Con Huevos Restaurant

2339 Frankfort Ave, Louisville
(502) 384-3027
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Huevos Rancheros$10.99
Corn tortilla, homemade salsa ranchera, refried black beans, avocado, queso fresco, avocado mousse, green garnish & 2 sunny eggs.
Chipotle Poached Huevos$11.99
Homemade buttermilk biscuits, chorizo, poached eggs, topped with chipotle gravy & avocado, served with a side of fresh fruit.
Burrito de Mamá$10.99
Scrambled eggs, roasted bell pepper mixture, onions, chipotle cream, refried black beans, oaxaca cheese, served with a side of chilaquiles.
Chilaquiles con Huevos$10.99
Corn tortilla chips, tomatillo green salsa, crema, pickled onions, queso fresco and topped with sunny eggs.
Enchiladas con Huevo$11.99
Chicken or pork, tomatillo green or red salsa, queso fresco & crema, topped with any style egg. Served with guacamole.
Omelette de Papá$10.49
Roasted veggies, chorizo, oaxaca cheese & topped with your choice of tomatillo green salsa, ranchero red salsa or homemade mole poblano salsa.
Breakfast Torta$11.99
Mexican sandwich with any style egg, ham, bacon or chorizo, oaxacan cheese, arugula, tomato, avocado, cilantro aioli, served with a side of chilaquiles.
Mexican Sopes$10.49
Housemade fried corn masa, black beans, juici roasted chicken and slow roasted pork, all topped with tomatillo green salsa, crema, queso fresco and green garnish.
Breakfast Tacos$11.55
Four tortilla, scrambled eggs, chorizo, queso fresco and side of homemade salsa.
Drunk Burrito$11.99
Red Mexican rice, your choice of juicy roasted chicken or slow roasted pork, chipotle cream, refried black beans, oaxaca cheese, pico de gallo, plated with tomatillo green salsa or ranchero red salsa and topped with crema.


Iced Cubano Cofee$4.99
Almond milk, sweet, strong and super cold.
Pepsi products.
Iced Tea$2.5


Mini Pancakes$5.99
Two Eggs Any Style with Black Beans$5.99


Refried Beans$3.49
With tortilla chips.
With tortilla chips.
Pico de Gallo$3.49
With tortilla chips.
Fresh Fruit$3.49
Extra Egg$2
Jalapeño Potatoes$3.99
One Pancake$2.99


Yogurt con Fruta$6.5
Homemade granola mexicana, yogurt, fresh fruit & agave syrup.
Tres Leches Pancake$9
3 different kinds of delicious milks topped with whipped cream & fruit.

Hot Beverages

Café con Leche$4.99
The most traditional café served like in méxico.
Cuban Coffee$4.25
Small, sweet, strong and smooth.
Mexican Brewed Coffee$2.75
Selection from chiapas.
Latin Brewed Coffee$2.75
Brazilian & colombian blend.
Mexican Chocolate$3.99
Chocolate abuelita.

Fresh Beverages

Orange Juice$4.49
Fresh squeezed.