Flora Kitchenette

1004 Barret Ave, Louisville
(502) 742-3843

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I go here at least once a week, order a shameful about of vegan bakery items, and then proceed to savagely devour everything. It's almost like this place is sustaining my life force. Do yourself a favor and stop by, especially if you're a jaded vegan who has missed out on cinnamon rolls, brownies, donuts, and scones... they're you're answer!

Adam H.

Coffee was supposed to be hot but it was cold. Biscuits and gravy were terrible, worst I've ever had. Cinnamon roll was decent though ( hence a 2 star instead of 1).

Courtney Gapac

First of all, I just want to say, I LOVE that all their offerings are vegan. There aren’t enough places like that in town so I appreciate and respect the owners and their menu choices. I thought the food was good, just a little bland. I know some people don’t love strong flavors but I think a little more salt (on the tofu and biscuit gravy especially) would go a long way! My only real complaint would be the price per portion size. I’ve seen pictures of the breakfast platter with potatoes. Ours only came with tofu, a patty, and a biscuit. For $11 I would have doubled the tofu and included two patties. I know vegan options can be pricier and I’m typically happy to pay for it, but the portions I got were measly -and I’m a pretty small woman!

Erica Stiglmeier

The rose cardamom matcha is the best and I love that they have vegan AND gluten free donut options.

Carolyn W.

I will admit that I miss the Flora's of the past. I miss the airy space that is now Furniture Dudes. I miss the broader and easier-to-read menu. But Flora's still receives 5 stars because their food is just delicious. A "simple" thing like avocado toast is just served perfectly. They typically have a special pancake and I highly recommend the indulgence. My husband smiled with his latest special taste (I think they knew he was coming): Peanut Butter Chocolate. WOW! It tastes like peanut butter cups. It was too sweet for me. Their new brownie recipe is moist and flavorful. Their cinnamon rolls are excellent and I like their donuts. In fact, I have enjoyed almost everything I have tried. Just my preference but I found their scones' texture missed what I wanted and their fruit cup is underwhelming. Flora's tried to set up some seating behind their building but it makes more sense to take your food to a nearby park instead so you see trees.

Lacey A.

DONUTS!! every flavor is mouth watering, eclectic, and scrumptious. texture is on point. perfect ratio of icing. highly recommend you grab one of them for a guilt-free snack or treat yo self!Also, the meatball sub is oh so satisfying!*star rating does not apply to the rest of menu

Caitlyn Kogge

I adore this place. I have stopped in twice now while driving from Danville to Kansas City and their food is phenomenal. I have enjoyed everything that I have eaten. The staff are also helpful and welcoming. I cannot speak highly enough of this place.

Richard Stottman

Great place, but you need to come early in the morning when they open when all the food is fresh. I tried the busicuits and gravy, and they were OK. The latte was on point, though! My fiance got some vegan donuts, she really liked most of the flavors. If this wasn't a local place I wouldn't be too happy with the prices, but I'm happy to spend a little extra plus tip to support my community.

Kristin R.

First things first, Flora is OPEN (at least, as of June 27, 2020). Until yesterday, I had never been inside of Flora, so I don't know what it was like pre-COVID. But now.. It's a little weird. The space is shared with Furniture Dudes, and it's unclear whether the Furniture Dude's furniture is shared with Flora customers. The Flora countertop is in the very back, and there's no menu: aside from two tables outside, a glass bakery case and cash register are the only indication that the cafe is open.Anyway, there was no menu. I took a shot in the dark and ordered a cold brew, scone from the bakery case, and a sandwich. Cold brew was the same that you'd get from Sunergos (good); scone was fine but not great; "meatball" sandwich was on good bread but just as good as microwaved. ‍COVID precautions: The staff does take phone/takeout orders, which is very responsible. They wore masks over their mouths, but not noses. No gloves. To be honest, I probably won't be back. V-Grits is near enough if you're craving vegan "comfort food." As a vegan, I really want to see Flora succeed, but without any vegetables or even a menu to put them on, it doesn't seem plausible.

Traci Hall

Open daily from 8-2pm for breakfast and desserts. They also make custom cakes and everything is delicious!! Pro tip: if you go early, you can buy pastries from the day before at half price!!

James Robinson

Staff super nice . No menu in print. So the front house person read me the menu from a tablet. I ordered a breakfast sandwich, which was a doughie biscuit with oatmeal patty it had nice flavor. to pricey for what I got.

Meroe Rabieifar

I'm in love with Flora. Beautiful people and beautiful food. My oat latte was just superb! Vegan and wonderful.

Jenny Morse

Yummy and kid friendly--fun little play area and table for kids!

Tracy Smith

Love everything so far. I wish the portions were a little bigger.

Alexandria Gordon

Wonderful staff and wonderful food. I’ve never had a bad meal here.

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