Full Stop Station

1132 E St Catherine St, Louisville
(502) 260-8046

Recent Reviews

Matthew Tewell

INCREDIBLE breakfast sandwich. And I was able to pick up a dozen fresh eggs. Great atmosphere. Place is a gem!

Charles Abernathy

The hostess,Victoria was so courteous and polite. I definitely will visit again and bring a friend.

Kaitlin L.

I love this quaint, little coffee shop! The coffee (i had the spooky spice latte) was great. The staff was very friendly. The inside is cute, cozy, and bright. Great for reading/studying.

Emily H.

If you ever wish your fave coffee shop had more food options -- without being a restaurant -- Full Stop is the place for you. I loved my latte and my prosciutto baguette, and if I had wanted more, Full Stop has other great options on the menu plus a market with grab-and-go options and groceries plus drinks and beer in a refrigerated case. The beer selection also wasn't too shabby. And best yet, it still has a comfortable vibe. I thought that with the fast to-go capabilities of Full Stop that it might not be the best option for getting out the lappy and working a bit, but I was wrong. The seats were comfortable, and the Wi-Fi was easy to connect to and fast. It also has several outlets. There were a few other people working in Full Stop as well. Really, Full Stop is the real deal. I will be making my way to Full Stop again soon, to try more food, drinks and to pick up some beer.

taylor thompson

Was a very cute place and staff was friendly enough, prices were slightly on the high side for local coffee, but I?ll still be back, the coffee was good!

Linda Z.

A novel concept shop - half café, half convenience store. Highlights include car charging station, fresh-baked bread, locally-sourced meats, vegan cheeses, and cold brew. We came here as a pit stop and coffee break after getting lunch at New Wave Burritos en route to Lexington, KY. The space is air-y and bright, very inviting. Our cold coffee drinks were good for what we were after, but we were disappointed to learn that alternative milks are an extra $1. Overall the product assortment seems unfocused. I understand the approachability of a pack of M&M's, but find it strange merchandised next to gourmet local chocolate, vegan jerky, and artisan jams.

Saphace A.

I love this new coffee shop! It's cute, hipster, and very open. Loving the white color scheme! You can sit inside and outside and there's lots of natural light. They've got a tiny little parking lot, but parallel parking can be easily found as well. Looks like it used to be a car shop, since it's got that sorta vibe with the garage door. They serve food here, which looked good! You can also buy snacks! They sell merch if you want to rep. The prices are elevated! Probably higher than other coffee shop options in the city. But they've got the trendy stuff! They have oat milk and macadamia milk ! You can also add CBD to your espresso. I ordered a lavender latte with oat milk. Yum!! My sister got That Good Matcha Latte, which had matcha and CBD. She got it with oat milk. My friend got cold brew with half breve with pumps of vanilla. They've got vegan baked goods for ya! And non-vegan too. Staff was nice! They also have two gender neutral bathrooms!

Shelby K.

Has the BEST owners--run by a team of experienced baristas who are very invested in the quality of the espresso shots they pull. FULL KITCHEN, which means lunch + great coffee is now an option. I tried a shot of espresso with a churro scone, the cappuccino, and the iced latte. Everything was SO GOOD. Possibly the best scone I've ever had. Plus, cups and straws were biodegradable. Good atmosphere all around.

Angel Waters

One of the nicest coffee shops Iâ??ve ever been to! Iâ??m absolutely in love with the place. Staff is very friendly and deserve the world. 10/10 would die for them

Cameron Heyliger

Easily in my top three Louisville coffee shops. Excellent coffee, excellent food, fantastic staff. They have a cool little mini grocery, sell beer, just extended their hours, and upgraded their AC. Their SALAD SANDWICH is good. A SANDWICH MADE OF SALAD and they made it good. Do yourself a favor and come support this badass business.

Zain K.

A unique concept as far as Louisville coffee shops go. Vibe-wise it's a coffee shop through and through, but they also feature a somewhat expanded set of prepared food choices (the menu didn't appeal personally, but appeared sufficiently hipster-friendly, as you might expect), and a bodega-like set of grocery items (again, none of which personally appealed, and I wondered to myself who would come here to buy a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon). Anyway, the coffee (or at least the espresso) is Ritual from SF, very well prepared, and there is plenty of comfortable seating if you're looking to hang out and work/study a while, which I did. The one thing I didn't care for was the price of my 12-oz americano. At $3.71 (incl tax), it cost more than at *any* other coffee shop in town (yes, I've been to *all* of them), and a full $1.10 more than at Starbucks. Oddly, none of their other coffee drinks seemed out of line with local prices, and annoying, the americano isn't on their price list (which usually means it's the same price as an equivalent espresso, but that's not the case here). Now that I know, I'll may just do the espresso ($2.50) next time...

