Krispy Kreme in Louisville

Krispy Kreme - 3920 7th Street Rd

Rating: 3.7 - 66 Votes

3920 7th Street Rd, Louisville KY 40216
(502) 448-7616

Donuts were good but service was not good. I walked in and 3 emploees were sitting in the lobby. They totally ignored 4 customers in line. Finally a lady came from theback & started taking our orders. She finally asked them to help her and eventually they got up. By this time there were 6 of us. Everyone was waited on more

Krispy Kreme - 3000 Bardstown Rd

Rating: 3.4 - 82 Votes

3000 Bardstown Rd, Louisville KY 40205
(502) 451-4880

My children had bracelets that they were given to get a free donut. Turns out that wasn?t correct and the bracelets were not a promotion. The manager seeing their disappointment comped donuts and lemonades for all 5 kids. Super appreciate - turned a disappointment into smiling faces.

Krispy Kreme - 13319 Shelbyville Rd

Rating: 3.3 - 59 Votes

13319 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville KY 40223
(502) 975-7157

Very clean restaurant. The guys were really nice, and didn?t rush us when we were tying to decide what to order. I love the sleek look of this location and my daughter loved being able to watch the doughnuts being made.

Krispy Kreme - 9569 Taylorsville Rd

Rating: 3.2 - 71 Votes

9569 Taylorsville Rd, Louisville KY 40299
(502) 266-5143

Today was the last day of school along with national donut day. Krispy Kreme was giving out free donuts. Super packed! They were understaffed but the 2 girls working, they didn't slow down. They did their best and kept their smiles. The kids were so happy about their treats!

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme

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