Jumbo Buffet

2731 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville
(502) 495-0028

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Awesome selection of food...You will leave satisfied


this place is my favorite restaurant to go to! i love the chicken there. the food is amazing and the staff is so kind! they do their job, help customers, and are over all really kind! i love the restaurant! this deserves a five star rating!

Devon Romero

It was very good. The food is fresh. They fix your plate so all you have to do is tell them what you want.

Thomas Cox

No stars this place is horrible! Food has no seasonings, we seen a roach in the pen cup at the front desk and they are over priced at $14.99 for a buffet so small. Business does NOT match the name!! ?

Patrick Little

With covid you do not serve yourself. Service was awful. No refills, And the prices went up. They used to be friendly and helpful but no more. Probably will not be back. Used to go at least once or twice a week.

Eleanora R.

They require us to wear gloves and they get the food for us the food is AMAZING the service is amazing it's a nice organized restaurant I love it more than my hometowns

Charles Skaggs

I used to go there awhile back ago when the buffet was $9.00 and it was ok but now that it is $15 a person I am definently not going there

Kyle Fitzgibbon

New policies state u cannot get ur own food at the buffet but now u have to ask them to fill ur plate up with what food u point at now. I will not go back and I used to love this place for years

Anthony Iommi

Been going there for a few years. Nothing new or any different expected. Last time was before the Corona Virus shutdown. It was surprising to see them open and since it was around 1pm decided go dine in. Atmosphere was way too dark, the lighting, not exactly a romantic scene. Yes had to wear masks as in most other places open for business these days. Once seated you go to the buffet, which used to be extensive and fresh. Now, there are ladies waiting to serve you whatever you pick from the very limited, and not kept fresh selection. I asked for sushi, server placed 3 rolls, I asked for 6 more as they were very small, and not the best quality to be honest. Asked for wasabi, eel sauce, and ginger and lady looked as if had asked too much. Next time let me serve myself so that they are able to help someone else who requires it. Half of the food, bourbon chicken old and, General Tso no chicken all breading basically, sweet plantains were old and hard, wanted fish but only 2 pieces that looked worse than I can describe. There's more but you get the idea already. Even the soda, Dr Pepper tasted artificial as heck. The good were the spring roll, the machine ice cream, and these small potato squares. That was it. Half the time there one of the staff, hard to tell who was who since they were wearing masks, looming over customer tables reminding them as they got up to wear a mask and bringing the check(ticket) before even leaving. Place wasn't even a fraction of it's capacity. I asked her to bring fresh food and fill up the serving area, she said, yes sir. Right, nothing. I will say this will close down not due to the Covid enforcement and rules, but simply for being way too expensive, lack of service, can't really complain about attitude as they were more like zombies, and just a bad experience in a coma inducing way. The other major observation, cost for 2 persons with drinks was $28 and change. Not breaking the bank, but why support or throw money away for a business that clearly doesn't care about their business?

Greg Satterly

The food here is really great. The service is great. The reason I gave it 4 stars isn't because of the food it's because the restaurant is in desperate need of a remodel. The carpet has seen better days. The signage outside has some issues. Jumbo Buffet has been around since December 1999. I strongly recommend that if your looking for a good Chinese buffet and want to support a local restaurant give this place a try.

Col. Jim Worrall

Very disappointing. Food not fresh at 12:45 pm, few items on buffet and the price was too high ($10.99) for lunch. Although it is a buffet, they fill your plate with little food.

Lenny K.

It's been quite a long time since I've been to Jumbo but they've been around for many years. Look, most Chinese buffets aren't good. But there are two things that I remember really enjoying about Jumbo Buffet:Their baked salmon and their pot stickers. I usually hate thick skinned dumplings but Jumbo gets it right. They sear it enough on the outside and somehow, sitting on that steam table, it actually keeps it to where the skin isn't chewy but not too overcooked. Pot stickers on a buffet are usually bad unless they're kept in a steam basket or very fresh, but a thick skin actually solves the problem without needing a steam basket.Their baked salmon, ok it's probably from Sam's Club or something but it's unlimited and it's really hard to screw up salmon that's baked with butter and probably some salt.If for whatever reason I find myself here again, definitely gobbling up their pot stickers and salmon.

Lydia D.

This restaurant used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant to eat at i have been a LOYAL and FAITHFUL customer for many years but the last 2 time's I have been in there they don't have Egg drop soup I have actually talked to the owner the last time I was there and she said if I wanted it I could order it off the menu after paying for the buffet I was actually floored I thought she would actually get me a bowl from the kitchen but she actually acted like it wasn't a BIG DEAL and also the buffet doesn't really have the selections they used to have i am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and won't be back

Jordan Adkins

Some of the most mediocre Chinese food I’ve ever had, even at a buffet style restaurant. It’s extremely over priced for what it is: After paying the $19 Friday buffet and paying $3 for a soda (which was never refilled at all during dinner), they still charged me an additional $1 for a to-go drink. Would not recommend, you’d be far better off going to one of the many other Chinese places in Louisville near by.

Missie Hibbs

It was $75 for 2 adults and 3 small kids!!! What??!! And it wasn’t even all that good to begin with. Absolutely will never go there again!!

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