Home Run Burgers & Fries

in front of Stonybrook theater, 2723 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville
(502) 409-7004

Recent Reviews

stacey hall

Its the 2nd time we've had a ? from Home Run Burgers in 4 days. Lunch on Saturday and returned for dinner Wednesday night. We had a different burger both times. Good quality beef. We will go back

Brandy Lee

Covid-19 is going on and the cooks are eating while preparing food. Not changing gloves. Grabbing fries with their bare hands. Are you kidding me??

Clarence Ridley

Delicious burger and fries. The service was also very good ?.

Ron N.

Great burgers, ordered online and they were packing it up when I arrived. Fries were average at best but the burgers make up for it

Tim Michiemo

Ordered a burger, chicken sandwich, hot dog and family fries for a pick up order (due to the virus). They were very friendly ordering over the phone and prepared the food quickly. The meal was delicious! I got a double cheeseburger which tasted great. Would recommend this place to a good quick meal and tasty burger!

Donnie Moore

I always love being able to stop in and grab a top notch burger and fries! If you are set on burgers, I would come here before all other options! It really is that good!

Wes Brockway Sr

Very good burgers and fries...hot dogs too! The burgers are cooked fresh and are served hot! Very tasty.

Amy Powers

Amazing food! Cannot wait to eat there again! Love the cajun fries!

Lane Fields

TASTIEST burger in town. the morning staff tends to be much friendlier and better than the evening crew. all around good spot

Alan Basham

My son and I stopped in for lunch. Neither of us had ever been here before. For 2 people to go into a burger joint and spend over $30.00 on double bacon cheeseburgers, fries and drink I would have expected the burger to be Great. Unfortunately it was barely bigger than a White Castle slider, had grease dripping off of it, the fries were so salty I could have used them to hunt for deer and on top of that, they were soggy. I enjoy a good burger and fries with my son, this place was a joke. The food is WAY over priced for the quality and size, and the staff kept walking out the front door to smoke then would return straight to prep food or take an order. I never saw anyone wash hands. I know why on a Saturday, middle of the day, lunch time, we were 2 of only 5 people in the place. Will NEVER go back.

Brian Perkins

Fantastic burger place! I loved the options and choices of burgers offered. The prices were good and the food tasted great. The service here was also very good. I found the store to be clean and the other patrons all seemed to enjoy their meal. This was a great place to visit for a good Burger.

Darius Walker

Fairly priced burgers ($19.38) for two double combos. Great quality. Pretty quick service.we got in by 7p and had finished our burgers before 7:30p. We'll def be back

Thomas R

This is a four star review but the fries get five stars- they are great fries. This place is similar to Five Guys, so if you like that then you'll like it here.

Soph Stone

LITERALLY the best burger in all of kentucky. I’ve only been to the one on cardinal Blvd but it saved my life. Don’t miss out on the fries they’re amazing.

Justin Page

They have circle cut bacon for their burgers. It's bacon in every bite. Anybody that is willing to change the way things are normally done to make you a better burger are ok in my book.

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