Decca Restaurant

812 E Market St, Louisville
(502) 749-8128

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Jimmy M.

I like Decca. It's got arguably the nicest patio in Louisville, with gorgeous fountains and lamps aplenty. From a pure aesthetic standpoint, it is as good as anywhere, and that includes the appealing, concise menu. I've never had a bad time here, and the food is consistently good. But in my opinion, it's not great, and seems to lack the excitement and creativity of some of its neighbors. The cocktails I've experienced have been particularly lackluster and the staff not particularly knowledgeable or enthusiastic. Were it not for the awesome atmosphere I would only give it 3 stars. But go try it and see what you think.

David C.

Have gone to Decca a couple times this year. COVID-friendly protocol was in place and the food was just as delicious. Had to sit outside, but Decca did a beautiful job decorating their patio.

Would recommend for both food and cocktails!

Aliyah A. Robinson

Loved it. Prices reasonable for cocktails.

Pati Uzar

Foodd here is always a treat. Unique and interesting, I highly recommend.

Sarah F.

Decca was the perfect place for our anniversary date! The outside seating was beautiful with all the trees and greenery. The staff all wore masks and gloves which made us feel really safe in this ever-changing covid world.
The salmon with sunchokes was one of the best meals I've had in a long time! I hadn't even heard of sunchokes before, but they're from the roots of sunflowers which is really cool.
One of our desserts was the apple crisp -  I have never liked baked apples in my life, and I somehow found it absolutely delicious.
The chef was magical. Our waitress was fantastic. A perfect experience all around.

Gary Guttveg

Great please to start Drinking Bourbon in Louisville and Anthony was a great bartender!

Will Greene

The outdoor atmosphere is wonderful. Food perfectly cooked and Sublime flavors. Support the amazing local restaurant in NULU and treat yourself to a relaxing world class dinner!

Lyla Moore

One of my preferred places for Seafood. The service was very helpful and welcoming. The bill was appropriate for the quality.


Nice vibe with good food and great service


Great ambiance, whether you're on the patio, in the main dining room, at the bar, or in the awesome basement lounge. Great craft cocktails, thoughtful wine list, and killer food.

Kaitlyn Oates

Decca is a special restaurant for my husband and I. It’s somewhere we enjoy celebrating our birthdays or anniversary’s. Due to COVID we had not been here since my birthday last late summer and thought it’d be a great place to go for it again with my in laws (who we converted into Decca fans). There was no acknowledgment that it was my birthday dinner. This is not the end of the world, but not a single person (hostess or server) acknowledged this. Furthermore, we had to wait for our table and as we were waiting I went to the restroom. I came out less than two minutes later to an empty lobby and my table already seated. I thought it was a little off to not wait for me to seat us. Service was very slow. Twenty minutes to get our first round of drinks - two margaritas on the rocks and one bourbon neat. Our entire meal took over two hours which seemed to be a bit long. The menu is very limited right now. 4 starters, 4 entrees, and three sides. Overall our dinner was good. I got the ribeye, husband and his mother got the pork rib, and my father in law got the salmon (good but not crispy as described). Dessert was a tasty selection but I was so underwhelmed by the portions. I ordered a $9 piece of devils food cake and coffee ice cream and received a tiny piece of cake - 1 inch by maybe 4 inches, and a small kids sized scoop (maybe a melon baller?) of coffee ice cream. It was tasty but a little underwhelming in size. The food tasted good but was limited and we were underwhelmed by the dessert portions and long wait times between courses and drinks.

Kris Cureton

Even better than I remembered, such a wonderful dinner and drinks. Save room for dessert, way worth it. Everything was perfect and unique flavors that worked so well together. They are hands down best restaurant in social distancing and safety protocols, above and beyond. I wish others were this dedicated, can't wait to go back.

Connor Tabb

I had Decca for the second time recently. It’s clearly a chef driven restaurant. The menu is familiar but inventive. The execution is spot on. The dishes surprised me and left me thinking about them hours later. This is what I look for on a nice night out. Really looking forward to returning.

Kristen J.

Had a great experience on their patio this weekend! Dinner was incredible as was the service. I had never eaten on their patio before and it was lovely! It was beautiful, nicely shaded, and overall was very serene. I've eaten at Decca before but this was probably my favorite experience yet! We will definitely be back!

Leigh H.

We came here on a recommendation. Didn't see the cool basement bar but ate a fabulous meal outside. Great service. Fried green tomatoes is a must. A very nice more upscale drinking with a casual vibe. Perfect portion size.

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