Home Run Burgers & Fries

in front of Stonybrook theater, 2723 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville
(502) 409-7004

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Marie Me

The fries were delicious I Asked if the burgers were well done she said yes, but they weren't nor were they hot?

Donne W.

I really like this place! It is nothing fancy but I mean that in a good way. Classic burgers and greasy food. The Chili-cheese fries were phenomenal! I suggest adding the Cajun spice. Service was quick and friendly and prices are excellent. A good ole greasy burger hits the spot!

Luke Block

Great food when they aren’t out of ingredients or toppings which has been pretty often and they stopped answering the phones

Jacob Thompson

One of the best choices to pick up a burger. I recommend the chili fries.

Schyler Gillett

First time at this location. I always get the Bases Loaded. The egg was over done, but over-all tasted great. Dining room was mostly clean. Maybe its just the lay-out of the restaurant, but I prefer their other location near Prospect I think.

Melissa Bridwell

I love home run burger usually…… but last night me and my boyfriend stopped in to get burgers with cajun cheese fries. I ordered online and when we got to the restaurant the cashier argued with my boyfriend saying his receipt didn’t say fries of any kind we showed our receipt. He finally gave me my cold disgusting fries and sprinkled Cajun on top of the cheese not the fries ? I was gonna add a picture of the fries but it wouldn’t let me.

sue Heiskell

Burger was hot off the grill, fries were hot, delicious. Fast friendly service

Mary Elise Schlich

The food was good and service was fast but the restaurant was pretty messy

Anthony Setters

This place has the best tasting burgers on the city. If i want a good classic burger i go here.

Amy R.

Ate here for the first time in awhile. My husband likes that he can pile a bunch of stuff on and make it how he wants. They have like 30 free toppings. It's crazy. I decided to try the Reuben Burger. It was a burger on a rye bun, with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. I added grilled onions at no extra cost. You can choose any burger as a single, double, or triple. The Reuben was delicious except that the burger itself was a bit dry and my husband said the same about his. All and all, not bad for the price we paid. I do have to add that the parking lot that they have in the shopping center where this is located is scary. Very narrow with sharp corners. Be careful!


Big sign above door says #1 in Louisville but I don't agree with that statement. Definetly a good burger especially when paired with cajun fries but I have had few burgers in my life and this would not be my pick for #1 in Louisville.

Kei'ona Cox-K'Peahay

Stopped here based on reviews as we passed through Kentucky. I had to give a star to write this post. So disappointed in what we were served. They should be ashamed at what the served my family. Our beef dog was dry and looked old! No chilli for the :/ chilli dog. Fries were old and cold. We were to far to return the meals or else I would have went back and demanded my money back. Eat else where!!

Deslegar4227 (Deslegar4227)

Bases loaded burger was delicious! Usually get chili cheese fries but they were out of chili. Got bacon cheese fries instead, and I think I found my new usual! Ask for the fries to be cooked extra crispy, makes them so much better IMO.

Matthew Pearce

Best Burger in Louisville. Best Fries in Louisville.Note : For whatever reason only this location of Home Run is this good. I am not a huge fan of the burgers at the other locations.

Ed Baker

Always good burger and fry option, step above fast food options.

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