MAF Gallery & Cafe

976 Barret Ave, Louisville
(502) 494-1137

Recent Reviews

Clara Baggett

This is an unassuming gem of a coffee shop! It isn?t like most, as it is in an old house and they floor art by locals, rotating monthly, I believe. Very neat and great mission. Also, I am not a huge Frappe person, but they make the BEST one here. I highly recommend the Fruity Pebbles one... wow. Also, their man barista is a sweetheart.

Zakia Holland

Great place with great vibes, music and even greater coffee!

Best R.

I went to this "cafe" early.... there was nobody there. The place is complete disaster unkempt. The girl attending the place did not even want to get up from the couch to attend the customers. She just looked at her phone and said -- the menu is "over there"... What the actual F*** am I supposed to do... get the menu myself and serve myself? Then they don't have whole milk just 2% 'milk-water' and then the fake milks ( almond, coconut and of course soy ). The place has a back patio and it is a disaster. 1-Broken tables 2-Broken Chair with a huge F****** hole in it where some a*****e obviously kicked it or tried to stand on it. Instead of throwing it away -- there the chair sits 3-dirty and shit "art" that all the druggies think is real art abound and 'adorn' the place. You know the type of 'art' that your loser semi-retarded druggie cousin makes because his parents were divorced. Basically druggie and kids with problems art. --- Well the entire place is covered in that. If you are a druggie kid, who has problems and you don't want to fix them and you have problems that you are trying to drown out with drugs, weed alcohol and feminism.... then yea -- this place is just for you. If you have a less than perfect life... but you actually want to fix it and start helping yourself and improving your life -- THEN THIS PLACE IS NOT FOR YOU. How this place is still in business is beyond me.

Kegan Kegley

Best damn coffee in Louisville.

Krista Cheatham

We went to an art show. The place is small, but nice.

Shauntrice Martin

This is absolutely the BEST cafe. The service is beyond excellent and being there makes me feel amazing. The staff members are friendly and the ambiance is on this urban bohemian vibe. The owners are also personable and it is a great place to chill or get work done. Art is all around and it is very diverse.

Hobojobo 935

It was a koo spot people are nice

Toya Tucker

I went in with a headache and came out without an headache and was very relaxed. It's an amazing atmosphere!

Haley Rhine

Grab the Oreo Frappe it's delicious. This is a Black Owned Business.

Kimberly Grace

Awesome vibe, great conversations & all around dope spot.. definitely on my radar, absolutely will be back

Ronald L Usery Jr

The coffee is very good! The owner and employee's are extremely nice as well. I would recommend this place to everyone. #Buylocalfirst They also host local events and recently let my friends and me hang our artwork in their gallery for the month.

Gabriela D.

There is always a first time for everything! I finally checked out MAF today! My friends recommended I check it out. I was really excited to learned all the things that encompass MAF. As soon as I walked in, I felt the energy in the room. Incense were burning. The place was fairly quiet. There were people having a group/business meeting. I walked to the counter where I was greeting by such a nice barista. I ordered a mall white chocolate mocha! I choice to stick around and get some work done. The art work was amazing and vibe was chill. If you're looking for an edgy, cool place to grab some coffee and kick it. I'd recommend this coffee shop.

JJ Haws

You have a choice when you get coffee. Do you feed corporations or small local shops? This is the latter, full of cool art and character.

Kori Black

I love this place!! It has a small home feeling to it and the drinks Iâ??ve had were great. I go atleast once a week

Ruben Anthony

This place is too chill. As an entrepreneur I love a calm place to be able to hit the wi-fi, As an artist I have so much respect for a wall I can write on and as a fat minded-chocoholic... I'm just at home. Chelsea had me drinking things I didn't know exist that were even healthy. I love it.

Alexis McGee

Such an eclectic ambiance! Retro art & media with amazing frappes & vegan snacks:)

Dakota S

Awesome atmosphere & delicious drinks

JaFayre Covington

Great experience. Culture, vibe, and drinks were good. Come check it out

Kentucky Greens

We rented this venue to promote our startup business and not only did they set up just how we asked they helped promote our business and introduced us to new clientele. Both owners Sketch and Chelsea were very involved with their customers which was very pleasant to see. We now have the opportunity to sell our products in the future through this cafe. Very comfortable space to conduct business.

Truman Harris

This place is great! The management is friendly, accommodating, and wonderful to be around, and the coffee is amazing. The atmosphere is super chill and inviting. This is definitely the place in the highlands to go if you want to just relax and catch up with an old friend while drinking coffee.

Ike Moody

A really refreshing experience.. Good conversation, extraordinary coffee, warm vibe.

Chajuana Rene

Great hospitality. Definitely supporting this establishment from now on anytime I have a meetup. It's a very comfortable atmosphere.

Jess Elle

Everytime I'm here I leave happy. I love this place!!!! Great atmosphere, outlets which make it a great place to study, good for intimate meetings, great beverages and cupcakes, friendly employees and wifi!

Jessica G.

Everytime I'm here I leave happy. I love this place!!!! Military discounts which is ALWAYS a win in my book, great atmosphere, outlets which make it a great place to study, good for intimate meetings, great beverages and cupcakes, friendly employees and wifi! Also has this cute little outdoor patio, come check it out!

Chelley Rouda

A for the art gallery efforts. C for the coffee shop efforts. Went in for coffee and a pastry or other breakfast items. Did have a supply of coffee but zero pastries except for pre-packaged granola bars and soda can cupcakes. Those looked cute for sure, but just sugar. Sweet rock and succulents gardens in front. Will try again and update any different experience then.

Diane C.

The artwork was super cool. It gets warm in there with a crowd of people. It has a cozy feel to it. My suggestion is to put the menu on the tables so if there is a line people can sit and decide what they would like. They have medium and large drinks. I order an oreo frappe. It was made with love!!!! So yummy. They have to snack food but no hearty food options at this time. It is a blacked owned business which is really cool. It is only two people who run the shop right now which are the owners. They were really nice and had a great conversation with me about how the business got started. I would like to go back and have the lemon smoothie.

Brandon H.

Cool vintage vibe, cool employees, great outdoor patio, and unique drink options. You have to try the Fruity Pebbles Frappe!

Danielle Marie

I really enjoyed the art and the vibe in this place!!! It is a laidback and relaxed environment. Can I suggest that you all have more sugar-free products for your beverages?

Jeremy Nanney

Just a bunch of drug dealers out the back.

Shunika Parker

Awesome lil spot! Low key, mellow place! The art is beautiful, the music Great! And the coffee was all that. And to top it off all the staff was great and services were too! Will definitely be back!

Toni Lynette Cristy

Such a friendly atmosphere! The fruity pebbles latte is really good too

Aubrey Clemons

Relaxed setting! Great java! Great service

Sophie Quinn

Gallery K recently moved to this location (