Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

8605 Citadel Way, Louisville
(502) 493-2812

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Billy T.

we walked in and were seated immediately. After the hostess left we waited 15 minutes and had to inquire with the hostess if we were going to get a waitress or waiter. The hostess immediately went and got us drinks, iced tea for my wife for me and promised service soon. it was quite comical as we and the table next us watched a waiter set and talk football with another group. 10 more minutes past by and we had decided to move on. I threw a couple bucks on the table for the iced tea and headed out to Door, as we left the hostess asked if there was a problem, I had to laugh. Dave's prices have consistently gone up and their service has consistently gone down what was once a great place to enjoy an afternoon meal has turned into a challenge almost every time.

Kym Aviles

The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Our server was attentive and gave us a great recommendation. The food was pretty good, and the drinks were strong (probably too strong)

Marcy McMickle

Excellent food had the garbage can special and cheese cake for desert. Food was really good. Clean neat staff was really nice. Went on a Tuesday reduced price day

Brian Sawdust

Food was luke warm. Sauces were not as good as we remembered. No Carolina style sauce. Slaw was bland. Service was good. Server was fun.

Jamie King

My family and I came in couple weeks ago as we love us some famous Dave’s! food was amazing and our sever Cloe was great! Only thing we didn’t enjoy was the young couple that decided to argue in the lobby, you can tell the waiter was not trying to argue with the young lady that came from the back but she was not happy with him. Me personally some couples shouldn’t work together ??‍♀️ Only reason I’m posting this is because we came back and ate Monday afternoon and jack was are waiter and did a good job we did not see the young lady that was upset with him! Food was great last night also! Thank you famous Dave’s.

Jason Kramer

We went online and checked their hours which clearly stated they were open until 9pm on Mondays. We then drove 30 minutes to get there, and arrived at 8:25pm to find the doors locked. We assumed it was a mistake, because there 7 or 8 tables full, so we went in the pick up entrance only to be greeted by a waitress rudely asking how we got in. I quickly responded that the door says they are open until 9pm, to which she said they closed the kitchen at 8:30. The whole thing was frustrating and confusing plus the waitress was just rude about all of it.

Izabel Vasquez

Our waiter was super kind and polite. If you had any questions, he explained it perfectly. Food was delicious! The experience and environment was great. No complains here. Loved it and would go to again.

Gail B.

Everything was delicious except for the coleslaw. Not use to that type. We had the Feast for two with the ribs, chicken and pulled pork. The cornbread muffins was to die for. I was going to order more to go but since they were closing the waitress brought over leftover cornbread and offered it to us. Don't mind if I do. I was a happy girl. It was 6 in the box. Gail B

Cynthia R.

Hurstbourne-Louisville KY My Mom had been wanting Famous Dave's for weeks so I placed an online order at 12:14 on Mother's Day for a 3:30 pick up. I didn't get there until 4. When I got there several people was waiting and complaining that their online order was not ready and of course mine wasn't either. They told me it would be another 40 minutes at which time I asked for the manager. I told him I had people coming at 5 and I couldn't wait for 40 more minutes. He began to yell and tell me I don't understand the industry and they had 6 cooks call in. I said I'm not yelling at you and you will not yell at me. All of this is unexceptional and unprofessional. just prepare my food so I can get home to my guess and I won't be back. He then took it personal and yell so now your going to take it out on me. I told him this is not your company so I'm taking it out on them. My food was ready in 20 minuted. I will not go back there, the service was horrendous. If you can't provide a service then shut the online ordering down on busy days. I could've just went and ordered then waited. Be prepared to wait or get yelled at!!!!

Cheryl Burkhead

The food was ok could have been a little bit hotter. But the service was great. My daughter went into the ladies room and she said it was terrible I think they need to clear there restroom more and make sure there being check regularly that’s pretty bad.

Ra_enHERgy Wellness LLC

Famous Dave’s is by far the best bbq this side of the Mississippi! The margaritas on the rocks are delish!! And that cornbread muffin, honey it’s the best!! Always fresh and hot! You will love it and don’t forget the different flavors of bbq sauce to try! Enjoy!

Odalis G.

Our waiter was very friendly and very attentive by keeping our drinks filled, and the food was cooked perfectly. This was actually my first time eating at famous daves and I really enjoyed it.

Liliana L.

Usually good food, tonight unfortunately was not so good came about a hour and half before closing, wouldn't recommend. Food was ehhh and they had no corn muffins disappointing....

Jamie Decker

The service was great! We haven't eaten here in quite awhile. I was surprised at the new menu structure. The menu was confusing. For instance No option to get a pulled/chopped pork sandwich and side unless you're good with paying $18 for the one meat and two sides option.. The quality of the food had also gone down. The beef brisket didn't look like beef brisket. It looked more like the beef you get with a Chinese dish beef and broccoli. It was definitely not the famous Dave's my wife and I remember. We will not be going back. There are many other options when it comes to BBQ for your hard earned money!

Alexandra G

This place has gone downhill recently. My husband and daughter got the ribs and I got the chicken sandwich. All 3 were really burnt and charred. We also had a random extra beverage charge. Not sure if I was charged $3 for a water or why it was there but it was tacked on at the bottom of the receipt. The service was fine and waitress was nice. My daughter loved this place but asked us to not go back anymore.

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