Aubrey Holle

So happy to have this in the neighborhood. The Blue Dog Bread (and apparently Nancy's Bagel) deliveries, and other fresh, local ingredients make for a great menu.

annie banannie

smoothest ice americano i ever had. yummy :)

Anton Osten

The bee free latte is delicious! The vegan scone is good too. Also, they have two free Level 2 EV charging stations.

Noisy T.

Went for lunch today and really enjoyed it. It's bright and airy inside and there seemed to be a lot of people that come in there to work and hang out. Tiny parking lot but there are some EV charging stations street side. My husband and I each had a kale and arugula salad (sans onions) and we split the prosciutto baguette. Both were really good, the salad was light and refreshing and went really well with the sandwich. We're a big fan of Blue Dog Bakery so we love that they use their bread! We also got matcha lattes with macadamia milk to go. It was our first time trying matcha and we really liked it. They have burgers on their menu as well so I'd like to come back and try them as well as try their coffee. We'll definitely be back!


Everything about this place is perfect. As someone new to the city, I can really attest to the fact that everyone here is beyond welcoming and helpful. On top of that, the food and drinks are d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.. Thank you for existing :)

Michaela P.

Nice, laid back vibe with great coffee, and an extensive selection of tasty vegetarian and vegan offerings. Plenty of seating indoors and out. Nice offering of quality market items. Generous happy hour. Puppy friendly and fantastic service. Not Starbucks!

Emmalee M.

Best coffee in Louisville. Diverse staff and incredibly thoughtful and friendly touches that make people feel welcome. I can't go anywhere else now without wishing I'm at Full Stop!

Jessica Cales

Everything about this place is perfect. As someone new to the city, I can really attest to the fact that everyone here is beyond welcoming and helpful. On top of that, the food and drinks are d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.. Thank you for existing :)

Vivian P.

The coffee was very good. The foam was creamy and had a pretty design. The coffee it self was smooth with a good amount of richness throughout. Definitely would come again. Coffee: 5/5 Atmosphere: 3/5 Service: 5/5

Courtney G.

Quick service, amazing food, a nice location, and healthy fresh farm and local food options to go. A low stress, easy stop on a day out. Love their many options. Let's be honest. I came for the avocado toast! The avocado toast did not disappoint. I hope to stop by again to study in the beautiful sunlit room, or grab a bite or coffee to go. A fun, full stop.

Garrett B.

New spot down the street from me serving quality food, coffee, and beers with great seating and plenty of picnic tables out front. They also have some grocery items available. Excited to see what they do next.

Lauren W.

Stumbled upon this place while out looking for coffee. Really great selection of goods. Greatly appreciated in their selection of food considering I'm gluten free. Not only that but the lady who made our coffee was super nice and had really amazing tattoos. Chatted me up and made me feel comfortable. Definitely would recommend definitely would come back.

Brian Dettman

Best sandwich in Louisville.

Suzanne B.

Not long after it opened, Full Stop had caught my eye as a place I wanted to check out. When a friend suggested it as a place to catch up recently, I jumped at the chance to go there with her and finally got to check in on Yelp this weekend and see what all the fuss was about. Located in an old service station in the Germantown area, Full Stop impressed me from the outset when I heard from a Germantown-dwelling friend that the owners actively solicited input from residents when deciding on the concept. Part coffee shop, part convenience store (with high-quality goods), vegan and vegetarian friendly with a spacious patio, Full Stop will fully impress you. We grabbed coffee and snacks (a delicious cheese and chive scone for me) and enjoyed the pleasant weather through the wide open doors. Employees were friendly and knowledgeable about the food when we asked. Also, bonus points for some awesome compostable straws that look like the plastic ones but will biodegrade instead of polluting! I'm glad I got to check out Full Stop this weekend and hope that my next check in is in the not so distant future!

