Book & Bourbon Southern Kitchen - Louisville Airport

600 Terminal Dr, Louisville
(877) 672-7467

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GregB gregb

Nice people and nice restaurant. Food is just mediocre. Mainly just convenient if you're at the airport.

Ben Van Meter

Stopped in for breakfast before passing through security. Service and aesthetics were outstanding. Tried their pecan waffle, which was good - but underwhelming. It was served with pre-packaged big brand syrup, which called into question all the ingredients they used. For the price, I expected more. Aside from the food, there were plenty of bourbon options. My colleagues and I sampled a few and each artisan amber was distinct and smooth. I recommend this place for the bourbon at least.

Michael R.

This place is a jewel at the Louisville airport before you go through security. If you arrive to the airport early or are waiting for someone this is prime! The bourbon selection is almost as vast as the staff's knowledge. The food is pretty great as well!

J. Brian Mitchell

Nice airport bar, with a friendly staff and tasty food. I've been here a few times as I pass the time until my flight leaves. As with any other airport bar, the prices are a bit high, but you're in an airport. ALL of the places are that way. At least you're in Kentucky, where things are a bit more reasonable. Nevertheless I will stop in again, when my next trip takes me to the Louisville Airport. The addition of plugs and USB charging stations at the bar is a huge plus. Free Wireless too.

Steve Sepaniak

Great place to grab a bite and a bourbon before your flight. Wonderful attentive staff!


Friendly service, great prices, and even better food!

Kevin Loder

I'm glad I left Chili's & came back here. The old fashioned was absolutely incredible. Salmon was good, but what I really wanted was steak. If they could add steak this would be

Debbie Reich

Chicken salad was not very flavorful. burger was blah. chicken sandwich was ok. appetizers were good - sweet potatoes as well as fried veggies.

Sharon Alexander

Good food and friendly service. Nice space and environment for an airport.

Aran Rodríguez

Good and neat airport. I think a few more food and drinking spots would benefit travellers a lot more.

Rebecca M. Richardson

Great breakfast. Friendly servers!

Will D.

Food is excellent. Comfortable places to relax before a flight. Bar is great. Only complaint is that with Bourbon in the name you really shouldn't be out of Bourbon. Right ?! Overall I recommend highly. The chicken sandwich is amazing.

Maria Kurple

I feel like airport restaurants are never as fast as you’d expect given everybody is on a time crunch. Apart from that, the staff was incredibly friendly and the food was good. Definitely try the chicken and waffles! I loved that the chicken was boneless. Makes it so much easier to eat.

Rob Osborn

outstanding service food and drink menu

Thomas Chlebek

Great bourbon and spirit selection. Food is good, but not spectacular. It looks like it would be a steak house. But there isn't any steak on the menu except for a chicken fried steak.

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Book & Bourbon Southern Kitchen - Louisville Airport

600 Terminal Dr, Louisville, KY 40209
(877) 672-7467