Home Run Burgers & Fries

in front of Stonybrook theater, 2723 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville
(502) 409-7004

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Emily C.

If you are in the mood for a greasy burger and fries, this is the spot. They have a lot of different topping options for their burgers and hot dogs. The fries were really good- I got them topped in cheese because how can you go wrong with cheese fries?! I got frizzled onions on my burger and they weren't crispy anymore but the time we got home but there was traffic so I can't be mad at that. It was a little greasier and messier than I like, but that's just personal preference. I had my fiancé go inside to order so I can't tell you much about covid guidelines being followed. We each ordered a burger and fries and it probably took about 10-15 minutes. And it was pretty cheap too!

Ryan M.

Trying something new today and keeping it local. Well cooked burger that was still juicy and not dried out, very tasty and flavorful. Went with pepper jack cheese instead of the cheddar. Melted to perfection on top of the burger. Cajun fries were a slight bit soft for me, not all but there were some. Seasoning was decent and we'll proportioned. Of course there was a few that had more than others but cajun fries are always a favorite for me wherever I go. Easy to order with the menu displayed right out in front for you to see clearly always a plus inatead of having to read off paper or stare up into the ceiling. Comfortable relaxed atmosphere and fast service. If you haven't tried this place yet I highly recommend it. You also have the option to build your own burger as well. I have to try the others they have to offer before I go that route, but I will be returning here.

Nancy Rowley

The best burger I have had in a while!

Tyler Nally

This place is dirty, the food was nasty and overpriced. The manager came out and his hygiene was extremely poor. I could smell the funk of body odor, even with the required 6 ft of social distancing. Do not eat here. Many better burger places in town.

Mark Joubert

I'm not sure what happened since COVID, but the quality of their food fell through the floor. Dry, overcooked burgers, dry buns (like trying to reuse last summer's fourth of july buns that have been sitting in a freezer all year), and the wait was ridiculously long. Used to be good, disappointing.

Nate b

if i had one wish... it would be for this establishment to crumble into bankruptcy (metaphorically of course)Dry buns, dry burgers, dry toppings, we should call this place home run burgers and DRYs

Amber L.

Wow! Employees cussing and fighting right in front of customers. Where the hell is the managers? I can hear one guy screaming all the way from the back. 3/27/21 around 3pm.

Joe A.

I was very impressed and satisfied with the taste of these burgers. I think that it's on the same level with 5 guys. The prices are similar, slightly cheaper, and the service is just as good. Food comes out quick and the fries are tasty.

Kim Crandall-Ashbaugh

Amazing customer service and great food!

Jennifer Ashbaugh

It was really good food & great service

philip sahli

Their cheese sauce is changed their onion rings are still good though

M Here

Covid. Friendly well some the cooking lasy very covid friendly washes her hands mask above nose also mng counter girl a sweetie only 4 stars because of other staff no mask above nose and clowning around great food though


Fast service, clean place. Great food


Drove all the way to Backyard Burgers only to find they were closed. Craving a burger! My daughter texted Home Run Burgers' menu, and they were actually closer to my house. The burgers were very good. I prefer my fries a little more crispy than what I got, but they were decent. Maybe I can ask them to leave them in for another minute, since they seem to make each order personalized. Good location. If your family desires a variety of foods, they are right next door to McAllisters' Deli. Order to go and meet back at the car!

d0d41x d

This place is fantastic! Convenient pricing, large dishes and the employees are consistently very welcoming.

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