Ben Keeton

Love this new addition to the Louisville cafe/coffee scene. They take their coffee seriously and serve a proper cappuccino. The breakfast sandwiches are killer. Try the avocado toast with red pepper flakes... it won't disappoint.

David Brenneman

This is a great little breakfast and lunch spot. They also have a small grocery selection of primarily vegan and health food but with some candy and soda too. Had the waffle, açaí berry smoothie, and cappuccino. All were excellent and came out pretty quickly. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Joe Spencer

Nice neighborhood joint. We had an excellent meat, cheese and bread platter for lunch. Definitely a good way to wat!


Nice neighborhood joint. We had an excellent meat, cheese and bread platter for lunch. Definitely a good way to wat!

Scott J.

Great place for a light brunch and some great coffee. The small market has an interesting mix of snacks and retail items. Wonderful addition to the neighborhood!

Monica U.

I have been waiting to try this place since I first heard about it. It was well worth the wait. The building stands out bright and welcoming on E. St. Catherine Street. There is a small parking lot, but close street parking is free and easy to find, even during lunch hours. They don't have their menu on their website, but it contains multiple vegan options. There is also a store where you can buy sustainable snacks, personal care, and other food and drink items. I had the Moroccan Stew, toast, and the Acai Berry smoothie. Everything was delicious and a reasonable price. They also welcome dogs and have for free dog treats. There is plenty of outdoor seating, which is perfect for a day like this. I've already told friends and family about my experience here. I can't wait to return and bring my dog.

Monique Franssen Myers

This is a fresh, new, friendly place to get a great cup of coffee paired with a small bite that can be GF, to vegan, to French...

Nike Sites

Full stop is a modern take on a convenient store that screams millennial. They provide quick snacks and drinks as well as handcrafted beverages. The staff is chill and friendly and they make a mean Cortado. I love the location and I hope they provide more local options as well as coffee

Brian R.

Moroccan stew, which is vegan is amazing! Best that I've ever had. Their cheese and chive scone? A bit overcooked and too dry, but tasty! A touch more water and/or fats will get it to crumbly goodness. It wasn't my first choice. It was my only one. They stop serving lunch after 2p. I'd argue that, being one of the few quality places to eat in the immediate area, that they'd want to rethink that policy. Hungry visitors like me appreciate a place to eat, regroup, and move on with the day. The place is a converted garage, and the vibe is that hipster concrete and minimalist with racks and tables that works well for this place. It's also a small grocery with authenticity foods sourced locally, and M&M mars candies. Maybe they're becoming like typewriters and LPs... Vintage. Service was friendly. Parking is a bit problematic when they are busy. Not a lot of spaces, and they rope off most of their triangle lot. Their EV is streetside, off the curb, and not marked by the city, so anyone can park there. Don't get your hopes up to use it.

Kristen G.

We came here for brunch on a Sunday around 11. Unfortunately, they were out of biscuits. I got the waffle with chocolate chips and some blackberry jam and toast. I kid you not, this is one of the best waffles I have ever had. I would only preferred a light bit more syrup on the side. The jam was perfect and sweet and paired well with the blue dog bakery toast. The latte I got was wonderful too! We will be back for more!

Erin Jones

Friendly staff! Delicious brkfst sammich!

Sarah C.

Pulled up. Parked the car. I walked in to order a breakfast sandwich and some coffee on my way to work one morning. The sandwich was oh so yummy with a fresh, runny egg (my fav), some cheese, micro greens (or maybe it was arugula)...all on blue dog bread! The best! The coffee was great and the space is comfy. I couldn't stay long since I was on my way to work. Lots of snack options sitting out staring at you. I might have to check back in around lunch one day. Oh, if you have an electric car you can plug in right out front. That is pretty cool.

Rosalind Streeter

Came here for a central meeting place and was PLEASANTLY surprised by the delish oat milk latte, vegan GF donuts, fast WiFi, corner store goodies (chips, sodas, beer). Amazing!

Rosalind Streeter

Came here for a central meeting place and was PLEASANTLY surprised by the delish oat milk latte, vegan GF donuts, fast WiFi, corner store goodies (chips, sodas, beer). Amazing!

Brittany S.

Clean, comfortable vibe. The coffee was great. Also had the avocado toast, which was deliciously perfect. Happy to have Full Stop in the neighborhood!