Starbucks or slightly cheaper friendly staff good strong black drip coffee will try to return to sample the bourbon coffee they had sounds amazing !! Great for work until it becomes popular then I'm sure it will be flooded.

Jenn Harvey

Their coffee of the week, Blackberry White Mocha, is AMAZING! Great creativity and fun atmosphere. I will definitely be back!!

David W.

First visit - first impressions. Nice industrial space - open and inviting. A nice place to enjoy a coffee. They showcase their roasting machines in the front of the building, which I like and appreciate. I had an espresso and pour over, both made from Ethiopian beans. Both were very good - bright and well balanced. 78 Coffee is a great addition to the Phoenix Hill area.

Christina B.

Friendly staff. Inside was Beautiful! I ordered the sweet bourbon which has an in house bourbon syrup. It was amazing! Was not sweet at all.

Ellyse L.

What to get: specialty espresso drinks Time drink ready: less than 5 mins Vibe: trendy, modern specialty coffee shop and roastery Parking: street, medium sized parking lot next to the building ==The Space== Brand new space that's very open and has a tall ceiling to accommodate the roaster. They have a few tables and a counter with bar stools, but there's so much space that they could easily put more tables once things pick up. The hours are limited to normal business hours during the week only, which is why I don't see so many people inside or studying there. Also it didn't have a lot of outlets or large tables conducive to a study environment. Think of it as an elevated coffee shop. ==The Drinks== They had a lot of specialty espresso drinks on the menu that I knew I would not find anywhere else in the city. If I am able to get out in time, I'll have to try more. ++Cold Fashioned++ [4.5/5] I love regular old fashioned drinks, so here's an alternative for the day time with coffee rather than whiskey/bourbon. This is with ice and served with orange curls and cherry. I forget what they told me about the cherry, but I loved it. I usually throw out the maraschino cherry that comes with drinks, but this was a deeply rich and juicy one that it's changed my mind on cherries for added garnishes on drinks. I added only a bit of almond milk for slight creaminess, but it was good without it. With the ice, the drink didn't last long, but it was a neat drink to have on these hot September days. I think this has made me more excited to try the other drinks as this is more of an exploratory drink than a regular favorite to get. ==For Next Time== -Sweet bourbon -Mayan mocha -Affogato (for another hot day)

Kelly J.

I visited 78 Coffee Co. for the first time this week, and I really enjoyed it. My Iced Sweet Caramel Macchiato was great! I like my coffee really sweet, and this was it. Yum! The space is clean and open, which I also enjoyed. I had a short meeting here, and it was a nice spot for that. They have free WiFi, with the password prominently displayed, which I appreciated. I didn't have an opportunity to try any baked goods during this visit, but everything in the counter looked tasty. I'm looking forward to returning and trying more from the menu!

Emily H.

Ever since seeing their beautiful script logo, I've been itching to check out 78 Coffee Co. (I can be a bit of a sucker for great branding.) And what I found was a modern, clean coffee shop, that with the large roasting equipment, promises to make its coffee on-site as well. 78 Coffee Co. is located in the new development that also houses Falls City Brewing. It's close to downtown, close to NuLu, close to the Highlands. And in case you're curious, like I was: The "78" in the name is a reference to when Louisville was founded, 1778. There is a row of stools and counter with outlets and an array of smaller two-top tables, some of which are by outlets as well. The space is quiet enough to get work done, though you can also chat freely as well. It strikes that great balance. But onto the most important part: the drinks. I ordered a chai tea latte, my go-to when I've already had too many cups of coffee for the day. And this chai tea latte had lots of spice to it. I've been searching for a more potent chai tea since visiting India last year; this one gets closer to that. I ended up buying a bag of their chai to enjoy at home as well. Many of their desserts are made by Desserts by Helen, and I got the red velvet cake. It was just too beautiful to pass up. I visited 78 Coffee Co. with my mother-in-law, who got the coffee cake. This was a large-and-in-charge piece of cake and tasted delicious. I'm eager for 78 Coffee Co. to start roasting its own coffee and to hopefully expand its hours beyond 5 p.m. I'll definitely visit more then. And shout out to Kelly, the owner, for being so welcoming, checking on our experience and chatting with my MIL and I. He is passionate about his business, which I loved to see. I very much hope and expect that great things are in store for 78 Coffee Co.'s future.

Zain K.

Ultra-modern and highly polished coffee shop, interestingly located in a residential neighborhood where they aren't likely to appeal to many within walking distance, but being on a major connector street, and having easy parking, should lead to steady patronage. They've made a major investment here, having built out the space nicely, and having imported a set of high-capacity, aesthetically appealing roasting equipment from Portugal, and I imagine their plan is to roast for distribution. They haven't begun creating their own product yet, and I'm not crazy about the espresso they're brewing in the meantime (though it's certainly not bad). Also, their hours are still quite limited, so overall it's not quite worthy of five stars just yet, but I imagine this changing soon...

EmeWolfy .

Great and friendly staff, would recommend!

Patty F.

Great new place in nulu. Loved the atmosphere and the staff were super knowledgeable and friendly. They made me a custom drink and it was fantastic. I'll definitely add this as a regular stop!

Jason J. Reynolds

Great coffee, great experience, I will be back!

Nate H.

This is a pretty sweet new shop in town. They roast their own beans (setup looks legit). They've got a decent menu, and the coffee tastes great. For a little while you can get buy one get one drink while the shop is still publicizing. The folks are also super friendly from the owners down to the baristas. The shop also has a cool design and your typical coffee brew equipment for sale.

Susie Barker

Great service positive team great coffee!

Brittany S.

This place is really lovely. The design is sleek and calm and everyone that works there is friendly and knows what they are doing. Yelp says they sell bubble tea, but I did not see it on the menu. That is a correction for yelp, not 78 coffee. Great spot, good coffee, and the parking is easy.


Great and friendly staff, would recommend!